Friday, August 31, 2012

Great Time For A History Book...

The Decline and Fall Of The Roman Empire was written quite a few years after the occurrence, which naturally detracts from the authors vision and interpretation of the events.

Now, however, would be a perfect time for a new look at Rome's decline and fall as America is in that very situation in the 21st century.

The only problem is that rarely do major social upheavals register at the time. The precise moment when a society begins to decline is never marked by the society itself. It's usually assigned by future historians with the benefit of hindsight.

Never-the-less, American and European writers are in a unique position to knowingly describe and articulate the worldview held at the twilight of a civilization's existence.

Sad, but true.


Iconic Moments...

The GOP, aka The Society For The Preservation Of Change, looks increasingly bizarre in its yearning to look as bland (read non-offensive) as possible.

And already it has, by virtue of Clint Eastwood, provided the culture an iconic moment that will come to represent the Republicans for the next four years.

Which is to say, a stuttering old man talking to an empty chair.

That will make for quite a logo.

But that is the problem. In spite of having the most divisive political personality to ever ascend the Cherry Blossom Throne, the GOP is unable to articulate exactly how it is any different.

Mainly because it isn't.

In fact when you think about it that image actually does represent the Republicans and the Democrats in the 21st century,

A doddering old man and an empty chair.