Monday, November 12, 2012

The Vote Conspiracy Theory...

There are still those on the right who are clinging desperately to a fantasy of the United States, in which the majority of its citizens are perfect projections of themselves.

These deluded people just will not accept the fact that the 2012 election truly represented the new America.

In a desperate bid to hold on to their fantasy world, they’ve deduced that some sort of vote fraud or similar conspiracy must have taken place.

But these sorts of positivist postulations and rationalizations are nothing new.

For decades conservatives have asserted (and believed) that the cultural Marxists who have been marching triumphantly across the land were merely foolish, silly, ill-informed or (most likely) misled in their own beliefs and would come to see the light once presented with the sacred truth.

These conservatives have grasped at any explanation save the most obvious, which is that the Leftists are neither naïve or un-informed.

Quite the opposite, the Left is well informed, well organized and know precisely what they are doing and believe in it and will defend it intellectually and militantly.
And to that end they have been enacting their principles into law and enshrining their ideology into the culture with military (conquest) like maneuvers…the likes of which would make Alexander the Great bow in awe.

Conservatives have been in full re-treat since post-WWII. It’s been, at times, an organized retreat, but a retreat none-the-less.

Sure, they lost a significant battle with suffrage early in the 20th century, but it wasn’t until after WWII that the left went for the jugular and the right began to see the world with a subsequent bloody rosy tint. 

The “civil rights” movement was an open assault upon American society (particularly upon the freedom of association) and Western Civilization in general, and yet conservatives today honor it and its’ outcome –which led directly to the 2012 election.

Martin Luther King Jr. was an unabashed cultural Marxist whose stated purpose was to tear down American society and yet today’s conservatives honor him with great reverence, even though King’s ascendancy leads directly to the throwing down of the conservative’s beloved Founding Fathers.

The list is endless. But the point is salient.

The right has been in a full blown political and cultural retreat for the past six decades.

For the past twenty years it has been the denial of racial differences that has been conservative’s Achilles heel.

Despite mountains of scientific, historical, archaeological, anthropological, sociological and personal anecdotal evidence to the contrary, many on the right have acquiesced to the Left’s dictate that race is a social construct and malleable.

And this mandate, which was the one of the key ideological foundation stones of the Soviet Union, has been enforced into every aspect of Western Society. The indoctrination is on full display in the media, in the schools, in government and even (in the past couple decades) in the churches –just as it was in the Soviet Union.

And yet White Americans are just flummoxed and baffled as to how a candidate who is physically and ideologically right out of a third world banana republic could be chosen by an electorate which is increasingly physically and ideologically directly (genetically) out of the third world.

Basically, it comes down to an arrogance that was bred by circumstance and isolation. Far too many White Americans have hubristically projected themselves onto all and sundry. They have ignorantly assumed and presumed that the rest of the world wants to be just like them –to have what they have in culture, government, society, law, etc.

But the truth (which is now smacking White Americans in the face) is that not everyone wants what they want. That not everyone desires or esteems the cultural and political traditions that Americans of European descent hold dear.

Race is not a social construct. Rather, societies are racial constructs. And each race will construct an environment that is endemic to its nature.

Europeans came to the new world and re-created there the environment which fit their nature. Africans did likewise (which is why Haiti, or any other black majority location, looks like a piece of Africa which broke off from the continent and floated away). The same goes for Asians, Arabs and the rest.

Which is not an inherently bad thing. Different peoples will have different worldviews, moral concepts of law and order, different temperaments and different social standards. Each people must be allowed to live in a society which reflects their nature.
When they mix, tragedy ensues and one side will overpower the other.

So as Whites diminish demographically in a republic founded by Whites, that Republic will cease to exist and a third world style Marxist ghetto will take its place –its already happening apace.

So the question is, as Whites are pushed back further towards the cliff, how much longer will they continue to retreat, looking for politically correct excuses for the demise of all that they hold dear?

No, it wasn’t vote fraud or rigged machines or voodoo or anything else that resulted in the 2012 election. It was the cold hard reality of racial difference. A fact which the cultural icons of the MSM are ecstatically celebrating, even as sheepish Whites confusedly squeak, “but I thought race didn’t matter?”

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Went Wrong...

What is truly amazing post-election 2012 is the sudden shock which many traditional Americans are, apparently, just now feeling at the state of American society. Hypothetically, if Romney had been elected these same people would now be feeling what...relief?


The "shock" some are apparently in seems misplaced by about 4 or 5 decades.

"What went wrong" went wrong generations ago. From the end of WWII onwards America has been leading the western world speedily to its present situation.

The following was written and posted here years ago, but it is today more relevant (for some) than ever.

Below is the answer to "what went wrong"?

If there is one overriding notion in the concept of, "Just", in a Justice system, it is that the accused have the right to a defense.

A prosecution without a defense is generally considered, obscene.

For the past 60+ years Western Civilization has been on trial without a general defense being presented. Accusations, slurs and innuendos have gone unchallenged as Western Man has accepted, without investigation, the acridity of the claims.

Imperialism, Colonialism, Racism, Intolerance, Prejudice etc....

Where is the defense?

Where is the Western Apologetic?

It was recently asked here if Christianity could be used to defend The West.
But is it possible that this question is backwards?

The ideological Left began marshaling its troops a century ago, and as they've inched ever closer to seeming victory in The West, we have to ask, where did they attack?

Most Christians claim that they directly assaulted Christianity, but did they?

Christianity has no doubt lost ground even as Christian Apologetic books and sites have become a dime a dozen.

So what happened?

Today's Christian leaders have acquiesced to the claims by the Left upon Western History. They nod in agreement with the Left's denouncements of everything from The Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition to Colonialism and Southern history. And they do so deferring to the scholarship of the Left's own propagandists.

These Christian leaders have made no attempt at an Apologetic in defense of The West; crusades, slavery, colonialism, racism etc...

You see, the Left did not attack Christianity to undermine Western Civilization.
They attacked Western Civilization to undermine Christianity.

And it worked!

The Ideology of the Left is based unabashedly upon ever morphing hypocrisy. And they do this best in verbal and emotional appeals.

For example, they might proclaim, "We decree that everyone has an inalienable right to their own opinion. And anyone who disagrees with this is a tyrant!"
It's called double-speak.

And in a truly Machiavellian stroke of genius, they lured the Right into this mode of thought. And in so doing they have made the Christian a hypocrite.

The Leftist asserts that the slave owners, crusaders, conquistadors, heretic hunters etc.. to be evil.
The thoughtless Christian, intent upon showing his "reasonableness" agrees with the assertion.
The Leftist then points out that all of the above were Christians.
The Christian attempts a defense by claiming the accused were not "true Christians".
But the Leftist is already ahead of his opponent here because he has, in another context, accused the Christian of being "Judgmental".
And the "reasonable" Christian can appeal to no Biblical standard lest he be forced to call a host of other modern behaviors a "sin".
The Christian has now become a glaring hypocrite because he gleefully nods at Southern Slavery being called evil, yet now chokes on calling homosexuality or abortion evil.

The result: the Christian today scourers the Bible to find ways of reinforcing the Left's attacks upon the very people who have historically espoused the Christian faith!

Had the Christian halted the proceedings at the first accusation against the Crusader or Slave owner and challenged the claim by developing an apologetic on their behalf, he would have, in essence, stood his post at the Western Gates and pushed his enemy into retreat.
Instead, he left his post, dropped his armor and aided the sworn enemy of all that he holds dear in despoiling his Civilization, Country, City, Home and Family.
He has become a traitor.

And as his enemy stands unaccosted in the village square shouting endless profanities and slanders against his countryman's forefathers, he wonders why his sons have become apathetic, if not hostile, to those forefather's faith, culture and traditions.