Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Went Wrong...

What is truly amazing post-election 2012 is the sudden shock which many traditional Americans are, apparently, just now feeling at the state of American society. Hypothetically, if Romney had been elected these same people would now be feeling what...relief?


The "shock" some are apparently in seems misplaced by about 4 or 5 decades.

"What went wrong" went wrong generations ago. From the end of WWII onwards America has been leading the western world speedily to its present situation.

The following was written and posted here years ago, but it is today more relevant (for some) than ever.

Below is the answer to "what went wrong"?

If there is one overriding notion in the concept of, "Just", in a Justice system, it is that the accused have the right to a defense.

A prosecution without a defense is generally considered, obscene.

For the past 60+ years Western Civilization has been on trial without a general defense being presented. Accusations, slurs and innuendos have gone unchallenged as Western Man has accepted, without investigation, the acridity of the claims.

Imperialism, Colonialism, Racism, Intolerance, Prejudice etc....

Where is the defense?

Where is the Western Apologetic?

It was recently asked here if Christianity could be used to defend The West.
But is it possible that this question is backwards?

The ideological Left began marshaling its troops a century ago, and as they've inched ever closer to seeming victory in The West, we have to ask, where did they attack?

Most Christians claim that they directly assaulted Christianity, but did they?

Christianity has no doubt lost ground even as Christian Apologetic books and sites have become a dime a dozen.

So what happened?

Today's Christian leaders have acquiesced to the claims by the Left upon Western History. They nod in agreement with the Left's denouncements of everything from The Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition to Colonialism and Southern history. And they do so deferring to the scholarship of the Left's own propagandists.

These Christian leaders have made no attempt at an Apologetic in defense of The West; crusades, slavery, colonialism, racism etc...

You see, the Left did not attack Christianity to undermine Western Civilization.
They attacked Western Civilization to undermine Christianity.

And it worked!

The Ideology of the Left is based unabashedly upon ever morphing hypocrisy. And they do this best in verbal and emotional appeals.

For example, they might proclaim, "We decree that everyone has an inalienable right to their own opinion. And anyone who disagrees with this is a tyrant!"
It's called double-speak.

And in a truly Machiavellian stroke of genius, they lured the Right into this mode of thought. And in so doing they have made the Christian a hypocrite.

The Leftist asserts that the slave owners, crusaders, conquistadors, heretic hunters etc.. to be evil.
The thoughtless Christian, intent upon showing his "reasonableness" agrees with the assertion.
The Leftist then points out that all of the above were Christians.
The Christian attempts a defense by claiming the accused were not "true Christians".
But the Leftist is already ahead of his opponent here because he has, in another context, accused the Christian of being "Judgmental".
And the "reasonable" Christian can appeal to no Biblical standard lest he be forced to call a host of other modern behaviors a "sin".
The Christian has now become a glaring hypocrite because he gleefully nods at Southern Slavery being called evil, yet now chokes on calling homosexuality or abortion evil.

The result: the Christian today scourers the Bible to find ways of reinforcing the Left's attacks upon the very people who have historically espoused the Christian faith!

Had the Christian halted the proceedings at the first accusation against the Crusader or Slave owner and challenged the claim by developing an apologetic on their behalf, he would have, in essence, stood his post at the Western Gates and pushed his enemy into retreat.
Instead, he left his post, dropped his armor and aided the sworn enemy of all that he holds dear in despoiling his Civilization, Country, City, Home and Family.
He has become a traitor.

And as his enemy stands unaccosted in the village square shouting endless profanities and slanders against his countryman's forefathers, he wonders why his sons have become apathetic, if not hostile, to those forefather's faith, culture and traditions.