Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Society Divided?...

The battle between Christianity and Communism is a civil war.

It is a house divided against its self, as both side’s worldviews overlap 99.9% of the time.

From Moses to Marx and from Jesus to Engels, there is a pervasive and poisonous insistence on one, and only one, system of truth and morality.

Of course, this is obviously false as there is no universal morality as there is no “universal man”.

All history testifies to this.

Mountains of literature, archaeology, anthropology, sociology, biology, DNA studies, multi-generational cross cultural research, and personal everyday observation and experience provide absolute proof that there is no one system, governmental or theological, that is applicable to all people.

There are different races upon this planet, each with its own sense of self, morality, justice and truth (and right and wrong).

And each and every one is legitimate.

So this Christmas Season, as we hear more decrying of the Culture War, keep in mind that it is a civil war within a single camp and beneath the same banner.