Sunday, January 27, 2013

Elite And Society...

All peoples in all times have an elite. And that elite will decide what freedoms you have and which ones you don’t.
There never has been and never can be an alternative to that reality. Whether it’s at a tribal level or within an empire, society requires rules, standards and a leadership to enforce a code of conduct.
Post-apocalyptic one-man-against-the-world type fantasies are just that, fantasies.

The Founding Fathers of the Republic were not a group of benevolent, rouged individualist, farmers. They were, in fact, the rich, powerful and elite of their day. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were the Bill Gates and George Soros of their era.

The second biggest problem facing European-Americans today, however, is that the current elite is mostly foreign (such as George Soros), and thus hostile to the very people who created the Republic, i.e. European-Americans.

And the elite today are a particularly crazy strain of Leftism.

Which brings us to the number one problem facing Whites today, which is “conservatives” constantly appealing to the increasingly crazy left’s moral and social paradigm.

The left condemns the Crusades, conservative will too.
The left condemns Southern Culture, conservatives will too.
The Left condemns “racism”, conservatives will too.
The left condemns “homophobia”, conservatives will too.
The left condemns fundamentalists, conservatives will too.

And naturally the inverse is true as well.

The Left praises “Equality”, conservatives will too.
The left praises “diversity”, conservatives will too.
The left praises Martin Luther King Jr., conservatives will too.
The left praises the “civil rights movement”, conservatives will too.

And all four of the above stand for the utter destruction of American (European-American) civilization.

The civil rights movement effectively outlawed freedom of association, which was the most critical aspect of our form of government/society.

And to believe in “equality”, be it racial, gender, class, etc, is to believe in something so fundamentally and demonstrably untrue that you must embrace an inherently perverted and twisted view of reality and therefore are never in a position to defend yourself, your family, your people or your way of life.

And this is precisely why the conservative establishment is impotent to halt the leftist onslaught.

Which brings us to gun control and conservatives foolish attempt to appeal to the crazy left’s warped paradigm by bringing up, THE NAZIS!!!!

“Hitler and the Nazis took the guns” is the common refrain from conservatives when it comes to gun control. Never mind that it isn’t actually factual, but rather that it’s a great big “so what?”

What conservatives don’t truly grasp is that to the current elite, all White people are Nazis.

Under their paradigm the Nazis weren’t the Nazis because they were Nazis. They were Nazis because they were White.

White = Nazi.

All White people past, present and future were/are/will be Nazis.

The WWII American soldiers who fought against the Nazis were themselves Nazis.

Charlemagne?  Nazi.
Julius Caesar? Ditto. Nazi.
Mozart? You guessed it, Nazi.
Aristotle?…Again, Nazi.

All European Peoples (aka, White people) and their Civilization, going back at least 100,000 years, are Nazis. 

Thus constantly appealing to the crazy left's social, moral and historically revisionist paradigm is un-productive and downright insane. 

Until European-Americans can get their heads around the fact that they are A People, a Particular People, with a unique vision of society all their own, their freedoms, and indeed they themselves, will be ground into the dirt by other peoples who have their own visions of society.

Race is not a social construct. Rather, societies are racial constructs.
Environment does not create people. People create the environments.

Or to put this whole thing another way,

When America was over 90% White and its elite 100% White, we feared neither one another nor government tyranny.