Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What would Zeus do?...

It is a trying time for we residents of modern Olympus, the White Gods.  The mortals cry out to us in their trials yet curse us in their comfort.
Some claim our time is past. Others claim we never existed to begin with.  There is much talk of change ...
It is interesting to hear the insistence of the lords of liberaldom that Whites everywhere must accept racial equality and view all others as our equals, regardless that it betrays our inner thoughts and feelings on the matter.  Whites (peoples indigenous to Europe) make up no more than 12 or 13 percent of the world’s population, yet 100% of the direction the tolerance industry pushes is against the natural instincts and interests of Whites.  It is we who must see non-Whites as equal, not the other way around.

Just look at immigration.

To throw open the borders of Western Civilization to the third-world in the name of humanitarian concern is to rather loudly and unapologetically assert that, on their own, third world peoples (non-Whites) are incapable of building, managing or sustaining a society capable of the most basic of organizational functions.  In the 18th and 19th Century the idea was to bring Civilization to the savages.  That didn’t work out, so the 20th and 21st Century approach has been to bring the savages to Civilization.

However you turn it, White elites of the most liberal of stripes, operate on and encourage a national policy view that non-Whites are inferior to Whites.

And this manifests in other ways as well.
White liberals define White movement around the globe as “Colonialism”.  Non-White movements, on the other hand, are referred to as “Migration”.

When Whites move in, it’s an insidious plot called “Imperialism”.  When non-Whites move in, they’re simply “Looking For a Better Life”.

When Whites are forced to flee their cities due to encroaching violence and social depredation brought about by another ethnic group, Whites are accused of being prejudiced and their fleeing for their lives is labeled “White Flight”.  When non-Whites are forced to flee from their cities due to encroaching violence and social depredation brought about by another ethnic group, they are called victims and their plight is labeled Ethnic Cleansing.

And almost everywhere you look you’ll notice a belief that the problems of the world are due either to White actions or White inactions.  From the environment to regional conflicts to the outbreak of diseases or the continuing of poverty, Whites are either doing too much or not doing enough.
In other words, as comical as it may be, Whites have become the Olympian Gods of the modern era.  We are either devilishly interfering in the lives of non-Whites for our own amusement or we are callously turning a blind eye to their suffering.

Yes, it seems an absurd concept at first, but the more you think about it the more you realize that Whites are held to an exceptionally high standard, matched only in the past, by the gods.  We are expected to heal the sorrows of the world, protect the defenceless and feed the hungry. At the same time we are blamed for everything bad, ranging from mudslides and floods to hurt feelings and tummy aches.

And the percentages have no effect on that perception.  Right now Whites are less than 50% of California and Texas, yet are still blamed for the poor performance of non-Whites in the workforce, schools, etc.
And if it gets to the point that Whites are only 1% of Earth’s population, that 1% will still be expected heal all wounds, mend what is broken and cure all of societies ailments, while simultaneously still being accused of holding the other 99% of the population back and/or oppressing them.

Of course, like all gods we must also deal with those who, after blaming us for all the problems in the universe, turn around and deny our existence (the ‘White race is a social construct’, crowd).
With them we often see assaults on the historical nature of our existence with attacks on certain groups within once accepted historical contexts.  Naturally a certain amount of obtuse logic is employed, but as the mere mortals are ‘moment-centered’, context is an alien concept for them anyway. 

For example we often see the claim that “white” is an artificially constructed social category due to the fact that at one time southern Europeans and even Irish and German immigrants weren’t considered White in America. 

A premise, by the way, that pre-supposes America to be the center of the universe.

Now this (that Germans and Irish were once considered non-White) is a claim that I have come across a lot on the Internet, but one for which very little actual evidence exists to back it up.

The German source seems to stem from a comment made by Benjamin Franklin, while the Irish one mostly comes from political cartoons of the 19th century.  But then you can also find such newspaper drawings depicting the French as sinister and alien looking people as well.  And why not?  America was not only overwhelmingly White from her genesis (the British Colonies), but overwhelmingly British (thus English speaking) and Protestant as well.

But, just to point out the foolishness and bassakward thinking of modern liberal dogma ...
This claim that Italian, German, Irish and other Whites (again, that being people of indigenous European descent) were not at one time considered White, creates a few problems for the anti-White bigots.
After all it was the Portuguese, Spaniards and Italians who kick started modern European colonialism/imperialism, as well as being the largest purveyors of the slave trade, with around 95% of African slaves being carted off to Latin America by Spaniards and Portuguese traders (of course Jews played an overwhelming part in it, but that’s another topic and off point).

And it was mostly those (at the time) non-White German and Irishmen at whose feet most of the anti-black animosity in 18th and 19th century America can be laid, as it was they who came most into contact with blacks in the cities in which they had recently arrived.  (The majority of the British stock in America at that time - the English, Welsh and Scotch Irish - were residing in the almost exclusively White regions of New England, Appalachia and, later, the Mid-West.)

So, now you know.
It was, in fact, (according to scholars at universities and in the media across America) those (at the time considered to be) non-White Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Irish and Germans who were behind most of the colonialism/slavery/racism shenanigans in the 18th and 19th centuries, and not us White-Gods!

Of course that sort of revelation into the logic of liberalism is quickly brushed aside, as Whites are needed to succour the ills of humanity while at the same time being a needed and visible scapegoat for said ills. 

The “humble” scavengers needs the White icon to not only measure the standards of beauty and progress by, but to also rage and vent their frustrations upon for not being able to reach those standards. (The famous photo of Mrs. Obama jealously scowling at Carla Bruni is a good example)
And even in terms of crime, no matter how outrageous and out of control the non-White presence in our midst becomes, there is always a discussion about not being overly harsh with them by measuring their offences against our standards.

No, it’s not an easy thing being a god.  The same world that comes to us with outstretched arms and expressions of need, quickly turn and gather stones to throw with expressions of envy and malice.  They demand to be let into our temples (nations), yet once inside attempt to burn them down, or at the very least turn them into colorful and dynamic – read dilapidated, crime and disease riddled - barrios.
Now we know why Olympus is on a mountain and Asgard was walled!

Perhaps the most obvious example of how Whites are held to be gods is in the way so many Whites proudly assert, “I’m not prejudice against them.” Them, of course, being non-Whites. All non-Whites. COLLECTIVELY.  I highlight that point because in the open discussion of race, there are only two categories, White and non-White.  Many Whites love to proclaim aloud that they have a black/Hispanic/Asian/etc friend, as though it were representative of their ability to set aside their godhood and travel unnoticed amongst the mortals.

Another peak into the psychology of all this is the recent phenomena of having non-Whites portray characters in media that were historically White.  Whether it’s Friar Tuck in Robin Hood or a side character in one of the BBC’s historical dramas, there is a certain, how shall I put this, “Hey, I’m one of the gods now!” aura around it all.

Of course nothing represents this better than the election of the first President of the Banana Republic of North America. From the way he postures to his verbal annunciation (and the way White liberals brag about him as though he were the one out of their multitude of children who ‘made good’), he is the embodiment of the belief, held by all to be inherent, that the White race (and its culture) is THE standard, and that it is our duty to work to evolve the mere mortals up to the seemingly insurmountable summit atop the clouds - where we gods reside, of course.