Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ironies And Oxymorons…

Graduating from compulsory education.

A worker on an assembly line shocked he has been replaced by a machine that gets the job done quicker and cheaper.

Bank owned Governments bailing out Government regulated banks.

Realistic movies.

Dictators who refuse to acknowledge the global, military backed, hegemony of democracy.

Self-correcting science.

Defining someone who takes his or her beliefs seriously as extremists.


Europeans, whose countries are the size of U.S. states, ridiculing Americans, whose country stretches out over a continent, for not having passports.

A morbidly obese society fretting over the potential health hazards of smoking.

The Anti-Defamation League subsisting on, and by, the defamation of others.

A war on terrorism.

Zero tolerance for intolerance.

Wearing a baseball cap backwards.

Government assistance.

Free trade.