Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Culture...

As preposterous as it may seem, there are White people who have been so conditioned towards hating their own race, that they vex grievous over the assertion that a White Culture (let alone race) exists.
Black culture? No Problem.
Hispanic Culture? Why, of course.
Asian Culture? Visible and obvious.
White Culture? What? What's that?...Never existed!!!!!!

Maybe because White culture has been so overwhelmingly dominating over the past 3,500 years, that its existence casts too bright a light on the lesser contributions of the other races.

What is White Culture?
It is Western Culture and Civilization, which is to say, European Culture and Civilization, whether it be found in Europe or her colonies around the world.
It is our way of thinking and acting or re-acting. It is the way we gather in groups and produce our rule-of-law to reflect our desire for our notions of a harmonious society.
It is in the way we express ourselves in our music, which tends towards the melodic rather than the rhythmic. In music we seek the divine and the glorious (non-Whites make music that aims for the hips, while Whites make music that aims for the Heavens).
It is the way we express ourselves in our art, Which seeks out the thoughtful and reflective, rather than the opportunisticness of self/collective adulation that infests so much of non-White art.
And in our literature, in which we are inspired (rather than reviled) by the honorable and idealistic, even when tragic, rather then the self-serving and opportunistic.

It is our ability to look beyond our most immediate wants and needs and see ourselves, both individually and collectively, as part of an as yet unfinished tapestry of a history to which we ourselves are but a small part.
It is our innate ability to ponder and reflect in both melancholy and joy, the what-ifs and the might have been(s) and the 'what is yet to be'.
It is in our wondering what is over the next hill, and finding out.
It is in our ability to behold nature, filled with both sorrow and delight at beauty for beauty's sake.
It is in our feeling that sense of spiritual ecstasy when gazing upon a glorious sunrise, or the feeling of reflective calm and thoughtful peace when viewing a long sunset.

White Culture is, simply put, what flows in the veins of every Son and Daughter of European descent. It cannot be described abstractly, only seen/and or experienced. And yet it can only be experienced by those who are born of it.
And being that we Whites are only 13% of the World's population and dropping (non-Whites making up 87% of the world's population), it is an experience that may soon fade from all knowledge and memory.

"Acting White" is what Whites do by nature, by being astute, inquisitive, polite and dignified.
Perfection is unattainable, but the pursuit in the belief of it is what most distinguishes Whites from the other races, who are more ready to simply accept the corrupt, the ugly and the broken as being "all that there need be".

White Culture is first and foremost what non-Whites so endlessly envy, even as they hate us for it. It is what they want more than anything in the world, willing to steal and kill to get close to it, feeling as if they deserve to have it, yet can never possess it.
As soon as they move in, Whites move out. And with the Whites goes their culture, their progress and their civilization. Whether it's a city like Detroit or a state like California, non-Whites can be gifted the physical territory, yet the intellectual and the "spiritual" (as in innate) qualities and aspects of White Culture, with its progress, relative stability and societal riches, escapes them.

White culture is, for instance.... William Shakespeare, Michaelangelo, Alexander 'the Great', Mozart, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Julius Caesar, Beowulf and King Arthur, Cicero, Herodotus, Paris, London, The Eiffel Tower, The Parthenon, Leonidas and his 300 Spartans, Socrates and Aristotle, Plato and Raphael, Columbus, George Washington, Napoleon, Electricity, Railroads, Gutenberg and his Printing Press, Tales of Hector and Achilles, Odin and Thor, The Nibelungenlied and the Norse Sagas, The Magna Carta, The Airplane, Representative Government, Archeology, Individualism and Monogamy, The Vikings and The Pilgrims, Knights and Chivalry, The Nuclear Family, Steam Ships and Space Shuttles, White Picket Fences and Shires, Automobiles and Computers, Charlemagne and Beethoven and the list goes ever on...