Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Big Falls Too...

"Too big to fail"

It’s a worldview that could only be promulgated in America.


Because in the US you have the synergy of post-modern Christianity, the belief in “American Exceptionalism” and a deep rooted fascination with the “end of the world”.

The basic worldview runs thusly: “America can’t possibly fall apart or into ruin because the whole world would descend into chaos, war and panic. As such, America falling could only mean God is about to return (or some variation on an apocalyptic event) which in turn means the end of history and thus the burden on America to keep everything running smoothly.”

America, then, is too big to fail.

This is also why American evangelicals salivate in rapturous elation at Middle Eastern wars and Israel’s conquest of neighboring states. Because their entire theological worldview is based on the notion that this is the “end times” and modern Israel is synonymous with the mythological biblical one, and that according to their unique interpretation of the bible, Israel must conquer and enslave all. If this “prophecy” should fail, American Christianity fails.
Thus the nation-state of Israel is too big to fail. Just like America is too big to fail. And to that end we should launch nukes, if need be, to perpetuate their interpretations of certain texts of the bible.

They boast Israel will destroy all its “enemies”.
That it’s too big to fail.

Ahem, …and they also worshiped the beast and asked, "Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?" Rev. 13:4

End time’s prophecies suddenly became all the rage right around the same time Mr. Darwin’s theory was gaining widespread publication.
Which is to say, believers were so traumatized by the theory of evolution that they lost all faith in the present existence of the supernatural and instead focused all their attention on future “fulfillment of prophecies”.  In other words they could see no evidence for their belief system in the present so they focused all of their faith onto a future-evidence that, well, ought to be coming along any day now.

And it was the zionists luck that this was all happening around the time zionism was trying to gain political and economic traction.

So Israel became too big to fail because American Christianity was too big to fail.

And of course America is too big to fail because liberal democracy is too big to fail.

And liberal democracy is too big to fail because the myth of equality and the corporate model of the nation-state it too big to fail.

And if that happened it would most certainly interfere with many a corporation and bank’s bottom line!

Therein lies the greater problem, though. Much of the world has been forced to bow down to the image of liberal democracy, with America as the embodiment of that image. A great many of the true ideologues and zealous defenders of the faith (aka, Americanism) believe that if the American system crumbles then the entire philosophy upon which it is based will be undermined and the rest of the world will go on back about its business and run along more natural courses.
Heaven forbid!

In other words, when Sauron is defeated and Mordor collapses, the spell it has cast upon the world is broken and its followers will scatter in defeat.

That, however, is their problem.

Once you’ve embraced the notion that something, anything (man, building, ship, business, bank, republic or empire), is to big too fail, you’ve let go of reality and ignored a whole lot of human history.

The earth itself may one day be smacked by a giant asteroid or wiped out when the sun goes supernova.

Nothing is too big to fail.

 But there is many a banker, used car salesman, preacher and lobbyist who would like to convince you otherwise.