Thursday, July 25, 2013

America: That New Time Religion…

In both the Snowden whistle blower case and the Supreme Court gay marriage case the appeal is made (ostensibly, strictly) to constitutional authority and its interpretation.

Forget the morality of gay marriage and Western Civilization’s traditional views of it. Forget the ancient principles that speak of a regime’s abuse of power. No, instead it is asked whether it is constitutional or not.

Morality, tradition, customs, culture, religion, values, old truths and ancient principles must all take a back seat to, and be in subjugation towards, the constitution.

This is because America is not a nation, as the etymology of the word nation literally means “ethnic group”. A nation is a particular race of people, not a place or for form of government.
(Similarly, the word ‘patriot’ means of “of my father” and carries the connotation of a blood descendant of a particular race of people.)

A nation is not based upon a creed, set of principles or a constitution.

Religions however, are.

And that is what America is, a religion.

The constitution is the “holy text”. It is, in the eyes of many on the right, a religious document beyond touch or corruption, the very words of which are “divine” and “sacred”.

 And, of course, the Supreme Court justices are the high priests who “interpret” the sacred text for all.

And they fit the role of “high priests” explicitly: from their quasi-religious ceremonial garb, and their role as “interpreters” of the “Holy and Sacred Text”, to the fact that it is they (or a federal judge) who administers the oath of office for an incoming president, just as priests once presided over the coronations of kings.

Presidents, whilst being anointed to office by a Supreme Court Justice, pledge to “defend the Constitution”.

Christian Kings, whilst being anointed and crowned by a priest of the church, pledged to, “defend the faith”.

The parallels are many and significant.

And like any religion Americanism has its proselytizers and missionaries spreading the doctrine of “freedom and equality” to all four corners of the globe.

Europe was converted by force and propaganda post-WWII. Eastern Europe is in the process of being converted.
Those who refuse to convert, like Iraq, will face swift (and righteous) wrath.
And those who are born in the religion but grow to reject it are labeled heretics and blasphemers by both the right and left.

Thus the irony of Christian conservatives who, on the one hand, object to legislation that runs counter to the Christian religion, and then, on the other hand, appeal to the Constitutional religion to defend their objections to the legislation, which is contrary to their other faith.

And so, on the right, we have a group of people who have perverted the definition of “nation” and twisted the meaning of “patriot”, yet are confused and bewildered over how their most sacred and holy religious text, the constitution, is being used to destroy everything they consider sacred and holy.

I’m reminded of two verses from that other sacred text, the bible.

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.”
Matt. 6:24


A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”
James 1:8

America is not a nation. It is a religion based on a business model. It was created by foolish businessmen and greedy merchants who were members of cult-like secret esoteric societies and who longed to overthrow the old world order and create a new world order in its place.

In conclusion, anything that is worth fighting for and worth preserving is going to be very particular, very exclusive and, most importantly, very, very old.

Blood and Soil, in other words. 

 Family and Country (the land the family live on and subsist from).

These are the things worth fighting for and preserving. (Forms of government come and go like fashion fads.)

But be careful in the meantime. Such ancient things are “relics” from the old world order and religion and provoke the followers of the new faith, the new world order, to wrath and declarations of condemnation and accusations of heresy and blasphemy (i.e., “racism” and “bigotry”).