Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Change, or Collapse?...

‘Change’, as a word, is relatively relative.

And yet, as defined by most, in the normative sense of the word, change is slow. It is gradual and natural.

Change, by definition, has to occur to a particular person, place or thing. A replacement is not change. A replacement is a wholly different person, place or thing. Different persons, places or things cannot change on behalf of other persons, places or things.

Think of the change of a 20-year-old man, strong and healthy, to a 90-year-old man, weary, sick and bedridden.

Now if the 20 year old man were to change into a 90 year old man in a single day, most would not see that kind of change in the same way as they would see it if it occurred over a lifetime (or if the 20 year old man were simply replaced by a 90 year old man).

Ageing 70 years over the course of 70 years engenders smiles, admiration and the like.

Ageing 70 years in one day will result in panic, with the victim being rushed to a hospital and various experts called in to study and attempt to reverse the phenomena.

Thus we all recognize that rapid radical change is a sign of collapse.

And so yes, that feeling or realization that is growing within you, that instinct inciting your thoughts toward foreboding events ahead of you and upon you is, in fact, the inherent recognition that our society, our “world”, is not “changing”, but is, in fact, in a state of rapid collapse.