Thursday, August 22, 2013

Run, It's Rain!!!...

 (the following post originally appeared in September 2011)

According to claims by the "World Health Organization" 100 million people died as a result of tobacco smoking over the course of the 20th century.

That's 1 million a year.

The W.H.O also claims that over 2 million people die a year from aids. Over 60 million have been a 30 year period.

The majority of Aids related cases are caused by sexual promiscuity, particularly among homosexuals.


There is an ongoing campaign among gov., media, church, community, etc... groups to warn of the dangers of tobacco while simultaneously those same groups are actively promoting the gay and lesbian "lifestyle" which destroys far more lives than tobacco.

When too much light is shown on the Leftists main two causes, Death and Destruction, they always flip reality or amp up their rhetoric to distract and delude.

The Aids epidemic spread like wildfire through the "gay community" -suddenly the left begins to promote that "lifestyle" even more than before, making the objection to homosexuality the bugaboo rather than that which is actually casing the pain and suffering and death.

Ditto immigration. Open borders and Multiculturalism bring death and despair (and terror attacks like 9-11 ) to every society where they are forced upon the populace, and yet the response of the Left is to attack those who are fighting for Life as haters.

Casual Sex causes immeasurable suffering through disease and sickness and death.

The Lefts response? Attack Tobacco.


Recently a hurricane wannabe tropical storm moved up the east coast causing minor wind damage and (in some places) substantial flooding. The reaction of the main stream news was, to put it mildly, bizarre. For two weeks there was a "build up" of this small storm's approach that could have led less astute observers to think the apocalypse was at hand.

At the same time a smiley face is placed on America's RAPIDLY crumbling economy and increasing racial tensions.

At a time when "flash mobs" are daily attacking Whites.
Inflation is skyrocketing.
Every single major manufacturer has either moved its facilities over seas or imported orcs to under-bid citizens in pay.
Third World Orcs are flooding across the border and destroying communities from Maine to Washington.
Crime is getting rampant and out of hand.
Blatant corruption among the political class is increasingly flaunted.
Critical Infrastructure is decaying before our eyes.
The Global Economy is approaching collapse.

And yet the mainstream news gives unprecedented wall-to-wall coverage to a tropical storm....during hurricane season....when tropical storms and hurricanes are common and expected and prepared for.

At a certain point people either choose to confront the fact that their being distracted and misled, or they choose to ignore it all and stand unmoved as the house burns down around them.

Bread and Circuses always come immediately before Civilizations collapse.