Saturday, October 26, 2013

Re-Up (The New World Order?)...

I often wonder if those who fear and attempt to expose the new world order ever stop and ask themselves what the old world order is and was. From observation it is clear that those who speak contemptibly of the “new world order” actually believe in its tenants and would fight to preserve it.
What is the New World Order?
 It isn't some secret society or covert operation. It is the philosophical principles of 18th and 19th century revolutionaries and their ideological followers.
Here are the basic elements of the New World Order. Do you support these?
1. Democratic forms of government.
2. Equality in both social and legal standing.
3. The elimination of the lines and distinctions between classes, ethnic groups, racial groups and genders.
4. Free Trade and principles of supply and demand.
5. Freedom of movement within and across borders.
6. Legal and social ennoblement of and for self-identification and definition.
7. The fundamental principle of personal independence and freedom.
8. A universally applied standard of morality, economics, government and culture.
9. All people are “blank slates” and that “nurturing” produces attitudes, temperament, intelligence, etc.
10. The State as an instrument to engineer social change.
 Needless to say, the Old World Order was the inverse of the above.  
And the old world order produced a civilization, art and culture that even the crumbling ruins of which we still marvel at.
The New World Order, as listed in the 10 elements above, has brought Western society into rapid ruin and destruction in a brief period of time. AND YET, many still support the 10 elements on principle even though the fruits they have produced are so glaringly poisonous. 
The new world order was born in the age of “Enlightenment”, when new continents were being conquered, new social theories were proposed and taken as sacrosanct, “economic schools” of commerce were formed and universalistic fad societies like the Freemasons were blossoming in Europe.
Out went the old kings and princes and priests, who were content to merely act as caretakers of what had been handed down to them, and in their place would come revolutionaries bent on usurping the old world and reforging the elements into their own likeness and image. 
That is the difference between the two orders!

The Old World Order humbly preserved what had been passed down through the ages.
The New World Order sought to play god and attempt to remake the world in its own image.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

When Businessmen Are Your Founding Fathers...

… What do you expect?

Excerpts from Forbes,

Workers’ wages buy less and less. In fact, workers have lost purchasing power during the past half-century.

Today’s minimum wage employee works 12 percent longer to earn a gallon of milk compared to 1965, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Today’s senior engineer works almost twice as long to buy a gallon of gasoline, according to the Department of Energy.

So, in real terms, wages have fallen. The drop is larger than it appears.

…milk used to be delivered to a home in a glass bottle. Today it comes in cheap plastic containers that consumers pick up at the store. A more recent example is wine, which is moving from expensive corks to cheaper screw tops.

By switching to gold, we can measure both wages and prices on an absolute scale—in ounces—and we can make precise comparisons.

The bottom line is that, in terms of gold, wages have fallen by about 87 percent.

…today’s highly skilled professional is making less in real, comparative terms than yesterday’s unskilled worker.

But measured in gold—and this is crucial to understanding why we need a gold standard—we see reality with clarity. Incomes are about one tenth what they were in the 60’s.
People who work for a living—those who produce every good and service—are being steadily and severely marginalized.

 The United States isn't a nation that is falling apart, because it's not a nation to begin with. It's a business that was created in the 1770's and 1780's by bankers and merchants.