Friday, November 22, 2013

Racism: A Kind Of, Sort Of Watch-A-Macall-It...

Craig Bodeker's documentary 'A Conversation About Race' is still pertinent 5 years after its release as the sinister, but defiantly undefinable esoteric sin known as "racism" is, apparently, still haunting the land.

 Its brevity and its depth are what make it so compelling.

In the first five minutes of the documentary Bodeker demonstrates that there is actually no such thing as "racism".

He then spends the next 50 minutes illustrating that point by interviewing people from various walks of life (male/female, old/young, black/white).

It's also thought provoking in that it  highlights the extent to which so many people are not provoked to think.


Truth: Our Deadly Foe…

The findings highlight the complex role that race plays in medicine, especially as genetic studies reveal more biological reasons behind why racial and ethnic groups may have different propensities for disease, and respond in varying ways to drugs.

“We don’t like to admit that race and ethnicity count, but they certainly do...”

The pertinent question is, why don’t they like to admit that race and ethnicity count?

Of course, we know why.

It’s both a comedy and a tragedy when a society feels too burdened to discuss the truth for fear that the shadowy forces of “equality” will jump out and charge the windmills.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Who You Are...

When a mom and daughter were kidnapped, forced to withdraw money from an ATM, raped, then shot last week, the Indianapolis Star played it by the book: Do not mention the suspects are black.


The “book” in this case is written by the Society of Professional Journalists, headquartered just three miles from the scene of the crime. In last month’s issue of the SPJ magazine, the oldest and largest organization of journalists in America reminded its members how they should report racial violence.


 To be fair, Indianapolis is not remarkably different from Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Greensboro, Rochester, Richmond, Miami Beach, Fresno, Louisville, Memphis, Greensboro and more than 100 other centers of regular and intense black mob violence: The papers in those towns are loathe to report it as well. They say they are color blind.
These are the same papers that every day run stories about black caucuses, black churches, black colleges, black TV stations, black expos, black radio, black newspapers, black blogs and on and on.


For those of us who have spoken about, and written of, this reality for many years these stories no longer shock or cause much distress.
 The rate of increase in crime which is following the influx of third world peoples through legal and illegal immigration is similarly horrific.

What does cause distress is the level to which many (but increasingly fewer) still go to insulate themselves from the real world and the implications of having to acknowledge fundamental truths. 

All men are not created equal. Races exist and have a fundamentally different moral/social matrix inherent to each group.
That doesn't mean one is bad and the others good. Each is fine for that particular race or ethnic group.

The problem comes when they are forced (literally forced) to co-exist in the same space under the same generic system which is sustained by state and federal bureaucracies. That is how the Soviet Union functioned.

And though "equality" is the steel hammer which is carried forth in front of the citizenry as both a rallying banner and as a threat to those who do not comply, its practical application is to destroy every single representation of Western Civilization, traditions, customs, laws, morality and peoples.

Put it this way,

If your philosophy is "live and let live" and "as long as they don't bother me", then there is a 99.9% chance you are White.

Let that sink in for a while.