Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Your Pet Tyranny...

What is your pet tyranny?

Is it,
Encroaching secularism?
Government intrusion?
Religious chauvinism? 
Social Injustice?
Reactionary politics?

Everyone today seems to have a pet tyranny; a bugaboo that is threatening their very way of life and, by extension, everyone else’s life as well.

And of course there is the greatest tyranny of all, the tyranny of obstinate obtuseness on the part of others who refuse to acknowledge that your own pet tyranny is a threat to them as well.

The left, in particular, look like fanatical quacks in this regard when they grow outraged and shrill over those who refuse to acknowledge the liberating powers of, say, the belief in “equality” or “climate change” (climate change being the only kind of change they don’t welcome).

The right tends to stay calmer in their outrage as they’re still in that phase of grief known as denial, in which they simply mock the “silliness” of those who don’t share their pet tyranny and actually advocate on its behalf.

What all and sundry usually have in common is tunnel vision. After all, most people don’t like to have their hypocrisies pointed out to them, yet we all have them.

And to be clear, a hypocrite is not an alcoholic who hates his addiction but still imbibes, while warning others of the dangers of alcohol.
That’s not a hypocrite.

No, by hypocrisy I mean the dictionary definition, which is, “The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess –thefreedictionary.com.”

Those on the left decry the tyranny of praying at public functions while calling on authorities to forcibly ban it.

Those on the right decry the tyranny of secularization on the grounds that it violates…the Constitution.

The bottom line is, nobody objects to tyranny, only particular tyrannies. If the government be turned into a voracious beast, so be it; it’s only a problem when our guys don’t hold the reigns.

And therein lay the conundrum: the insistence of having a system that enforces “freedom and equality”.

 The problem is: no one wanting to admit that the real objective is the enforcement of a particular “freedom”.
Most love to spout jingles such as, “people should be free to decide how they want to live”.
But what happens when they decide they want to live under a particular tyranny?
After all, no man is an island.

If everyone were free to live as they choose the result would be chaos.

Fortunately we don’t have to fear such a thing happening, as it is impossible. History and present realities inform us so.

People have always, and will always, form societies and societies will always have a set of beliefs, rituals and customs which will always be enforced with an iron rod by a ruling elite; those who descent will be squashed and swept away.
The generations living at present like to pretend that they can live in the half-light between order and chaos. Well, one half likes to pretend they can while the other half just pays lip service to the premise.

A great many people today are “stressed out” about what is happening around them because they’ve built their worldview on irrational and extremist positions, namely, “liberty, fraternity and equality”, which is a motto, and philosophy, that has led to the destruction of tens of millions of lives, nations, families and western civilization itself.

It is important to remember that the entire “enlightenment” fad was brought about by the ascending merchant class who were not about to let things like civilization stand in the way of their profiteering.
So the tyrannies of class, race, gender, borders, culture, morals and the like were thrown down to make way for the freedom of bankers to turn men into merchandise.

And today we see the inevitable whimper of the enlightenment’s last gasp as those who still cling deliriously to its tenets attempt to turn the whole earth into one giant Wal-Mart.

But here is what ultimately happens: varying groups divide themselves into camps and then go to war with one another; the winner takes all and vanquishes the defeated, the remnants of whom live under the tyranny of the victor’s freedom.

That is the natural, organic, process of human history.

 To be blunt, you might say that one people’s tyrant is another people’s knight in shining armor.