Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Conservatives Are All About The Dotted I’s…

Conservatives are upset at Obama’s Amnesty because…because…because…well, it didn’t follow official procedure, wasn’t Constitutional and whatnot and so forth.

Which means, one supposes, that had Obama and the Senate gotten together and legally and officially granted citizenship to all of South America, conservatives would have no problem with that.

Apparently, it’s not the tsunami of third world orcs invading and destroying their home that is the problem, no, it’s that the proper paper work wasn’t done prior to the invasion and destruction.

And, by extension, one supposes, that if Obama and the Senate and the Supreme Court were to get together and pass legislation to import 300 million new citizens into the United States next year, conservatives would have absolutely no problem with that, what-so-ever.

Because it was legal and official and Constitutional.

And so we see the fundamental problem of structuring the defense of your survival and your way of life on a legal document.

For contemporary Americans, liberals and conservatives alike, America only exists on paper, as a legal proposition. It is not made up of a particular flesh and blood people. No, that would be racist.

So as White Americans see their entire culture and civilization (and themselves) destroyed before their very eyes, their only response is to cast a critical eye at the Constitutionality of it all.

And if it should all be found to be Constitutional, then, well, let the pillaging and plundering tidal wave commence. Viva La Constitution!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Objective vs. Subjective Empathy...

Subjective: “what if it were you who was being oppressed?

Objective: “well I’m not that important, so it wouldn’t really matter that much.