Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Change That Was Un-Changed…

The Inquisition is one of the most maligned movements in history.


The Inquisition was the culmination of victory over multiculturalism and the reversal of centuries of mass immigration into Europe.

Muslims, with tactical and economic assistance from their cousins, Judah, swarmed into Europe from North Africa and dominated Iberia, southern France and portions of Italy for hundred of years.

Leftist historians celebrate this era of conquest and carnage in the most flowery of terms, describing it as an age of enlightenment and diversity.

Europeans felt differently, however, and fought to drive the orcs out and reclaim their homelands.

After more than 700 years of “change and progress” the tide was turned and a period of restoration was implemented. And so the efforts of the subversives and their armies of invaders was undone.

That is why the Inquisition is attacked and maligned today. It ably demonstrated that change, no matter how dramatic and extensive, can be un-changed.