Sunday, April 19, 2015

Technology’s Unintentional War on Cause and Effect…

To what extent do most people know how the technology in their life actually works?

How many people can take apart an iPhone and then put it back together again?

How many people could build an iPhone or computer or television from scratch?

Very, VERY few.

So much of our life today is dependent upon technology: from cars and telephones, to microwaves and computers.

And the reality is we don’t really need to know how they work to use them.

And therein is the problem. The process by which we think (or don’t think) in small, daily, ways, will inform the way we think (or don’t think) in big ways.

If Consumer A doesn’t need to know how his iPad actually works and why it functions to use it, then he doesn’t need to consider how societies form and function to live and prosper in them. He’ll simply assume they work and will always work, just because.

Political Correctness, Immigration, Gay Marriage, Race, Gender, Ethnicity, Democracy, Free Trade, Climate Politics, Etc…None of these issues and their impacts upon the functioning of society are considered in any depth by Consumer A because society works, just because.

Societal collapse?

Well, you can always just buy another iPhone!