Monday, September 14, 2015

The Rational Denial Of Threat...

The hypothetical-immediate

When I see the giant 500 ft tall wave of water rushing towards me, then I’ll panic.

The corrosive-certainty

So the grounds a little squishy…big deal. We needed the rain.

So it’s up to my ankles. It’s fun to jump and splash around in.

So it’s up to my knees. My ankles didn’t drown, did they, lol.

So it’s up to my waste. It’s hot out anyway, and now I can sit down in the water and cool off.

So it’s up to my chest –what of it? Puts less strain on the lower body! And it’s kinda cool –like being in outer space, ha ha!!

So it’s up to my neck? The world didn’t end when it reached my chest, did it?

So it’s about to go over my head? Big deal. I can float on top of it you know. I can swim around and then rest by just floating on top of it. I don’t even know why we needed dry land to begin with.