Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Simple Lesson In History…

During WWI, the Bolsheviks in Russia inaugurated a single policy goal to ensure their rise to dominance: Chaos.

They wanted war and terror and chaos. They promulgated it. They funded it.

They assassinated government officials, attacked critical supply-lines to create food and oil shortages and ammo shortages for soldiers, knocked out communications, paid thugs to harass ordinary people, etc, etc.

It was the breakdown of all function in Russian society that allowed for the Bolsheviks to fill the vacuum and impose the new order.

And this was all funded by various Western Governments and private individuals in Great Britain and the United States.

What is happening today in Europe and North America and Australia is the simple, time-tested method of Revolution-via-“New-Challenges” to smash the remnants of the old order and usher in the newest model.



Dear Christians,

You do know that Freedom, Brotherhood, Equality was the motto of people who burned down churches and beheaded Christians, right?

You do know that ‘Freedom and Equality’ was Satan’s rallying cry in the Garden of Eden, right?

You understand that ‘Freedom and Equality’ overthrows God, who is a sovereign King ruling over a hierarchical kingdom, right?

You do know that The Book Of Job shows Satan arguing that people are “blank slates”, shaped by their environment and God declaring that people’s behavior are due to their inherent, inborn, nature, right?