Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Great Shadowy Nothing…


It simply, and literally, does not exist.

The concept and the word to describe this phantom phenomenon have no definitive definition. It is singularly subjective in its totality. 

Just look through Wikipedia's own rambling and incoherent book-length article on the subject for a revealing peek inside this goofball bugaboo. 
“Racism” can mean anything you want it to mean.

If you say that Tuesday afternoons are racist, then Tuesday afternoons are in fact racist.

If you declare that the wind is racist, then the wind is racist.

And on it goes. It is subjective and indefinable. Which is why it is such an effective bogeyman: it’s everywhere, but nowhere.

But why the word has such power over some people is what is really curious. It’s all a bit magical. Like an incantation it turns ordinary men into brainless, spineless and soulless mounds of jelly.

Isn’t that ironic! The magical word “racism” instantly reverse engineers “God-fearing” conservative Christian Men back into the very thing they’ve long denied existed -quivering puddles of spineless primordial soup.

(below is re-posted from last year)

Many in the right-of-center Christianity (a group eternally moving to the left) are bemoaning and grumbling over the advancement of the gay lobby into all areas of life, therefore forcing them to submit to such a paradigm.
They’re just plain “shocked”, bewildered and perplexed at this sudden totalitarian onslaught by the gay rights movement.
If Christians were rational or honest (they are generally neither) they would be asking themselves where the gay rights movement originated.
Of course the answer is, it originated from the “civil rights” movement of the 20th Century.  A movement the majority of Christians today champion and celebrate.
Historically speaking, the “civil rights” movement was (and is) the single most totalitarian social/legislative force ever exerted upon a society in the history of mankind.
It not only outlawed Freedom of Association (from business owners being forced to service customers of all races to forced integration of schools and neighborhoods) it enshrined a new moral impetus upon society in which freewill itself was impugned through the condemnation of the most basic function of freewill, which is discrimination.
Discrimination is the quintessential quality of the antonymous man of freewill, as well as the formation of communities, nations and the family itself. From preferring oats to eggs for breakfast to preferring White Anglo-Saxon Protestants to live amidst, discrimination is foundational to our humanity and the ordering of society.
For the past thirty years Christians have increasingly identified “racism” and discrimination as the top sins on their list of bugaboos.
What is “racism”? Good question. As Craig Bodeker demonstrated in his documentary, ‘A Conversation about Race’, “racism” is all things to all people. Its definition is completely subjective.
Interesting enough some people (black and white) in that documentary defined being anti-gay as “racism”. So, if you oppose gay marriage that makes you a “racist”. Again, the definition is subjective and flexible.
Thus we can see how that when Christians denounce “racism” and discrimination and celebrate the “civil rights” movement, they are, de facto, promoting “gay rights” and “gay marriage”, as both things are foundational pillars of the “civil rights” movement, the goal of which was to oppose discrimination and “racism”.
The bottom line is, there can be no equality because equality does not exit, has never existed and, therefore, never will, making the pursuit of it either astoundingly foolish or outright evil. Be it personally, before the law, the heavens or in marriage, if equality exists, objective truth does not.
In fact the pursuit of equality has led to countless revolutions (political, social and moral), unprecedented bloody wars, the fall of entire empires and nations and, today, the destruction of communities and the family itself.
Equality of genders, races, ethnic groups, etc, might sound “nice” on the surface but to actually apply critical thought to its real world applications and effects must logically lead one to condemning and rejecting it as either foolish or evil.
Not surprisingly, circa 2014, we find a society that is, from top to bottom, hell-bent on the promotion of “equality” while simultaneously sinking into degradation and utter ruin as foolish and evil men look on.
And as the “city on a hill” burns to the ground Christians rush to the scene with a bucket of water in one hand and a bucket of gasoline in the other.