Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Jobs! Jobs Everywhere..

If not for Public Schools, you would be of no use what-so-ever to corporations.

Ever think about that?

Shelter, clothing and food are the requirements to sustain, and perpetuate, life.

Throughout most of history these things were acquired via trade or inheritance.

But with the rise of the merchant class these things are now acquired via “jobs”. And jobs require rudimentary training (public schools) to be employed by corporations so that you can go into debt for things you don’t need.....and also for shelter, clothing and food.

“Jobs” also requires a transient (rootless) lifestyle, as you move from town to town or state to state for a new or better “job”. At one time you were born, lived and died in the same village your ancestors had lived in for thousands of years.

“Opportunity” is the catch-phrase.

But what a vulgar, crass expression it is.

The lottery is also an opportunity. An open bank vault is an opportunity.

That’s why ‘opportunistic’is a derogatory word.

And yet it’s the foundation of modern life, as fashioned by the merchants.

Most of education is dry facts. The point of universal education is to train you to function as employee and consumer.

And the truly frightening thing is that this system creates a closed loop. You have no choice but to participate in it, so long as it dominates.

No one has the “opportunity” to leave it.

No freedom. No humanity. No roots. No culture. No society.

But jobs everywhere!


Saturday, December 24, 2016

It’s All In The Name...


Non Governmental Organization.

It’s an odd construct, when you think about it. In fact, one might call it a “Freudian Slip”.

Who, but the government, would apply the term, non-government, to anything?

After all, book clubs are non-governmental.

Family dinners are non-governmental.

Pretty much everything that is not government is non-governmental.

So, why in the world does such a construct as “non governmental organization” even exist?

Why not just say, ‘an organization’ or ‘private organization’?

How, and why, did ‘government’ get insinuated into the phrasing?

Again, who, but the government, would apply the term, non-government, to anything?

The obvious solution to the conundrum is that NGO’s are ways for governments to carry out foreign policy initiatives in such a way as to deny all culpability.

This way they can fund and train opposition parties (aka, terrorists), change the laws & morals of countries against the wishes of the people, topple regimes, overthrow governments and even re-draw national borders all under the cover of Non Governmental Organizations.

Are you a Christian Missionary? Congratulations! You work in coordination with the same people who fund ISIS in Syria.

Do you support the building of clean water systems in Africa? Congratulations! Your resources are also used to covertly funnel arms to radical Muslim groups in Libya.

Do you give money to “help feed the children” in third world countries? Congratulations! That money will also be used to open abortion clinics and fund gay pride parades in east-Asia.

I could go on. But hopefully you get the point.

Charity begins, and should stay, at home. There are needy people (sick, poor and elderly) within a 2 mile radius of your house. Help them. Stop helping evil globalists destroy the world.


Friday, December 23, 2016


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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas vs. Democracy....

Or, Tradition vs. Democracy.

That’s pretty much what it boils down to.

Tradition is not arbitrary. Tradition is not fashion. Democracy is both.

Tradition is the recognition of, and submission to, discovered laws of the world we find ourselves in. A world of laws we did not create and do not sustain.

Marriage of a man and a woman is a tradition not made by man. Man and woman get together and have children. They form a family (an institution) to raise those children in till they are old enough to find their own mates, ad infinitum.

Mankind did not create this arrangement. We saw it, recognized and codified the process to enhance social harmony. But it is there, independent of our acknowledgment.

Gravity is a law.
Man+Woman= Children is a law.

An attempt to break either law will end the same way. Badly.

A Man is a King of his family, and his wife is his queen. This is tradition, because it is a discovered law.

This law points towards monarchy, not democracy, as the family is a microcosm of the greater society in which it dwells.

Thus the tradition of monarchy is not man-made, but a discovered law.

Show me a family that operates as a democracy and I’ll show you a family that is broken by rebellion, selfishness and self-destructive tendencies. You will see a family in hell.

A Christmas tree is a monarchy personified. It rises up and has a pinnacle. It has a point which stands above the rest. The star (or angel) at the top is given greater glory by the lights and adornments beneath it.

It is singled out from the furniture and dressed like a king. And when we enter into its presence, special honor and reverence is given to it, above all else that is in the house.

Christmas repudiates democracy and equality in every way, for it is a day singled out from all the rest for special honor and celebration. The season: the solstice and the climate, dictated this date of cold and long darkness for a time of illumination and life (the evergreen fir tree)

As with all true things, it is particular and defined by its inherent qualities.

Again: Tradition is the recognition of, and submission to, discovered laws.

Democracy is an attempt to overthrow discovered, and eternal, law.

Tradition is the law that requires us to accept who we are and our humble place in the world.

Democracy is an attempt to define yourself and the world and the law.

You do not define yourself,  nor the world, nor the law.

That is the law.

Merry Christmas.

Long live the King.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

What Happened To Prussia?...

The genocide no one talks about. 

Prussia was once a powerful kingdom along the Baltic Sea -land currently controlled by Poland, Lithuania and Russia (Kaliningrad enclave).

Under Bismark, it united the German states/principalities/etc into a single empire.

It’s people, the Prussians, we must assume, were a distinct ethnic Baltic people existing for thousands of years.

Their language at the time of their disappearance was a dialect of German, as the region was conquered by the Teutonic Knights in the Middle Ages.

They were wiped off the map post-WWII by the Allies: Soviet Union, United States and Great Britain.

Many fled into Germany proper and were subsumed into it. Millions were abducted by the Soviet Army and shipped off to various parts of the Soviet Union (especially central Asia). Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of others were murdered by the Allies (especially the Red Army).

Again, though these people spoke German, it would be fair to assume that they were, predominantly, an ethnic Baltic people whose original language was side-lined via Germanification.

But even if that were not the case, and they were of Germanic origin (similar to the English), they would still constitute a unique and particular people as their culture and identity, fashioned over nearly a thousand years, was distinct from other Germanic peoples (similar to the English) -even Hitler spoke disparagingly of the Prussians, due to their distinct and particular social and cultural customs and ways (an stoic, aristocratic culture that would not permit a commoner like him to rise to a position of power, among other things).

So here we have an actual, total, genocide of a people, taking place within the past 75 years, and there is nary a word spoken of it. Even the name of the people and the land has been wiped off contemporary maps and appears nowhere.

Complete, and total, genocide.

And it was carried out by.........The Allies!

Yes, the victors of WW II, who defeated Nazi Germany, actually succeeded in doing what they accused Germany of attempting.

Maybe that's why we don't talk about it.

You think?


Friday, December 16, 2016

The Hidden Hand Of The Fake News!...

The Internet is to the Corporate News Media what the printing press was to the Roman Catholic Church.

For centuries the Catholic Church claimed an intermediary role for itself between God and the average Joe.

Then came the printing press (and the accompanying increased literacy) and suddenly the average Joe could read the bible for himself.

The narrative of institutional religion was challenged and the power of the Catholic Church was broken, substantially.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the Internet has broken the Corporate News Media in much the same way.

The Corporate News Media wanted so badly to become the high priests of a global corporation, dispensing the approved truth to the little people. But social media came along and the little people began to read information that was unfiltered. Using their own intelligence and reasoning they were coming to conclusions that were not deemed “orthodox” by the establishment.

But the Corporate Media is now (mirroring their 17th century predecessors) trying to launch their counter-reformation with excommunications and denouncements of heresy of all who dare read the sacred texts (information) on their own.

But Pandora’s Box is open and its not going to be shut again.

No doubt the Corporate News Media will continue to have it’s faithful adherents, but the new reformation will continue on and take half of the former empire with it, leaving the beleaguered and broken old institution looking like what it actually is: a pitiful monument to self-aggrandizement.

Who is behind the fake news?

Johannes Gutenberg and Martin Luther, for starters.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Vikings, Jesse James, the KKK & 1776...

America was founded and created by people from around the North Sea: mainly England and Scotland, but also Holland and the northern states of what is today, Germany (many of the so-called Irish are actually Scotch-Irish, which are people from southern-Scotland and northern-England who briefly settled in northern-Ireland before moving on to the New World).

Yes, French and Spanish ruled parts of the South and West were, unfortunately, absorbed later on by greedy merchants and their puppet politicians, but the critical phase of American identity was the first century of our history, 1607 to 1707.

Let me repeat, the key phase of American history is its first century of existence: 1607-1707.

And let me be specific: Americans are people descended, wholly, from English, Scottish, Dutch & German Protestant settlers who arrived in the New World between 1607 and 1707. If that isn’t you then you are an ethnic (a hyphenated American) citizen, not an American.

Other North Sea peoples came later and fit right in, but they are still Johnny-come-latelies.

Some might argue that there were Catholics in Maryland, but you’re missing the point. I’m not talking about zip-code identity. There were Indians here too, but they were Indians, not Americans.

As I’ve pointed out numerous times, a nation is an ethnic group, not a place.

The Revolutionary War of 1776 came late in our history and most Americans were opposed to it.

In fact a very good case could be made that real Americans lost in that war. 1776 was a Merchant’s Coup against the American people.

Basically, 1776 was the East India Company as a land-based empire. Maybe this is why the US flag is a near exact replica of the East India Company Flag -with stars instead of St. George’s cross in the blue box.

Again, the majority of Americans were opposed to the Revolutionary War of 1776. This is most likely why no one wanted to claim authorship to the Declaration of Independence. Today, it is generally accepted that Jefferson wrote it. He hinted at it decades after the fact, but it is still not known for certain who the authors were. They were afraid to owe up to it because the average American despised the perpetrators of the Revolution for generations after it.

 The Civil War was (or became) an attempt to overthrow the yoke of oppression caused by 1776.

So yes, the Civil War was not a simple North vs. South conflict. A great many people in the north were sympathetic to the rebels and their cause, which was opposition to the ‘globalism’ ideology of the Seventy-Sixers and their ideological offspring who ruled out of D.C. and New York. It may not have been articulated in those terms at the time, but in retrospect that is indeed what it was.

The one percent who fostered 1776 ruled the north via industrialism, which blackened the skies of northern cities and herded children into their ‘Dark Satanic Mills’ to labor unto death, literally.
The South had its own one percent who imported Africans to labor in their more agrarian-based economy.

Whites didn’t benefit from the presence of African slaves. No, it drove down wages and pushed all but the richest one percent into the wilderness to scratch out an almost pre-historic level of subsistence. Exploration of the West was actually a flight to survive by dispossessed Southern Americans.

The wild and violent conflicts of the Old West of Jesse James and Billy the Kid was the result of ever expanding globalists snaking their way into the realms that previous generations of Whites had fled to, to escape globalism.

The outlaws of the Old West were the folk heroes of the common people because they were the despised (yet dashing) foes of the globalists, aka the one percent.

And the KKK?

A people with the power to rule over a society do no resort to the tactics of the original KKK. If the so-called W.A.S.P’s were in power they would have used the military openly to resolve their problems.

You’ll notice that the military was openly authorized by the United States Government to re-arrange and remove Indians. ‘Trail of Tears’ anyone?

No, the KKK was the result of the little people, Americans, fighting for survival against the Globalists, who were using everything from the U.S. military to freed African slaves to numerous immigrant groups (mostly Irish, Italian and German Catholics) to make war on them.

This is why the original KKK targeted mostly Whites (carpetbaggers). The blacks that were targeted were seen as the useful tools of the Globalists.

The original KKK was a manifestation of a last resort; a desperate fight for survival, not a representation of political and economic power.

The early 20th century version of the KKK became more of a social gathering centered mainly in the North (the midwest). Post WWII, the goofball incarnation of the KKK is comprised of drug addicts and runaways and seemingly run by the FBI and the ADL.

But the original KKK was a final, desperate push-back against the globalism of both Northern Industrialists and Southern Slavers, both of whom were driven by a universal mercantilist worldview. Today theses two globalist factions are importing Muslims and Mexicans for the same purposes.

In this sense the rise of the original KKK was similar to the Vikings, who are now thought to have been motivated to attack mainland Europe as a reaction to the expanding reach of Christendom.

And this is a historical pattern.

Those original North-Sea settlers were fleeing Europe to escape this growing Babylon. It might be dressed up as “religious freedom” but in truth it was more about the survival of their people, as a people, free from the universal machinery of globalism.

Before that came the Protestant Reformation, which was essentially a move by the North-Sea peoples to free themselves from the clutches of the global Catholic Roman Empire.

And before that you had the Saxons, led by Widukind, resisting the growing globalist-minded  Kingdom of the Franks.

And before that it was the Scandinavians resorting to Viking to push back against the encroaching universal “Kingdom of God’.

Going all the way back to antiquity, it is said (by Saxo Grammaticus, I think) that the North God, Odin, was in fact a powerful Chieftain who fled north from his black sea homeland to escape the growing realm of the Roman Empire.

We come now to the great irony of all this: President Trump.

These Americans, these descendents of the North Sea peoples, who have forever and anon been at war with the one-percent globalist merchant class have, overwhelmingly, chosen a one-percenter globalist merchant to be their spear-point in the fight against their enemy!

And as there is no place left to go to escape, we seem to be reaching a climax in this cultural, political, ethnic and historical conflict.

The analysis and potential historical ramifications of that would be a whole other thesis.

So, I’ll end here.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tearing Down Walls To Keep People Out...

'The LGBTQ is inclusive. Sorry everybody else.'

Yes, modernists, every definition you give yourselves only reinforces the system you think you oppose.

When you speak of “the current year” you are excluding all that is not what you define as current, thus becoming what you assert that you stand against.

Funny, ain’t it!

Any definition you give yourself or your “community” simply reinforces narratives of ‘Us vs. Them’ and tribalism and discrimination and exclusion, etc. You must build walls and exclude others to give your own identity meaning and definition.

Do you even understand that?

Any particular (person, place or thing) is defined thusly via exclusion of all that it isn’t.

Even to say you are a liberal, or are tolerant or that you believe in equality is to define and recognize yourself as set apart and particular from what you perceive is not liberal, tolerant or equal.

You can never destroy discrimination because to even define and identify it and your opposition to it, is to partake in it.

Again, do you understand this?

Unfortunately, I doubt it.

The rise of the alt-right and nationalism across the globe is thanks entirely to the modernist obsession with re-drawing old lines and inventing a thousand new ones.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Who Is Law-giver!...

Are SJW (Social Justice Warrior's) actual, literal, narcissistic sociopaths?

Well, consider their basic position...

SJW: 'I declare that we are equal.'

You know?

The SJW has decided this, you see. They are Law-giver! But we're equal.


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Stereotypes In Movies...

Interviewer: “How did you prepare for your role as a doctor at a hospital in war torn Iraq?”

Movie star: “I went to a hospital in war torn Iraq and observed the doctors there in their war torn Iraqi doctor habitat.”

Political correctness not only requires you to wield a two-edged sword, it also insists that you inevitably fall upon it.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Liberal-Progressive Manifesto...

'We believe colonialism and imperialism are bad. And we will not rest until every nation on earth agrees with us.

We reject all notions of categorical superiority, such as class, race or gender. And people who believe otherwise are dumb, ignorant and uneducated!

We object to religious indoctrination because it takes up time that should be used for state mandated  LGBTQ  lessons.

We believe all people are equal and so we work tirelessly, day and night, -decade after decade -trying to get them to understand this. 

We believe in gender equality and so we will not stop until government  regulated state-agencies enact policies and protocols that will make all women feel safe, secure and equal to the status of men in a socially and culturally oppressive patriarchal system. 

We must boycott businesses and business owners that do not support gay marriage, because singling out people or institutions is discrimination. 

We object to Nationalism because it has often been used to attack nations!

We believe that race should never be a consideration in employment or housing so we must legislatively enforce race quotas.

We believe that belief systems are a stumbling block towards progress. 

We denounce and reject gentrification and segregation, because all humans are legal and should be allowed to move and live where and how they choose. 

We believe in marriage equality, so we fight to empower the government to the status of autonomous ultimate moral arbiter of the totality of all life!

We must reject constructs such as 'Us vs. Them', lest the rubes drag us down to their level.

If there is one thing we hate, it’s hate.

If there is one thing we must not tolerate, it’s intolerance.

We propose a new humanitarian award to be given to those individuals who’ve worked hardest to end all distinctions.

In conclusion, we believe that progress, by definition, should never end'.

Thank you, and good night.
Future Universal Betterment And Reeducation Society


Friday, November 25, 2016

Paradox of Democratic Government...

Where do democratic governments come from?

 I mean, what people ever voted to create one? The act of voting is democratic, so to even vote is to already act as a democracy.

And you can’t vote to leave a democracy as that is still democratic!

Can a person or group just ignore a democratic government or declare autonomy? Some try and they either end up in prison or surrounded by federal agents in a "compound".

So, again, what is the genesis of democratic governments? Not the political system or ideology, but the actual, legal, State system?

Once more, "the people" can't vote to create a democracy as to vote on it is to already be a democracy.

There is a rather large, unspoken and unacknowledged, presuppositional elephant in the room here.

You can't vote to choose to start to vote. That's chicken and the egg level paradox.

Somebody, somewhere, has to say, 'this is now a democracy'.

This would mean that every democracy must then be born, and sustained ,via an act of despotism.

Irony, or the revelation of a big old, merchant-class perpetuated, con?


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Spencergate II: Hair of the Media...

Two lessons here.

Lesson I

Spencergate I, for those who don’t know, is when Richard Spencer unceremoniously shut down the original Alternative Right website and then re-launched as Radix. This came as a shock not only to that site’s readers but also to its co-founders, editors and contributors. Confusion and anger followed. 

As I've pointed out here numerous time over the past 6 or 7 years, Spencer was throwing everything against the wall at the original Alt-Right blog to see what would stick. That site featured contributions from jewish professors, “native-american scholars”, jewish “transhumanist” goofballs, a gay “men’s movement” author, christian apologists and even a neo-pagan in a wizard's robe.

The great irony of Spencergate II is that Spencer, and his ilk (and many of his fans), have spent years mocking and denigrating White Nationalists. They mock, and use as satire, the 14 words, Stormfront, VNN and the entire, ORGANIC, infrastructure of the pro-White movement as it evolved over the past 50 years.

Spencer’s conference featured, prominently, non-Whites as speakers and special guests. You see, the Spencerites are not at all like those stupid “race war now” idiot WN’s.

So Spencer, whoring it up for the corporate media he insists on wooing, and surrounded by jews and an asian porn star, attempted to use his conference as satire to mock those dumb old White Nationalists.

And BAM, he ended up getting tarred and feathered with his own hippster irony shtick.

Lesson: The current system is explicitly anti-White. In fact, the destruction of the White race is the sole purpose of the current prevailing system.

Pandering to it, or attempting to ingratiate yourself into it is more than a tad bit irrational. Go that route and you will get what you deserve.

Lesson II

Notice all of the old lady shrieking from the “other” Alt-Right.

All those who felt the need to come out and distance themselves from “the incident” (and this includes Trump) just healed the fatal wound the corporate media had inflicted upon itself during the election cycle.

The corporate media had lost all credibility, but now the “other alt-right” are doing everything in their power to re-strengthen it.

You see, there was no controversy. Nothing shocking or offensive happened. The corporate media claimed it was a controversy. But it wasn’t. No one else cares. Most people are too worried about BLM mobs burning down cities, cops being assassinated in broad daylight, muslim terrorists being imported into their towns or 50 mexican gangbangers moving into the house next door.

But out came the shameless self-promoters to agree to the corporate media’s narrative and “distance themselves” from the corporate media’s proclaimed controversy.

These people love they system. They desperately want to be a part of it. So they will not only stab others in the back to get a seat at the table, they will trample their own wives, mothers and kids underfoot to save their own ass -or to just get a pat on the head by CNN.

Lesson: The corporate media draws its power from people agreeing to it’s self-proclaimed authority to declare and define good & bad.

By reacting to the corporate media’s cues you grant it the status of Godhood.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Why The Left Can’t Win...

You want to choose the President via a popular vote?

Okay. So be it. Let’s open that Pandora’s box.

But we will also put other things to the popular vote.

We will put abortion to the popular vote.

We will put gay marriage to the popular vote.

We will put affirmative action to the popular vote.

We will put “hate-crimes” legislation to the popular vote.

We will put anti-discrimination laws to the popular vote.

We will put sanctuary cities to the popular vote.

We will put welfare to the popular vote.

And they will all be overturned and/or outlawed. 

See how that works?

Are you even capable of seeing what a tangled web you’ve weaved?

So go ahead, dear progressives. Make your move. Just know that you are fighting against nature and history and thus every move and counter-move you make simply hastens the demise of your own project.

The winds have shifted.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

“Fake News” Is The New Protestant Reformation...

What we’re seeing play out with the rise of Alternative Media is very much akin to the Protestant Reformation. Relevant, as 2017 will be the 500 year anniversary of that movement.

During the Dark Ages the Roman Catholic church had claimed for itself the role of sole interpreter and ambassador of divine revelation, aka “TRUTH” or “The Narrative”.

But technology (divinely?) intervened!

That darn printing press came along and the rise of literacy gave the rubes direct access to the bible and theological texts, presentations and arguments.


Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to a church door, and the rest is history.

Today we see the Corporate Media (CNN, FOX, New York Times, Etc,) has anointed itself to the exact same role the Catholic Church gave itself in the Middle-Ages.

But that darn Internet came along and gave the rubes direct access to information from around the world.


So, much like their predecessor, the Roman Catholic Church, the Corporate Media is attempting to excommunicate those darn heretics who acquire information on their own.

“Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation.”

“Outside of Corporate Media there is no truth.”

Same shit, different century.

But just as the first Reformation was unstoppable, so too is the current one.


You Don't Have To Like God, Just Honor Him...

This is, sort of, an opposing view for this blog’s usual atheistic outlook.

This alternate take on religion was taken from an exchange I had with a friend about God and religion. The context is too elaborate to get into here, but it had to do with the social and psychological aspects of faith and religion.
Their bottom line was, essentially, don’t over intellectualize religious faith, as it is ultimately a natural and organic reflex on the part of human experience. Take the time pay the almighty his due respects, even if you don’t like it, and then get on with your week.

EDIT: I didn't do a great job of presenting their case below. Maybe it's just my personal bias in regards to the "supernatural". I went back and underlined the key aspect of their argument below. It was more involved than that (again, I thumb-nailed it) but you get the point. 

God Is Like Grandpa & Grandma...

Ideally, you talk to them a few times a week on the phone. 

Ideally, you visit them at least once a week.

When the SHTF you immediately turn to them for help and a shoulder to cry on.

No matter how ancient they seem, you’re occasionally surprised at how tough, agile and competent they are when it’s most needed.

You recall their wisdom throughout your life....even though you thought you had ignored them at the time.

You condescend to their knowledge when things are great, but cry out for their council when ill winds blow.

As a child, you looked upon them like a mighty king and queen, before whom even dad and mom seemed to bow in reverence and awe. That impression returns tenfold the older you get and the more life throws at you. 


You can extract further from there. And there are obvious implications about cultural preservation, traditions and societal harmony. That was also a natural part of our discussion.

It’s interesting just as a reminder to pay your dues to the elderly as you will, if you are lucky enough, be one of them, sooner than you would like to imagine.

And there is, I’ll admit, a certain logic in the “going through the motions” approach to religion or, more specifically, “God”. After all, this is how you achieve a healthy personal lifestyle (diet, exercise, hygiene, work ethic, being dependable to friends and family, etc). There are numerous temporal and material rewards in life by, daily, “going through the motions”.

In that context, freethinkers and trend-buckers tend to end up homeless, in prison or facing serious illness without medical insurance or a family infrastructure for support.

This is the opposite of the whole “personal Jesus” idea, in which you have a “personal relationship” with God and spend countless hours in exploratory prayer and going through the bible like a lawyer over a contract.

Instead, give the King his due honor and rights in the recognition that you are one of numerous peasants in the kingdom and he is the King.

In taking a knee to God regularly you are more quickly going to come to understand that you aren't God. Humility and the true understanding of just how fragile and temporary you are, go a long way in having a more peaceful and harmonious life,both for yourself and those around you.

You can grumble about him or resent his rule, but once a week, take a knee, pledge your loyalty and declare, “long live the king”. Then get on with your day-to-day activities. Simple as that. You may bite your tongue while you’re doing it, but the act itself is more manifesting of the true spirit and purpose of faith in God than 10,000 bible studies.

Actions speak louder than words.

Love your family. Pay your taxes. Honor the King. Call Grandma. Brush your teeth. Just simple, basic, functioning. The rewards are strictly material, physically and psychologically, in the it's better to give than to get approach to interaction with the world. That there might be an added post-life reward would be akin to an unexpected Christmas bonus.

I’m not saying I buy it, but it is, to me, a far better presentation of the functional idea and purpose  of faith in a god than most apologists give. And that includes Lewis and Chesterton.


Friday, November 18, 2016

The Left Comes Out Of That Other Closet....

The delusional, sick, evil, bat-shit crazy closet. AKA, Marxism (progressivism, liberalism, etc).

A friend recently described them as looking and acting demonic. An apt descriptor. I call them orcs.

Remember all of the behavior that caused people to turn on these vile globalists during the past year? Well, they’ve made the expected choice to crank it up to eleven, ensuring that the whole world will reject them and their ideology for a thousand centuries to come.

They’ve gone into the “if we can’t rule the world, we’ll destroy it” phase of insanity.

Have you noticed how homosexuality, transgenderism, mixed race marriages and general sexual anarchy are explicitly interwoven with issues of open borders, immigrants and refugees?

You might want to take the time to finally ask why that is. These issues are connected.

Take note also, all you moderate “race isn’t important to me” conservatives, that the left are now currently doing what they accuse you, White people, of plotting to do. They talk openly about the need for a Marxist dictator, censorship and, naturally, White genocide. They now openly foam and salivate at the mouth at the idea of the end of you, your family, your people and your culture.

There is an old axiom that relates that thieves are always fearful of being stolen from.

Keep that in mind when you hear what is coming out of the mouths of these communists in the streets, in Hollywood, in business, in News Media, etc.


Monday, November 14, 2016

Memo To Trump Team...

A policy suggestion(s).

Grant every citizen over the age of 25 press accreditation for the White House, the State Department, the Pentagon, etc. In other words, bypass (and thus destroy) the old media, by going directly to the people, online.

Require paid journalists to state who their benefactors are before asking questions. Example, “My name is Megyn Kelley and my benefactor is Rupert Murdoch,....”.

Release official statements online, directly to the American People, from the oval office.

Release all statements or “leaks” online.

Show policy discussions live online. 2 to 4 hour sessions during prime time (prevent the insertion of MSM “commentary”) of real, fluid and organic discussions that would include email questions or suggestions from people watching and participating.

Ditto with world leaders.

Example. The President and President Putin sitting at a table (no fake sets) for two or three hours discussing basic and elemental world-views, wants and concerns.

Let it be warts and all.

This would help to break the spell of the illusion of the "professional suit".

Take every opportunity to mock, denigrate and delegitimize corporate media, such as CNN, FOX News, The New York Times, etc. Make it clear that they are paid performers. Speak of the old networks and papers as dark elements from our past.

It's the current year, and now that we have the internet, network television is ready to be tucked away into a museum.

Break the media conglomerates into about 100,000 pieces.

Do this, and you will take a major step in scurrying and incapacitating the deep state, making them much more malleable.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

The American ‘Berlin Wall’ Falls In November 2016...

 "This ninth of November is a historic day."
-Hanns Friedrichs, 1989

The slow-witted (though nicely paid) foot soldiers of central bankers are wailing in a few dilapidated streets, getting coverage by the confused old corporate media, which has now been thoroughly discredited and is in its final hours. But they are not there bewailing the outcome of the election. In truth, once you factor in the Democratic party’s massive vote fraud, Trump got around 58% of the popular vote verses Hillary’s 38%. No doubt she got 100% of the deceased vote!

No, what is really going on is that the old liberal internationalist system, which has been ascendant without restraint since WWI (though it began with the French Revolution), is in its death throes.

It’s not simply the end of multiculturalism, open borders, gay marriage, etc, but the collapse of the infrastructure which enabled and enforced such a twisted and totalitarian system.

Much of it was the mystique of presupposition. That is, the ubiquitous insinuation and overt assertion that there was only one inevitable course of history, and that that course led to the global village of utopian marxism.

The left (the globalists) being evil, and therefore really weak and stupid, decided that the election of Hillary Clinton would be the coronation moment for their ideological/political system. And so they took off their masks and put all of their power and influence and ambition upon her election.

Their golden calf turned out to be their own effigy. God has a sense of humor!

The establishment is still pretending to be in control, but they’re not. The talking heads on the news are still pretending to be “in the know” but they’re in the dark and cut off from the new era.

If you remember, the Soviet Union limped along for another 24 months, but the writing was on the fallen wall.

There were protests and rallies and even a coup against Gorbachev by hard-line communist generals in the military.

But it all came to naught. The winds had already shifted.

The end of the old regime came on November 9th 1989, but the former power elite were so blinded by a belief in the “inevitability of world socialism” that they couldn’t see that they were no more than the still squirming body of a decapitated snake.

So it is for the globalist elite today. Much like the Soviet Politburo throughout 1990 and 1991, they’ll continue to make announcements and pronounce edicts for several more months, even as the republics elect their own leaders and declare independence and repudiate the policies and ideology of the old order.

The European Union is already collapsing and it’s official demise will be announced soon. Nato will follow. Arrests and tribunals are likely in the future for many of Western Europe’s current government and media elite.  The UN will be no more and eventually the United Nations building will be turned into an America First Center.

There will indeed be tough times ahead.

The economic infrastructure of the United States is almost completely gone. As that day of reckoning comes it will mean not only lean times here but also for western Europe, which has built its nanny/police/welfare state via us tax dollars and military spending.The U.S will soon begin to deatch itself from Europe and much of the rest of the world. Bases will be closed and troops will be called home. Western Europe will soon be turning to eastern Europe for loans and military alliances.

The physical infrastructure of the US is also in shambles and you will soon see the number of usable roads and highways decrease even as rolling regional brown outs and black outs become a part of everyday life.

911, hospitals and schools are luxuries that your neck of the woods may or may not have.

But remember that much of all this was built in excess and decadence.

You will endure, adapt, survive and then thrive.

This isn’t the end. It’s a return to balance.


Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Death Of The Roughed Individual...

Along with the eulogy for the “strong independent woman” we can also bid farewell to the “roughed individual” or “go-it-aloner”.

On November 8, 2016, millions of red-blooded individualists, born and bred on post- WWII John Wayne-type platitudes and propaganda were sweating blood as the election unfolded. And when it was over they were weeping tears of joy and thanking God for Trump.

That’s right! All of the “God bless Murica” types have been reduced to emotional (if not physical) prostration before a single, powerful, ruler.

Despite all of the claims about the constitution and the 2nd amendment, it is, in fact, all balanced on the scales of whimsy and to the whims of single individual, as both sides placed all of their hopes on one or the other representative hero.

I wonder if any of this will be considered by the average man.

It is not merely racial division or political division or generational divergence here, though it is that as the election was Whites vs. non-Whites.

It is more the revelation that Murica was built upon ideological sand and held together with fleeting financial mortar.

Nations are ethnic groups, not places or forms of government. A political or ideological creed is not the foundation of a civilization or state and cannot hold one together.

Come what may, we have witnessed the end of republican democracy.

Dissolution, partition and the return of kings come next.

Because in the end, nature prevails.


Friday, November 11, 2016

So Much For The Myth Of The Strong Independent Woman...

With Hillary sobbing uncontrollably after her loss and her brain-dead, immoral(1) female supporters weeping and shrieking incoherently on TV and youtube and Megyn Kelly declaring that millions of women would be terrified the day after the election one can only can conclude that the oft proclaimed “strong independent woman” is a total phantom in the imaginations of a generation of spoiled and pampered gals.

Where are the shouts of Grrrrl power?
Where are the silly cheers of “you go girl”.

Sorry ladies, but you have, by your own actions, self-testified to the whole world that you are, in fact,  the weaker sex and that you do indeed need a man to take care of you.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.(2)

And I would add that the giant welfare nanny state was already rapidly collapsing before the election. The entire Western world is, literally, bankrupt.

You will, very soon, be living in a world of no welfare or foodstamps. No 911 or emergency rooms. No taxpayer subsidized healthcare and only the most minimal of government social services -mainly for the very sick and frail elderly.

note 1: if you support murdering babies in the womb then you are a moral monster and have forfeited the right to hold or pass judgment on anyone for anything.

note 2: there are a great many women who are indeed Ladies and who bring glory and praise to their sex by their dutiful fulfillment of their roles as wives, daughters, sisters and mothers, which nature has ordained.


Should Journalists Be Required To Identify Their Benefactors?...

At press conferences or in editorials, for example, should journalists be required to first identify the corporation and specific CEO(s)/Oligarch in whose service they are, before asking their questions?

It would certainly help add context to their questions if we knew their agenda and bias.

Journalists are, after all, essentially ambassadors for oligarchs and special interest groups.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Progressive Ideology is Evil & Quite Ugly...

It really is.

The very notion is antithetical to reason and truth. There is no material or physical equality or progress. It IS a fact. Progressives wish to stop the sun from rising because it is unjust to the night and believe that if they wish it so, it will be so. Which is insanity.

They believe that political power will magically gift them the ability to alter reality.

So yes, they are tragically delusional -perverting and twisting their hearts and minds and getting lost into a warped and evil fantasy.

And they are easy prey to exploitation and enslavement by oligarchs and merchants who speak of such things as “women’s rights”, which only means no family, no home, no children, but a life of solitude and servitude to the whims and will of corporations.

Asking if you really need a home, a spouse and children to be happy is like asking if you really need teeth to enjoy eating.

There is a natural order to the world and to mankind. Rage against it if you like, but know that you are only attacking yourself. Which is madness.

This so-called progressive ideology degrades and dehumanizes individuals to such an extent that they become physically repulsive.

They are either obese and blubbery or thin, pale and sickly looking. And yet they are obsessed with further marring their own appearance: women trying to look like men, men trying to look like women, numerous tattoos, bizarre piercings, dying their hair unnatural colors, slobbish or degrading dress, etc.

It also diminishes their mental faculties as they can only express themselves as angry mobs, shouting gross insults or endlessly repeating simple, non-sensical, slogans.

They have, in the end, become orcs.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mordor Quakes...

Dear Globalists,

Fuck You.

Yours truly,
the little people.

What Trump does or does not do is irrelevant. He is a message from the so-called rubes. People are pissed and fed up! The line has been drawn.

Today, November 9, 2016, people are smiling and celebrating like it’s Christmas. They feel liberated. And a people who’ve once tasted freedom are not so easily bullied or bluffed back into silence, submission and bondage.

So the former usurper elite would do well to accept their defeat and recede back into the shadows from which they slithered.

And their lackeys, spineless cuckservatives and pseudo-Christian wormtongues, who’ve counseled surrender and submission for decades, should take this opportunity to reform themselves. Otherwise they’ll end up groveling like a mangy dog at the feet of their deposed masters as they wander the wastelands in search of a little pipeweed and a rock to sleep under.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

You Ask, Because Exposition...

How much of your Internet activity is related to commercially sponsored news media/information?

Or, put another way, how often do you go online in search of, ‘what is happening in/with (fill in the blank)?




Stop and think about it. How much of your online activity reduces you to that character in a movie who is there only to ask questions as a means to prompt the narrative’s exposition?


Friday, October 28, 2016

What Sins Have Cowards?..

Ever notice how cowards dismiss courage as being ‘stupid’ or ‘foolish’ or ‘reckless’ or ‘disrespectful’or ‘unsavory’ or ‘scandalous’etc?

These are words-as-walls.

And behind them huddles the cowardly.

Leftist extremists call for “safe spaces” while cowardly cuckservatives demur engagement via the excuse, “gentlemanly behavior”.

They are the same mindset.

And yes, both types are equally despicable.

Their common value system inverts courage, steadfastness, integrity, honesty, etc into sins to be derided publicly and avoided at all costs.

In fact it seems rather apparent that what really makes someone promote notions such as “social justice”, “equality” and the like, is cowardice.

Libtards, cuckservatives, etc, are really not deserving of a said titles, nor do they deserve the categorizations between left and right. They are simply run-of-the-mill cowards.

Every generation has them.

Let’s just call them what they are.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Two-Edged Swords...

Take the printing press for example. It not only allowed for the dissemination of ideas and information but simultaneously (and naturally) engendered a greater drive for general literacy.

And yet,

It also allowed for the spreading of subversive ideas and information which lit a fire to entire nations, leading to endless wars and endless  cultural revolutions. It was a fire that is not only still burning, but is about to engulf what’s left of European peoples and our kind of civilizations.

Then there is democracy.

Your vote “may count” but so does the vote of that other fellow who holds a worldview in opposition to your own.

What then?

What of the fact that the other man’s vote means tyranny and oppression for you and your people?

Democracy insists a gentlemanly surrender and submission of the opposing side.

Is it then not true that democracy is passive consent to tyranny, bondage and destruction?

If a nation is a biological-family writ large, and democracies good, should families then be democracies instead of monarchies, which they've always been by nature's decree?

No sane person would say, yes.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

“Religions Are Just Man Made”, shouted the fool to the Particle Accelerator...

I give religion a hard time, not because of the general supernatural claims but for the socio-political inferences which they imply/impose. Obviously, there is no god or heaven and, no, you don’t have a soul. Sorry, but it’s self-evident. And I think that truth makes this life all the more special, whereas a ‘life beyond this life’ cheapens the whole thing.

However, when making these points I sometimes get “help” from a neo-atheist of the Dawkins/Harris persuasion: which means, dipshits who haven't learned to reason on their own so they just spit out flat, non-sequenced, memes. They are the equivalent of those irritating weirdos who show up to every public gathering (including religious ones) holding a John 3:16 sign.

A prime example of this kind of dipshitery is the ill-thought-out zinger, “all religions are man made.”

What, the f**k, is that even supposed to mean?

“All religions are man made”. As opposed to, say, complex life-saving medical procedures, which are created by elves?

Really, come on. Of course all religions are man made. So are clothes, light bulbs, engineering, airplanes, electrical grids, rockets and earth-orbiting satellites.

Legal systems, cities, languages and the toothbrush are also man made.

Religions are not only man made, but they are made by the best -highest educated- men in societies.

Do you new-atheists even understand that the pejorative, “pagan”, was applied, by the educated, to the uneducated redneck rubes that resided outside of the great cities within the Roman Empire because they refused to become Christians?

Do you understand that Christianity was the social system embraced by the urbane, highly educated, well traveled cosmopolitan, circa Late Antiquity?

Religions don’t simply try to makes sense of the world. They are an attempt to make *applicable* sense of the world. Because societies are highly complex, infinitely fragile, ever moving, organic systems. They can swing from paradise to hell with the slightest shift in the wind. And they can collapse with a lightning speed that leaves the most astute and perceptive seer frozen like a deer in the headlights of a rapidly approaching semi tractor trailer.

“Because God”, is an attempt to defer chaos and collapse. Just stop and consider:  a major social issue divides a society. Each side rages. One side or the other rejects the authority of the local courts, then the congress, then the president (or king), then the supreme court.
The theologian’s pontifications are rejected. The philosophers fail to persuade all. Ditto scientists, professors, politicians and street sages.

There is no arbiter. No final authority with the universally recognized authenticity to say yea or nay.

So the society collapses into anarchy and chaos. Rivers of blood and mountains of fire follow.

The only preventative solution is a tyrant.

And the necessarily perfunctory choice then is, a human tyrant or a divine one.

Most go with the human tyrant in the short term, then choose the divine one after decades of exhaustive war and bondage.

And the historical record tends towards the conclusion that the human tyrant draws more blood and extracts more tears than the divine one. Or, at the least, the divine tyrant tends to hold sway during more harmonious and productive phases of civilization, while the human tyrant tends to rule during times of chaos and greater misery

Fundamental societal crises are ALWAYS driven by raw emotions, not calm, reflective, reasoning. Add to it the fuel of hunger, cold, resentment and basic necessity and see how far snarky commentary or “expert consensus” gets you.

Human societies are like an ocean. Civilizations are ships. Religions argue to the crew that there is a harbor, somewhere, to encourage sobriety among the crew, alertness to the danger of pirates and a sense of duty among the officers to prevent the ship from drifting into reefs.

You can argue the details (doctrines), but to dismiss the fundamental structure in its purpose is base ignorance. It's there, and always will be.

Today, "social justice", "equality" and "democracy" are preached with fundamentalist zeal by radical ideologues who fan out across the globe like self-righteous crusaders and witch-burners of old. The road to paradise is called "progress", "sin" is racism or discrimination, heaven is tomorrow and hell is the past.

I suspect that what makes new-atheists, new atheists, is a lack of classical education or even a basic reflective impulse. They take the comfort and safety of the civilization they’ve known for granted. They never consider how and why this society works and when it will collapse and what will be the trigger. Actually, a lot of modern christians suffer the same deficiency.

So yes, religions are man made. They represent one of the greatest achievements of man, alongside the splitting of the atom.

And yes, that final comparison carries with it appropriate implications. But that’s a topic for another day.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

North Korea Is The Free Country...

Fact: The office of President of the United States has infinitely more power than all of the kings and queens of antiquity combined. “The President", 1789 - ,is an unparalleled beast of a tyrant. Elections = you get to vote on what the tyrant will be called for the next four years. The Tyrant remains the same.

Fact: The colonists had LESS freedom after the Revolution than before. (they also paid higher taxes after ”independence”)

The U.S. Constitution functions towards one end -consolidation (assimilation). It brings every family, neighborhood, town, county and state under one moral, legal, political, ethical, linguistic, religious and economic jurisdiction.

In the colonies, prior to 1776, each village and colony had its own general, but particular, way of life: ethnicity, culture, religion, laws, customs, etc. Villages and colonies defined who and what they were.

After the revolution these peoples no longer had such basic (intrinsic and historical) rights. The vast project of bringing every village and county under one monolithic federal umbrella began.

The exaltation of the “individual’s rights” over the colony’s (or village’s) rights commenced.

The end result of the constitution is seen today, wherein one person is “free”, but two or more are not.

One man can call himself Baptist, but a 1,000 men ( a town) cannot call themselves Methodist -because "freedom of religion"..

An individual is free to declare himself a homosexual, but a city or county or state is not free to declare themselves heterosexual -because "individual liberty".

No, under the all seeing eye of Uncle Sam there can be no peoples, only individuals. There can be no distinct and particular ethnicities, races, families, tribes, colonies, etc, each with their own customs, laws, traditions and identities.

Such is denounced as racist or discriminatory.

The civil rights act effectively outlawed freedom of association, aka discrimination, which is the cornerstone, not only of freedom, but of nations, cultures and the family itself. (read that again)

The United States is thus ever hungry -ever growing and expanding, insisting that all distinctions be erased. All borders, all religions, all customs and all peoples MUST be consolidated and assimilated into one monolithic social, political and economic state of the individual consumer.

There can be no white nations (or any ethnic nations) or heterosexual families, or Mothers & Fathers, etc.

Is it any wonder then that a country like North Korea, which still has a semblance of independence from the global state and an identity of its own choosing, is seen as such a threat to the powers that be?

How terribly ironic to realize that America is Mordor and North Korea, Iran, Assad’s Syria, Putin’s Russia, etc are the lands of elves and hobbits, holding out against the ever encroaching forces of darkness.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sola Scriptura & Sola Constitutio...

“What does the bible clearly teach?”

“What does the Constitution clearly say?”

I have a copy of the Constitution and I have several bibles: there is my old King James bible I got when I was a kid, a “new age” NIV, a “sword bible” -which not only has the words of Jesus in red but also God’s words in red in the Old Testament. I even have a Jimmy Swaggart commentary bible which has Jimmy’s words in red, instead of Jesus or God! Now that’s Alpha!

Problem is, none of them speak. I’ve spent countless hours staring at them and listening, waiting for them to say something, and it never happens.

I always end up having to read them. Which means it’s my own voice speaking and my own genetic, cultural, regional, educational and fundamental Western, Aristotelian worldview presuppositions that bias how I read it.


Now some Christians acknowledge this little monkey-wrench via the asymmetrical tactic of studying “ancient hebrew culture” to get a more authentic “voice” from the text. Of course these are the people who can’t comprehend how their Hoosier grandparents could biblically justify opposition to mixed race marriages, but they're pretty confident in their ability to transform themselves into avatars of primitive, bronze & iron age, semites living in the deserts of west-Asia thousands of years ago.

You’ll no doubt be shocked to learn that even among these prestigious avatars there are different schools of thought.

Coincidentally, these same people also are a bit perplexed at how “some folk” can’t read the plain writing of ye olde Constitution.

I mean, how in the world could somebody see things differently than how I see them!? It’s impossible!

These stressed out people will, on the one hand, denounce globalism and one world government, then on the other hand embrace the underlying philosophy of one worldism, which is that all people are basically the same; everybody wants democracy, capitalism, freedom and nascar.

That there are billions of people out there who are fundamentally hardwired, by nature, to oppose democracy and “individual liberty” is unfathomable to them. Nevermind that “personal freedom” is an oxymoron since human beings are, by nature, necessarily interdependent on, at a minimum, their immediate social circle (aka, family), which brings with it innumerable burdensome duties and obligations which intrinsically squash “personal freedom”.

I mean, for Odin’s sake, you are born with a body which requires constant food, water, rest, clothing and shelter just to keep functioning. The hurdles you must leap and the hoops you must jump through each-and-every-day, interacting with the other bipeds, just to keep your body up and running doesn’t buttress this asinine notion of “individual liberty”. Laws and social and cultural norms also tend to be a rather blunt reality-check to go-it-aloners. Try going all Mad Max and be a hunter-gatherer. First time you fall and snap your ankle you'll get eaten by wolves.

Or just wait for old age or a serious illness to see how much you want to "go it alone".

No man is an island. Take away the water and the island isn’t even an island anymore -it’s just a hill.

Written texts are the products of specific people, in specific times and places. They are written under the burden of incalculable genetic, cultural, environmental and political forces.

So those who wish to think that the bible or the constitution “speak” with a universal voice to a universal audience are always going to be left flabbergasted at those unreasonable troublemakers who refuse to see “what is plainly written”.

The constitution was written by 18th century Anglo-Saxons.

21st century hispanics, jews, arabs, africans, indians, chinese, etc, are going to read it through their own genetic/cultural prism.

The expectation that everybody can and should see the same thing is the desire to rebuild the Tower of Babel.

Ironically, that’s not ironic. Christianity creates and crowns its anti-Christ. But that’s another subject.

Nations are ethnic groups, not places or forms of government. The conflict over how to read written texts is representative of genetic differences: tribes, clans, races, etc.

Understandings and perceptions of the world and society must (by nature's order) always be local and particular, not universal. This is how worldviews are perpetuated from one generation to the next and it is how stable and harmonious societies work. Diversity = conflict and chaos.

A nation is never comprised of immigrants and it is not defined by legal jurisdiction (that would be an empire). A nation is an ethnic group; a biological unit -a literal, genetically related family writ large.

If a written document is foundational for social order and definition, then something is fundamentally wrong.

Or, how many families have written texts to define themselves as a family or about the legal and sub-cultural obligations of chores and curfews, holidays and spring cleanings, gender identities and status rights around the house?


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mordor Pocket Translator...

Today's word-concept is, Relevancy.

When Mordor speaks of an idea, notion, person, place or thing being ‘Relevant’ (as in “relevant to today”), it is speaking of that which is in conformity to its evil f**king, scorched-earth, revolution, which is unending and self-consuming.

Just FYI.


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Yes And No...

Absolutism is can be another kind of virtue signaling.

People who answer only yes and no to questions of understanding or beliefs tend to be Puritan caricature wannabes. They seem to be operating under the notion that a ‘hostile witness’ approach to ethics represents some sort of glorified purity from the ghetto of the gray abstraction of day to day life .

Let's be honest, most of us are moody when it comes to principles.

Them: “Do you support democracy?”

Me: “Sometimes.”

Beware those who don’t use qualifiers! 


Saturday, October 1, 2016

On The Other Hand...

Is the Alt-Right the hair metal of White Nationalism?

I’ve listed here before the Alt-Right’s inherent strengths and also it’s rather big fat Achilles’ heel -it’s ‘cast a big net and see what we catch’ approach. This is similar to Jesus using the analogy of making the fisherman Peter a “fisher of men” in the service of Christendom. A revealing analogy of christianity, as fishermen used nets to ensnare unsuspecting fish for the purposes of killing and eating them. Yeah.

But it’s also similar to hair metal, which was a mass-marketing concoction that appropriated New Wave Heavy Metal (which produced few top 40 hits or multi-platinum records) and created a juggernaut of multi-platinum pop-with-power-chords. A generic imitation of the authentic thing, in other words. Tragically, the authentic thing was sometimes seduced into imitating the imitation.

The popularization of the Alt-Right over the past year has tended to produce some big-hair moments. Milo, Trump, Molyneaux and even Alex Jones have all appeared in ideological spandex, rhetorically rocking out with synthesizers and keyboards, while authentic WN’s are standing around asking, ‘what is this shit?’

The lure of marketing success can cause even the most integrity-filled man to dress up like an ass-clown in the hopes of mass-appeal.

Right now that is what is happening to White Nationalism under the banner of “Alt-Right”. Already we are seeing branch-genres such as “alt-west” and other such ridiculous mullets that are ever more generic and insincere. This alt-west thing is probably the most subversive appropriation of the Alt-Right to come about. We are are NOT trying to save a civilization, which is nothing more than a cultural phase/fad. We are trying to save a particular race of people. 

The talk about being “red pilled” and the need for transitional gate keepers to usher in the Air Supply fans so as not to overwhelm them all at once with Powerslave, is misguided.

Whites are just 8% of the world’s population. We are a small minority that is surrounded by peoples who have made it clear their intention is to utterly destroy us. We have no institutions, nations, cities or infrastructure  of any kind at this point. It’s all overrun.

Having no military, financial resources, political power or strongholds of any kind of our own, do you know what is next for us Whites? It ain’t pretty.

“Normies” will flock to White Nationalism because it’s either that or the mass grave. It may be the mass grave for us anyway but when that moment comes most will attempt to band together and fight to the end regardless.

It’s fine and prudent to take whatever political steps you can to survive. Vote, if you like, but keep in mind that the orcs have completely encircled us and are sharpening their blades and licking their lips.

If that's not a "red pill" I don't know what the hell is!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How Conservatives Think...

I tend to stay away from "mainstream" anything, left or right, as they are usually just oligarch funded propaganda, but I came across this nugget and had to point it out. It's representative of the divide between the way Conservatives see the world compared to the Alt-Right. I'm not going to link to it because I don't want to help their traffic-count. The article is called 'Mainstream Conservatives and The Alt-Right'.

(((Ben Cohen))) of AmericanThinker writes,

Meanwhile, West Virginia which is almost exclusively white has the second lowest median house hold income in the United States. If you believe the key to keeping America great is keeping America white, it's hard to explain why Hawaii is thriving and West Virginia is not.

You know Ben, you might just be perpetuating jewish stereotypes by linking gold to paradise.

Actually you’ve just single-handedly justified the genocide of native Americans, who, as we all know, had a significantly lower median household income level compared to European settlers.

What about handicapped people, Ben? What about mentally challenged people, Mr. (((Cohen)))? How do they fare on your pyramid of human value-as measured by ability to generate wealth?

What about the elderly, many of whom live on fixed incomes which = low median household income?

Jesus H. Christ!  Is this conservative thinking?


As to Keeping America great, well, great is subjective. What is great for some is not for others. America is neither really good or really bad. It’s average. It’s just another country. That’s all it’s ever been, that’s all it can ever be.

Human beings form societies. They diverge and form distinct and unique communities/nations/tribes/etc. that reflect their inherent qualities and values. Those societies might be rich or poor, but their value as living organisms is not deduced with a pie chart from the chamber of commerce.

If a tribe of people in the Amazon live in grass huts and eat weeds for dinner, who the f*@k are you to decide that that is not "great" and that therefore you can burn down the rain forest? Oh, I forgot, CEO's have higher median household incomes.

Maybe this is why mainline conservatives seem to cheer on mass slaughter in the middle-east? I mean the median household income there is pretty low compared to Long Island.

Conservatives? Hello? Is this you? Is this how you think?

I'm afraid of the answer.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Peace, Stability, Order...

You can either work to attain Peace, Stability, Order or you can have the polar opposite: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

The former builds cities, the latter burns them down.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016


“Outdated Notions/Ideas” is another one of those slogans that gets tossed around frequently but that have no actual concept in support of it.

Human institutions, for example, do not come and go like hair fashions. They are foundational and fundamental because they are natural and thus not subjective to personal or group taste.

Or consider the five fundamentals of human existence: Sleeping, Breeding, Eating, Shitting and Death.

Are any of them outdated? Can you toss aside one of them as out of touch with the world today?

No, of course not.

They are a gravity of reality and you are subject to their pull whether you like it or not.

The fundamental reality of life does not wax or wane based on the whims of a person or persons finite lifespan.

Government, Family, Marriage, County, Race, Gender, etc. are absolute and unchanging because mankind is absolute and unchanging. There is no human progress. Again, the Five Fundamentals are the same today as they were 5,000 years ago. No progress, no change. They are exactly the same. They always will be.

So when someone tells you the fundamentals of existence are subject to change or progress you know you’re talking to either a con-man or a delusional man.

Unfortunately the world is full of both. And they have a tendency to seek power and influence.


Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Alt-Right Is The Fellowship Of The Ring...

I’ve touched on this before, but it really does get to the heart of the matter.

The term/label “white supremacist” comes from (((Leftists))). And it reveals their mind set.

The left are globalists who can envision no future that is not comprised of a monolithic global government, culture and identity. And naturally they believe that everyone else wants the same and will compete to rule over this “end of history” system.

That there are people (including White people) who not only do not want to rule over such a system but who don't even want to be a part of it, is unfathomable to the left.

The Left are like the Dark Lord of Mordor. It is beyond their capacity to comprehend that anyone having found the one ring would seek to destroy it rather than to wield it.

So the left can only conclude that Whites must want what they want, which is supremacy over all of Middle Earth.

And thus they don’t perceive that the Alt-Right intends to toss the one ring into Mount Doom, so that they can live their own way, in their own lands, keeping The Shire, The Shire!

How your adversaries define you reveals more about them that it does about you.

Today's advocates for a diversity, multiculturalism and a world without borders are the descendants of yesterdays builders of colonial empires. And yes, Social Justice Warriors are indeed the posterity of self-righteous Puritan witch-burners. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if that weren’t literally true. It would be interesting to have them take some DNA tests and match it with the remains of....oh, never mind.


Friday, September 2, 2016

Affirmation Consultation...

Liberals, Conservative, Libertarians, Social Justice Warriors, Missionaries, Etc,

Where do they come from?

What drives them?

Who cares.

But they are all of the same vine in one way: the need to have their beliefs affirmed by other people.

Whether it’s social justice warriors, new atheists or bible thumpers, they just can’t be content in themselves with what they assert. They have to find the nearest soap box.

That’s because they “lack faith” in what they preach.

Case in point: the other day I found myself conversing with one of the Brides of Christ and he-she (it was a man, but he is a bride of jesus, so...) attempted to go all C.S. Lewis,

Bob-the bride of Christ: ‘Do you believe in God?’

Me: ‘No’.

Bob-the bride of Christ: ‘Why not?’

Me: ‘Gut Instinct’.

He-she dropped the matter. It was an insurmountable brick wall for a member of the harem of Jesus.

But it also works for the other ideologues.

It’s a devastating blow to the presuppositions of post-enlightenment nut-cases, but logic and reason not only do not factor into how people live their lives, it also does not persuade people to “change their minds” on anything.

People are driven by instinct: Hunger, Desire, Need & Want. Emotions such as love and hate are utilized by instinct for function -which is why they come and go, based on Needs and Wants.

Logic and Reason are used and applied in much the same way. The use of them is driven by Gut Instinct and applied wildly as befits hunger, desire need or want.

You can make special appeals to “muh jesus” or “muh science” all day long, but the reason you are even making the appeal is your own personal hunger, desire, need or want.

“Just Because” is, actually, the most honest answer to the challenge of “why”.

People believe in something or disbelieve in something on gut instinct alone.

Evidence is not applied to appeal to reason to persuade. Evidence is a crude weapon you wield when your gut shouts, “Charrrrrrrge!”


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Race & The Alt-Right...

Perspective: Whites are just 8% of the population of the world.


There is no such thing as racism. Simple as that. The definition of what racism is is completely subjective. There is literally no definitive definition of racism. And thats a problem as the definition of definition is definitive.

If someone wants to believe in racism as an aspect of their own private belief system, so be it. But thats all it will ever be, a quasi-religious belief, not an objective reality. So the answer to the charge of racism, is “there is no such thing as racism”. Which should come as a welcome relief to all those vexed about it! And the same applies to homophobia, misogyny, etc. They don’t exist. The assertion that they do is just a modern manifestation of good old Puritanism style witch hunts without “muh Jesus” driving it.


Nation means ethnic group. A nation is not a place, its a particular people. A tribe, a clan, a family.  Thus nation of emigrants is an oxymoron.

The who-was-here-first argument doesn’t work then. “Here” is not always the same place. The United States was a political construct that didn’t exist until the 1780‘s. None of my ancestors immigrated to the United States as there was no United States when they moved to this part of the British Empire in the late 1600‘s to early 1700‘s.

If current legal definitions are the sole metric and can be projected retroactively, then Geronimo should be listed on the historic roster of the Arizona Cardinals since he once roamed the land where the football team now resides.

And in following that line of thought, why does immigrating to the United States make you an American? Why wouldn’t it make you, say, a Cherokee indian instead? Same piece of dirt.

Neo-Nazi’s, White Supremacy, etc.

1st: We don’t want to be supreme over other races. We want to be separated from them. The entire underpinning of the “white supremacist” label is the notion that we want to share a space with other races and then dominate that space. Sorry, non-Whites, but we have no intention of vying for dominance of the same space. We want to live apart from you in our very own space and society. Our way of life: of law & order, of morality, of ethics, etc, is different from the other races who each have their own ways of such things. Each is good for each race, but certainly different and fundamentally incompatible.

2nd: Those labels imply a world in which ideological constructs are the base of identity. The Alt-Right, however, is not really an ideological movement. It’s simply people who observe material, physical reality and acknowledge it. Human beings are not White or Male or Female or members of a nation by choice, but by physical, biological reality. If there is to be an official tenets of Alt-Right it could start with, ‘We acknowledge and accept the law of Gravity. We affirm that the earth moves around the sun,’ etc.

3rd: By all appearances some of the other races are beginning to form their own versions of Alt-Right. Those of you who use the term “white supremacist” are attempting to imply a world that doesn’t exist and a constituency that you ain’t got! YOU are the problem. It is you and your evil fucking totalitarian “one world order” that peoples from all races are rejecting and going their own ways to escape from. You are on the wrong side of history.

“And how would you make that happen?”  This question underlies the difference between those who view life as solely ideological choice and those who see it as primarily physical reality. We aren’t social engineers. We don’t have to “make” this happen. If you remove the threat of physical force and political coercion the races will self-segregate, as that is the gravity of human nature.

Progress & Equality.

Neither equality nor human progress exist. (and I’m not talking about technology here)

The races aren’t equal. The genders aren’t equal. White men aren’t equal. Equality does not exist under any pretext or context; not legally, not physically, not intellectually or otherwise. It never has and never will, because it can’t. For the same reason there can’t be a square circle.

The same is true of human progress. We are no different today in terms of basic intellect, reasoning, morality, ethics, general cognitive abilities, etc, than man was 1,000 or 10,000 years ago.

The pretext of equality and progress exist solely for the purpose of justifying a Bolshevik style totalitarian state. This isn’t news. It has in fact happened before. In the 20th century over 100 million people were murdered in the name of equality and under the banner of progress, all carried out by small groups of insane ideological fanatics and on behalf of a few megalomaniacal oligarchs.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

No, Vox. No...

Voxday has a list up on his blog of his definitions of the Alt-right. As I’ve pointed out here numerous times  the alt-right, for all the good it can do, is far too broad a gateway for its own good. Or maybe it would be best described as inviting the undecided to boldly sit on the fence. In the early days of the Alternative Right blog (now called Radix) there were articles by everything from jewish “transhumanists” and jewish “intellectuals” to robe wearing neo-pagans, to, I believe, an injun.

This was asinine. There is so little White advocacy that to invite non-Whites into one of the few fortifications is contra reason to the nth degree.

Vox himself likes to say that he is part indian and mexican. I’m guessing that though that may be technically correct (a small percentage of Mexicans are White and “Indian Princess Syndrome” is notorious) it is done mainly to troll/deflect accusations of racism. Which itself is unwise. As I’ve pointed out before, there is literally no such thing as racism, and that is the best tact to deal with those who sling the word. But that’s another topic.

Back to the list,

Number 4 on Vox’s list is fundamentally problematic, and contradicts some of his other points. It states, ‘The Alt Right believes Western civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement and supports its three foundational pillars: Christianity, the European nations, and the Rule of Law.’

Problem 1: “Western Civilization”. Now I’ve used the expression myself, but the fact is that Western Civilization is hard to define. Most east-Europeans (historically Orthodox) don’t think of themselves as Western. Most of us in the U.S. use the phrase as synonymous with White people, but Russians, for example, certainly do not. Catholics like to claim that catholic christianity created Western Civilization and yet the vast majority of Protestants don’t see catholicism as christian.

Another problem with “Western Civilization is that it connotes a phase of the White man’s history, not its totality. Europeans have been around for tens of thousands of years. What historians usually classify as Western Civilization didn’t begin to come into existence until around 7th and 8th centuries A.D., and then slowly moved north and north-east over the next 500 years (the Northern Crusades). And many would argue that it ended with WWI, while others claim it ended with the onset of the Enlightenment.

Referring to ‘The West’, as in the direction -the western part of the old world, is fine, but confuses many.

Western Civilization, as it is thought of historically and culturally, is more like bell-bottoms or the mullet: a fad. The better expression is ‘European Civilization’ -that which is inherently created by Europeans wherever they are, in place or in time, be it 2000 A.D., or 20,000 B.C.

Problem 2: “Pinnacle of Human Achievement”. No! Absolutely bad understanding. If you want to argue it was the pinnacle of European achievement, fine. But Africans, Asians, jews, hispanics, Arabs, etc, have their own conception of accomplishment and civilization. Their idea of family, community, order, law, form & function is fundamentally different from Whites. It's valid for them, but we have our own. Our pinnacle is not their pinnacle. What Polar Bears consider paradise is hell for alligators.

As for the Three Pillars,

Christianity is a toxic mix of three of the worst elements of antiquity: Roman politics, Greek Philosophy and west-Asian Monotheism.

Rome was a blight on Europe -a cartel king-pen’s mansion surrounded by favela-level slums, filled with garbage, disease and crime. It was a manifestation of the same globalist  multi-cultural gulag/slum that we are fighting against today. But it did promise the potential for the conquered to become citizens of the kingdom.

Greek Philosophy was nothing more than an attempt to conceptualize distinctly European traits, such as altruism, as some sort of universal virtue/imperative. Once articulated and written down it could be ‘preached to every creature under heaven’. Behind every cuck there is an Aristotle.

Oriental Monotheism is the inevitable outgrowth of natural Asiatic despotism and west-Asia’s historically complex sexual socio-politics. Which, to thumbnail, is: Yahweh/Jesus is the Sheik and the “Brides of Christ” are his harem.

Once again, Jesus would have been a brown, Asiatic midget from the deserts of west Asia. He was a jew -jews are Asians. He wasn’t a god and he sure as hell wasn’t one of us.

Put the three elements together and you get anti-Europe. Europe has survived in spite of Christianity, not because of it. Just as it survived in spite of Rome and the bullshit that came out of Greece(1).

The 2nd pillar, European Nations, is obvious, as nation means ethnic group. It’s Europeans, not “western civilization” that we are fighting to protect and preserve.

The 3rd pillar, Rule of Law, needs to be further understood as the rule of law as Europeans know and experience it. The other races have their own inherent understandings of law, order and morality. And each is valid to each race.

In other words, beneath the surface of Vox’s number 4 is the beast of universalism. I suspect point 4 was conceived of as an attempt to save and rehabilitate christianity. And in so doing it contradicted some of his other points (such as 6,7 & 9) and undermines the whole project.

Remove 4 and the list is okay.

Note (1): Aristotle, Socrates, Plato and the rest of those Greek philosophers did not represent Greek thinking. They represented the pontifications of a small clique. We really don’t know much about  what the average Greek (or Roman, for that matter) thought or believed about the world about them. We only know what the George Soros and Angela Merkel-types of their day thought.


Friday, August 26, 2016

No Inquisition Is Still An Inquisition...

Or ‘Why You and Everything You Love Is Under Constant Assault’

Nature is not passive
Individuals, Groups, Tribes & Nations are not passive

The Inquisition was not force used against something passive. It was force used against force.

The Jewish-Arab-North African alliance attacked Europe. Europe fought back and eventually won. It was a war and one side won and one side lost. Simple as that.

This is history. This is life.

Be it Rome vs. Germania, France vs. England, WW I, WW II, etc, there are no passive peoples. There are only opposing forces.

Liberals grasp this in a way conservatives do not.

This is why conservatives can never grasp liberal’s hatred for something like the artwork of Norman Rockwell. Liberals see his paintings as propagating for one group (Whites) and their traditional way of life. Which it is. It is a use of force to affirm and celebrate a specific people and their culture in opposition to other peoples and their cultures.

Thus Norman Rockwell’s paintings are indeed a form of Inquisition.

To exist and to be is to exert force against others and the world about you.

If you live what you believe to be a good and decent life, respectful of others, you are, in fact, attacking other peoples and their values. And if you are in close proximity to them, naturally they are going to fight back.

Those who espouse passivity (tolerance) are indeed exerting force upon others. In fact those who espouse passivity (tolerance) have wrecked more havoc upon the earth than natural disasters have.

Tolerance requires a police-state and the use of force to enforce it: Schools forced to integrate at gunpoint. Bakers forced to make gay wedding cakes or be imprisoned. Countries bombed into oblivion to liberate (democratize) peoples -which means forcing consumerism, abortion and gay marriage upon them, etc.

To simply live out your life in a quiet country cottage is an inquisition against many who see such an existence as an affront to their sensibilities as cosmopolitans.

Conservatives and christians who bemoan “liberal oppression” and attacks upon their values don’t truly seem to grasp that their own values are oppressive and destructive to other people and their values.

This is the reality "cuckservatives" and "churchianity" desperately want to avoid. They want to deny that their own values and ethics are in conflict with other peoples and their values and ethics.

And naturally the left love that. Any resistance to leftist totalitarianism is decried as an Inquisition, or racist or anti-semetic, prejudice, intolerant, reactionary, etc.

Sorry conservatives, aka, White people, but to simply live and breathe is to inflict an Inquisition on the left.

They are never going to "live and let live".

So you and your families can either march off to the gulags and certain death, or you can organize culturally, politically and economically to fight back.

Presidential elections are a circus for oligarchs. But town, county and state elections are still potentially solid starting points.

It won't be easy. It will take decades, if not centuries. But as the left has already made clear its intention to make war on you no matter what, you might as well get together, organize, and start trying to take back territory, one election, one town, one county at a time.

I should add that it is not merely about politics (which most people loathe) but more so about celebrating life: your culture, your people’s holidays and customs, etc, are all part of the battle.

The days of being sheepish about your White identity and culture are gone. So celebrate them. Revel in them.

Study and explore your people’s history. You’ll find that many of the traditions, aesthetics, etc that you enjoy have always been a part of your people’s history.

The entirety of European history is your personal treasure of identity, culture and heritage. Know it, live it and pass it on to the next generation.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Better Than God!...

If you use reality and objective, material (observable) truth as a baseline, all manner of modern day mysteries can be solved without appeals to the almighty.

Why is there no racial equality? Because the races aren’t equal. There. That was easy enough!

Why is there no gender equality? Because the genders are different and aren’t equal. Problem solved!

Why is there no height equality? Because some people are taller than others. Knowledge is power!

Why is there multi-generational poverty among some groups? Because some people are genetically predisposed to being dumb and incapable of solving their problems. Now you know!

Why does it always rain on you? Because you live in Seattle.

Why do you not float off into space as you walk to your car? Because of gravity!

I could go on. It’s amazing, and fun, what riddles you can answer outside of the goofy, esoteric horseshit of cultural Marxism.

Equality and Progress are completely unsubstantiated presuppositions of contemporary (faddish) ideologues. It’s only when you assume them at the outset that you are all vexed and perturbed at their stubborn refusal to materialize. You create unjustifiable problematic questions where there are already answers.

Let me restate this: the belief in human progress & human equality is completely unjustifiable; lacking even the thinnest of circumstantial evidence to support it.

They simply don’t exist. Never have. Never will.

Thus asking why races aren’t equal is akin to asking why pine trees can’t fly.

The answer to 99.9% of all the questions you will ask throughout your life is simple: Genetics.