Thursday, January 14, 2016

Banning Different Religions Is Not American…

Apparently banning people of a specific religion (or for any other distinctive quality, good or bad) is not American.

Who says this?

The very same people who constantly tell us that America has a history of Institutionalized discrimination.

That’s right. The very same people who inform us that America was founded on slavery, colonialism and racial/ethnic/gender oppression and that America is still ensconced in institutional discrimination of every kind, are also telling us that America was founded on openness and tolerance of all peoples and beliefs and that discriminating against Muslim refugees “ain’t who we be”.

And that is the great thing about being a progressive; you do indeed get to have your cake and eat it too, and then say that there never was a cake, but that we should divide it equally –but more equally to non-White races, even though there is no such thing as race, yet there is because “racism” and straight on ‘til morning!


Monday, January 4, 2016

Logos And Racism On Rye; Hold The Meme…

Following from the previous post on the non-existence of racism, another undefinable-concept-inexplicably-encased-in-a-single-word can be pointed out in its similarity in function: Logos.

What is Logos? Simply put, it is reason…or ‘word’ or Jesus or divine control of the cosmos…or…even this blog post is Logos! How about that!

And it doesn’t stop there. Logos also gave us the word logo, so yeah; on the front of any product is the Logos.

Directions are Logos. Conversations are Logos. Logic is, of course, etymologically Logos. McDonalds is Logos. Talk shows are Logos. Screw Drivers are Logos. Ceiling Fans are Logos. The Gum Stuck To The Bottom Of My Shoe is Logos.

Am I exaggerating? Well, no, actually, no. It’s not simply the broad undefinitions one can find of Logos, but how it is used by those who professionally employ it. Listen (or read) to a theologian or philosopher use the word and you’ll soon come to realize that Logos functions in the same way as “watch-a-ma-call-it” or “yada-yada-yada”.

In other words, Logos is everything, but it’s no thing.

Sort of like how racism is everywhere, but nowhere. It, like Logos, has many definitions and thus it has no definition.

And as the broad concept of Logos is used to imply existential good, the broad concept of racism is used to imply existential bad.

Why is the concept of racism bad? Ask those who believe in it that question and they’ll not be able to cough up an answer. What is the actual answer?  ‘Racism is bad because it acknowledges the reality particulars’. And not just a specific particular, but particulars in general, for if particular things exist then they have unique qualities inherent and specific to themselves.

Thus, Pine trees are racist because Oak trees exist. The sun is fascist because the moon is not a star too. Etc, ad infintium.

Why is Logos good? It's not. Though it is. But it ain't...