Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Choosing Not To Believe...

Equality, "racism", "social justice", etc represent an ideology; a belief system.

You can choose to believe in this ideology, or not. 

Thus when someone tells me about the problem of "racism", I respond by informing them that I don't share their belief system. I don't believe that there is such a thing as racism, no matter how they may choose to define it. 
I'm not a believer.

Ditto equality. I simply don't share some peoples belief that races, genders, ethnic-groups, religions, etc, are equal.

Equality is a belief system. 
I'm not a believer. 

Of course there are fanatics who try to force their beliefs on other people. 

I don't begrudge such people too much. 

Because we are now exiting the Age of Ideology (when Idea's defined people and nations), and are entering an age when reality and nature are once again acknowledged as "self-evident". 

Those who cling to belief systems and ideologies to define themselves and their worlds are phantoms from a dying age.