Saturday, February 20, 2016

Stop Literal Paralleling...

If a religious figure states that it is unchristian to build a wall around a place, do not, I repeat, do not, parallel his objection by pointing out there is a wall around his building/church/residence.

Ideologues throw out such notions as abstractions to engender sentimentalism.

After all, "who is he to judge?"

If you take their statements as literal and try to counter them as such, you'll simply find that the line you try to parallel with has been moved, curved or turned into a circle.

Thus the added comment from said religious figure about "building bridges" instead.

Remember, the purpose of leftists, progressives and the like, is to set fire to the world and watch it all burn. In biblical parlance, they come to "steal, kill and destroy" -nothing less, nothing more.

Everything they do or say is a weapon meant to bring death and destruction.

You're dealing with Mordor, in other words.

You don't try to rationalize with orcs, you just fight back against their attacks.

As to the discussion to have among ourselves or with friends and family who are still under the sway of great fiery eye, it's simple.

Don't parallel the literal, just drag the abstraction out into the light and reveal it for what it is: an enemy attack.

By declaring that building a wall is unchristian, he just threw up a wall around who and what can be christian. 

That's hardly "building bridges" now is it?

But then keep in mind that this is a guy who covers up his crucifix so as to not offend non-Christians.

The hypocrisy of this particular left-wing ideologue in question, is in the fact that you cannot advocate or participate in, abortion, gay marriage or divorce & remarriage and be a catholic-christian, and yet countless catholic politicians throughout the world do so, openly and loudly, with the explicit or passive approval of "his holiness".

Both the current President and Vice-President claim to be Christian and unrepentantly support abortion and gay marriage.

Not a peep from the pope.