Sunday, March 27, 2016

Keeping Perspective…

“Jesus Christ of Nazareth required a mere 12 apostles to change the course of human history…”
-Vox Day, 3/27/16

I guess I missed that.

History seems to have missed it too.

One of the most devastating blows to the Christian narrative is the fact that the life, death and resurrection of (no less than) God himself, had no affect on the world, past or present.

There is nothing in the life of an average man today that is any different than the life of an average man at any point in the past 100,000 years.

We are born, live, eat, breed, shit and die exactly the same as we always have, and always will.

None of that changed with the physical incarnation the unmoved mover. Let that sink in for a minute, Christian reader.
The One God has had no impact at all on the universe.

Yes, there are many significant men who have strutted the historical stage under the Christian banner. But the historical stage’s significance is illusory and the Christian banner is one of many: interchangeable and malleable, drifting amongst and mixing with a thousand other ideological systems, none of which alter the fundamental reality of the life of man.

That doesn’t mean we can’t diagram and dissect the system’s current power-point presentation. We can and we should. Christianity is a toxic mix of three of the worst elements of antiquity: Roman Politics, Greek Philosophy and Oriental Monotheism.

But lets not get carried away with a cargo-cult type of mindset that sees things being magically rearranged to set things “right”.

If our race and the type of civilization we create ceases to exist, nature/history/god/the universe/jesus, whatever, won’t react or care.

Only us White folk care.

Only we can do anything about it.

Whether we will or not is the question.