Saturday, April 9, 2016

Money As God: Convergence…

It’s interesting to see the walls separating conservatives from liberals crumbling.

One of the ways in which the wings of post-industrial civilization ideology merge seamlessly is in their esteem for the power of money.

Liberals hold that “class warfare” explains discrepancy between groups of peoples.

Conservatives subvert this notion with the idea that being materially successful is merely a matter of hard work and determination.

Liberals counter that a lack of opportunity by some (by race, gender, ethnicity) explains their lower social condition/circumstance.

Conservatives reply by pointing out that portions of every group are rich and poor (usually pointing to places like Appalachia, where Whites often live in third-world level conditions)

Where they converge is in the notion that economics (money) is the great revealer/leveler/judge.

Hence “opportunity” ALWAYS = Money, and “off the grid/back to basics” lifestyles always = sociopath.

"Poor" is bad!

Nothing exemplifies this convergence quite like mass migration. The current wave of peoples pouring from the southern hemisphere into the northern hemisphere is unprecedented in human history. AND YET, the urgent conversation/debate over this event is reduced to economics.

Conservatives conceive of this historical event in terms of “they’re stealing jobs” (money).

Liberals conceive of it as “they’re looking for opportunity” (money).

Yet they both hold fast to the ideological belief that to address this unprecedented historical event in any terms other than crude economics is “racist”.

What is/will be the biological and cultural consequences of this mass event?

Such a question is the ultimate taboo. It is so heretical that those who ask it face angry mobs (from both left and right) who are, even now, on the verge of calling for them to burned at the stake.

After all, there is no greater offence than to question the goodness and competency of someone’s god.

If money (“economic circumstances”) can’t explain conditions of various groups then the entire system that has been built over the past few centuries is false.


And herein we get to the root of the need to espouse belief in equality.

Once upon a time, civilization was built and preserved by a class of people who passed on the reigns of authority to their own biological posterity, biologically.

This was no meritocracy. This was a natural distillation of 50,000 years of evolutionary processes. Yes, it was a food chain: Apex animals at the top, field mice at the bottom and a hierarchy in between.

Human society reflected the order of nature.

And it worked.

Then came the Industrial and Enlightenment Revolutions, which saw lower classes usurping and killing off the nobility in the name of the machine and for the “right” to buy and sell, things. All must be equal in those dark satanic mills.

Bankers and Merchants became our kings and priests. Two hundred of the bloodiest years in history have followed (and continue on, downwards).

This new elite must perpetuate the belief in equality to justify its actions.

If equality is shown to be false, then their actions in murdering the old aristocracy and destroying human society as it had stood for thousands of years was/is a mistake of immeasurable proportions.

If all races, ethnicities, genders, etc… are not equal then the elite are revealed to be inauthentic posers.  And the extent to which they have f@#*ed up the world is seen in all of its horror.

Like a mad general “reinforcing failure” to postpone the admission of defeat, only making the inevitable defeat all the more catastrophic, the elite today (and many of their apologists) have turned to flooding the first world countries of the world with millions from the third-world to escape confronting the reality of their incompetence and of the falsity of their belief system.

“Our mad dream must be true!” they keep repeating to themselves.

THAT is the truth of the matter. The elite that emerged since the enlightenment were not competent enough to administer civilization. 

They were not equal to those whom they usurped and replaced.

And to the ends to which they will deny that reality, they will utilize the means of fire and blood on a scale the devil himself could not imagine – they will destroy us all.