Thursday, June 16, 2016

How Charles Manson Saved Murica...

Everyone knows Charles Manson: the 6' 4", 230lb ex-Marine, five time Ultimate Fighting Champion, who, in the 1960's, led an army of millions of Mad Max-style dystopian brutes on a rampage across the continent of North America, leaving entire cities in ruins.

Well, no.

Actually Manson was a 5' 3" 100 lb spaz whose "army" consisted of a handful of low IQ dope-heads and toothless, strung out hookers, whose crimes appear to be drug related.

And, tragic as it is, the crimes were not that unusual in major cities like L.A., even at that time. It was the celebrity status of the victims at one crime scene that made national headlines.

Manson himself was never charged with murder in the infamous Tate murders, which drew national attention, but, rather, conspiracy to commit murder.

So how and why was he turned into the greatest existential threat to Murica, ever?

In the 1960's America was seemingly spiraling out of control. The sexual revolution, JFK, cities ravaged by race riots, Vietnam, smelly hippies, so know the basics. Chaos was ascendant.

Manson presented the opportunity for the establishment to demonstrate that they were still in control. So he was turned into the anti-christ and then paraded around in handcuffs by guys in suits.

"See Murica, we've caught the devil himself! All is fine. We've got everything under control."

Manson, a goofball nobody, was turned into the effigy of Societal Chaos of the time. And he's been on display in prison ever since, demonstrating Murica's social solidity and political professionalism.

It is a decades long farce. A genuine tragicomedy. While certainly not a model citizen, Manson was also no more than a common pimp/drug dealer.

But the Murica vs. Manson episode stands tall as the mentality that prevails over Murican people and their elite in government, law enforcement, media, journalism, academia, etc.

As long as there are guys in suits and/or uniforms, giving "official statements" in front of the cameras, we can rest assured that everything is A-Okay.

If, god-forbid, a guy in a t-shirt and blue jeans should ever appear on TV as an official -official, and admit, "we really don't know what the hell is going on right now", Murica as we know it, would cease to exist.

Murica loves the notion of absolutes. Maybe this is due to the influence of Calvinism, which posits a god that pre-determines and pre-plans everything and thus is in control of everything, good and bad. Murica can accept any kind of tragedy so long as it can affirm that it was part of a grand plan and/or "officials" have everything under control.

 And maybe that explains the illuminati type conspiracy stuff, as Muricans believe that every-day random events "don't just happen" but are controlled by some all powerful group or individual mastermind.

But as was said above, this same mentality plays both ways via guys in suits or uniforms ("officials") in front of cameras with "official statements".

The presumption that somebody, somewhere, is in complete control is central to Murica's mental well being. American Exceptionalism, The End of History, Progress, etc... it's all the same thing.

The reality that the guys in suits or uniforms are just run of the mill jackasses like the rest of us, pretending to know what the hell is going on, is more terrifying to Muricans than the potential of the earth colliding with an asteroid.

So yes, Charles Manson, in his way, saved Murica. Manson, a villain with X-Men type superpowers and a legion of highly trained and well armed followers from all over the universe, is currently held in an 8 X 8 cell, watched over, and kept in check, by officials, aka, guys in suits.

The system works!

Our presuppositions are validated!

All is well!

Everything is under control!

Stay fat and in debt my fellow Muricans!