Sunday, June 12, 2016

Is Mitt Romney A White Nationalist?...

It would appear so!

Holy Cow!

With the internationalist wing of Conservative Inc. holding a "summit" on the 2016 election in a desperate bid to try and prove that they are still relevant, Mitt Romney (who lost to Barack Hussein Obama in 2012) has seemingly come out of the closet as a representative of nominal White Nationalism.

He expressed concerns about "trickle down racism" due to Barak Obama's administration...WHOOPS!, I mean, in regards to BlackLivesMatter....No, wait, I mean over La Raza, no, no, the Black Panthers, no, the ADL, no...

You get the point.

Romney, a white guy, expressed concern over positions held by HIS People, aka, White people.

See, that's the thing: when  white people expresses concern about "racism" it is ALWAYS in relation to other whites, aka, THEIR COMMUNITY -THEIR PEOPLE.  Which is an act of openly acknowledging the racial balkanization of America.

White people expressing concern about White "racism", White oppression, etc, is an explicit expression of their own White Racial consciousness. To criticize your own people, is to identify them (and with them) in a ethnic/tribal way, acknowledging that they are particular and set apart from non-Whites.

As the U.S. is currently just over 50% White; North America about 25% White; Globally, about 10% White, having a well known politician take such a position publicly is truly groundbreaking.

So Romney's comments are indeed a fantastic development and a historical moment for the cause of White Nationalism!