Monday, June 13, 2016

"What I've Discovered" Vs. "What I Believe"...

Progress functions on the notion that the present is better than the past (What metric is used to assert this is generally an ever evolving construct constantly redefined and reconstructed by progressives themselves).

GNON, however, would say otherwise. For those who don't know, GNON means 'the God of nature or Nature'. Here is a description of it from 'the Orthosphere',

'The general idea is  that, whether or not there be any God of Nature who is its source, Nature herself has an inherent and utterly implacable, incontrovertible order, which we contravene at our peril, and which it behooves us therefore to discover and then faithfully and meetly enact; so that, recusing ourselves for the nonce from any tiresome discussions of a religious sort, with their endless bitter controversies over obscure points of doctrine, we may get on quickly to remembering that it is a Very Bad Idea to Mess with Mother Nature, to learning about her, and to shaping our policies accordingly.'

No, I'm not a neo-reactionary. Though obviously some of their discoveries overlap with mine.

GNON is a brilliant articulation. It almost single-handedly justifies the existence of the internet.

The fact that there is a natural order that functions irrespective of man's personal wants and whims is at the heart of what has been called 'Paleo-conservatism',  'White Nationalism', 'Traditionalism', 'Neo-Reactionism' , 'Alt-Right', etc.

Far from representing supremacism, arrogance or hubris, they actually stand for the opposite: humility and submission to GNON, aka, Nature, the natural world, "god",  reality, what-have-you. Objective truth, in other words.

Progressives, Liberals and the like work to overthrow GNON and twist reality to fit their own finite, personal preferences or "emotional needs" -aka, The Narrative.

Which brings me to the post title.

Discovery vs. Belief.

Let's face it, belief today means "personal (subjective) choice".  And nothing better illustrates this than law. Laws are being invented to enforce the emotional zeitgeist of the current generation's elite and their hubris.

Yet, law cannot be invented. It can only be discovered and understood and then articulated. The Law of Gravity, for example.

Governments don't legislate gravity. Though progressives may just try to delegislate it in the name of equality. And no doubt many deaths would follow as the enemies of GNON would leap from rooftops, empowered by the notion that law is man-made and progressive/evolving.

The notion of Progress or of man "going forwards" or "going backwards" is a radical, unfounded, proposition of the current elite. Naturally they seek to justify their rule, like a politician claiming his tenure brought better jobs.

In reality, there is no forward or backward for mankind. There is only true or false, good or bad, etc.

Like with architecture: "modern" vs. "classical" is a false paradigm. Buildings are either ugly or beautiful. Saying some buildings are modern and some are classic is as nonsensical as saying some buildings are Thursday and some are apple.

Belief or ideology can only bulls@*it its way through life for so long. You can believe all men are created equal, but it is patently and observably not true. Your ideology might assert that a man can be a woman or that race doesn't matter, but eventually, inevitably, GNON will show that the opposite is reality.

GNON is constantly and eternally deconstructing the notion of progress in everything from grass breaking through cracks in the concrete to the rise, fall and rise of the sun, each and every day.

You can believe the sun won't set today. You can believe gravity doesn't apply to you. You can believe you are an oak tree.

See if GNON bows to your beliefs.

You can attempt to believe what you want to be true, or you set aside your hubris and emotional hysteria and discover what is true.

And even that is no more a "personal choice" than obeying the law of gravity is.