Wednesday, July 27, 2016

You Are Free. We Are Not...

An explanation of the world, as it is currently dominated by the empire ruled from Washington/New York.

It’s pretty basic: Individuals are free. Groups are not.

An individual is free to express his identity as a homosexual. But a business or town is not free to express its identity as heterosexual.

Individuals are free to identify with a specific religion. Communities, towns and states are not.

An individual is free to cross the border and declare a town “his”. But a town is not free to declare who, and what, it is.

So in other words, no one is actually free.

I alway point this sort of thing out when I hear people talk about “our freedoms”. I ask them if they acknowledges gay marriage, and when they say no I ask them why the people in their town don’t outlaw it again and their answer is always, “we’re not allowed.”

Funny, ain’t it.

It’s no longer “Us vs. Them”, but “I vs. Us”.

The isolated, atomized individual is granted infinite freedom by the empire, but if two or more individuals should get together and call themselves, “us”, then the empire declares them an enemy.

Think this might explain why the empire wages war on marriage, the family, borders and nationalism?

Of course! Because those fundamental things are, by nature, discriminatory and exclusive.

United we stand, divided we fall, indeed. Especially when we are not free to define who and what 'we' are.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Who Are The Alternative Right?...

They are,


National-Patriots (usually American)
Anti-Patriots (who use the derisive term “patriotard”)

Christians (mainly traditional Catholics & Orthodox)

HBD (Human Bio Diversity)
White Nationalists
Neutral on Nationalism & Race

Keynesian- School proponents
Austrian-School proponents

Neutral on Gay issue
Neutral on Abortion

Manosphere (usually protestant)
Neutral on Feminism

Anti-Jew (view Jews as inherently antagonistic)
Pro-Jew (American- Renaissance & V-Dare feature Jewish writers and Speakers. Neo-Reactionaries consider Jew Mencius Moldbug as one of their founders. Others quote the late Lawrence Auster and others as authoritative on Alt-Right issues)
Neutral or undecided on Jewish Issue

This is not exhaustive. And there is much overlap and contention among those listed above.
And as there is a constant and growing influx of new people into the movement every day, the list will expand and become even more complex.

The movement is implicitly, if not explicitly European and European-American. But it is not wholly exclusive, as there are non-White thinkers within it, (mostly Jews but other non-Whites as well) whose views overlap with various branches of the Alt-Right.

Basically, the Alt-Right are dissenters (or heretics) from what has been termed The Cathedral. The Cathedral being the self-organized system dominating The West today. It is made up of an elite of the the Media, Academia, Politics (left and right), Religious Institutions (conservative and liberal), Entertainment Industry, Unions, NGO’s, Special Interest Groups, etc.

As was said above, the Cathedral is a self-organizing system of like-minded factions who have generated a social/political/religious hybrid ideology that operates on the presumption that it is “the end of history” -the inevitable system of systems to which all people, everywhere, will submit.

They view their world system as utopia, and so anyone who disagrees and points out that it is, in fact, an empire of chaos and destruction, must be evil or insane.

If you are thinking of venturing into the world of the Alt-Right, there is really only one category of identification you should keep in mind: The Delicate Snowflake.

If you are easily offended by “controversial comments” or by being personally attacked or having your ideas and ideology attacked and derided, then, by all means, head back to the Cathedral where your bowl of milk and Meow-mix awaits -you are thoroughly domesticated; declawed, defanged and neutered.

In the ever growing world of the Alt-Right issues that address political, racial, religious, gender and cultural realities are dealt with in depth and thoughtfully, but also, quite often, in direct and often blunt ways. More than that, they are often dealt with in intentionally derisive ways by some people.

It’s the Wild West. It’s Tombstone in July. Not exactly accommodating to delicate snowflakes.

And perhaps that is the common thread among the various groups within the Alt-Right: a lack of fear.

The Cathedral is an empire of fear, anxiety and paranoia. Its gatekeepers utilize name-calling and peer pressure (virtue signaling) to keep its adherents in line.

Within the Alt-Right everyone is offensive and no one is offended.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Magic Dirt & The “Need” to Bear Arms...

The Magic Dirt theory says that by simply moving to a Western (i.e, White)  nation, other races and ethnicities will be magically transformed into White-ish types of constructive, compatible, citizens.

It’s not genetics, you see, it’s the dirt. The zip code literally transforms DNA, some how, magically.

Of course there are mountains of historical, biological, scientific and anecdotal evidence that testifies to the contrary, but when your entire paradigm revolves around economics, there are no races, ethnicities, cultures, genders, families, nations or borders. There are only customers and voters.

This is particularly striking though when one considers that Africans have been living in proximity to Europeans in North America for nearly 400 years, and yet there has been no hint of that 10 - 13% being enculturated into, what has historically been, a White, European, society.

Marxists (and since the 1960‘s, Christians) insist that race and ethnicity (and now gender) are of no relevant importance to the form and function of society. The atomized, isolated individual is the be all and end all of existence. The individual finds purpose and form only through the state/God.

This is “The Narrative”.

This is how the leftist work. This is how they dominate the discourse; via non-Leftists adhering to the Left’s control of “the narrative”.

Case in point: Gun Control.

How many times have you heard, “nobody needs that sort of weapon”?

This is the Left creating a “narrative” to accommodate their ideological paradigm.

But do you see the asinine shift in point?


What does “need” have to do with anything?

You either have the right to bear arms or you don’t. “Need” doesn’t have a frickin thing to do with it.

And with immigrants: America is a historical society with a historical people (who, mostly, came from around the North Sea -especially Britain). If simply moving into a certain legally recognized section of North America magically transforms you into an American (who are an historical people), then why stop there? Why could you not be transformed into, say, a Comanche Indian?
Same piece of dirt!

No, DNA is the be all and end all. That blood that flows in your veins is an inheritance. In it, are all of your traits: intellect, temperament, personality, talents, preferences, predilections, etc.

The blood is the life.

When blood flows out of the body, the body dies.

So when people say “blood is irrelevant” they are asserting something that is so fundamentally untrue that it represents the ultimate perversity -the denial of life itself, and the exaltation of death.

Thus, “anti-racism” is a literal death cult.

Remember, the Left are not ideological do-gooders. Their hearts are NOT in the right place. They are NOT misguided, foolish or naive.

They know exactly what they are doing, and they have absolutely no moral qualms about the death and destruction they leave in their wake.

And yet, they are not Goliath. They are, in fact, miserable little creatures who, when exposed, scurry back into the dark pits from which they have crawled out.

No, they are not Goliath, they are more like Wormtongue from ‘Lord of The Rings’. They lurk around places of power and council surrender and oblivion. They preach perversion and nihilism. They mock beauty and exalt the ugly.

Their power is their linguistic craft; their ability to switch words and concepts around, like “need” instead of “right”.

They use it almost like a magic spell.

 But call them on their bulls@*t, break their spell, and watch them recoil like a vampire shown the cross.

Reject the left’s paradigm, and their power structure crumbles. The way to defeat them is to ignore them and their council.

And just a quick note. By leftists, I am not talking about liberals alone. I am talking about social activist Imperialists who are hell bent on conquering the world and enforcing their ideology everywhere, on all peoples. The vast majority of Christians and casual conservatives are also in this group.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July In America...

2014 - 2018 is the 100 year anniversary of WWI.

In July of 1918, as the "Great War" was in its closing months, Czar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, their five children (four girls and a boy) and four servants were taken into a basement by their Bolshevik captors and viciously butchered.

They weren't merely shot. No, they were beaten with riffles and stabbed to death with bayonets. The four girls, Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia (aged 22 to 17) died the hardest as, according to the man who oversaw the massacre, it took close to 30 minutes to beat and stab them to death as they screamed and cried and fought for life.

The reaction from the outside world ranged from silence to jubilation. And that includes America, who, after all, was fighting to keep the world “safe for democracy” and the Czar was a king and we believe in “freedom and equality”.

There are many pictures of the royal family online and many of them are of private family moments. In them you see what looks like a typical White Christian Middle-Class family.

Which is, essentially, what they were.

Nicholas abdicated in the hopes of avoiding a civil war. What he was blind to was the fact that the Bolsheviks had engineered the crisis’s which had swept the country. They had bribed, threatened and murdered officials, big and small, organized riots and disrupted transportation routes to cause a breakdown in the infrastructure and cause maximum chaos.

They created a crisis, and then offered themselves up as the solution.

Great Britain and the Good Ol’ USofA gave financial and tactical support to the Bolsheviks in the hopes that a broken Russia could then be plundered of its resources. This is especially grievous as Russia was a key ally of Britain and the USA during the war.

After the Czar abdicated he and his family were placed under arrest by the provisional government, which soon fell to the Bolsheviks. The royal family was moved east, near the Ural Mountains, where they spent the remaining months of their lives in captivity.

They were, based on the testimony of their guards, polite, respectful and friendly to their captors even as their captors plotted their murder.

They passed their time growing vegetable gardens, chopping wood and reading to one another in the evenings. There are even photographs of the home altar they built for Christmas.

They held out hope that their friends and family in England (king George was Nicholas’ cousin and the Czarina was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria) were working on negotiating their release and exile from Russia.

Their final residence was known as “the house of special purpose”.

The day of their deaths the Bolshevik captain, Yakov Yurovsky, planned their demise while giving the family the pretense of normalcy. During his inspection of their rooms he even asked about the health of the Czar’s son, 13 year old Alexi.

By all accounts the family never suspected a thing.

Some time after midnight on July 18, Yurovsky woke the family and their four servants and told them they must move into the basement of the house for their own safety as the White Russians (who were anti-Communists) were advancing on the town and stray bombs might hit the house. This was, of course, a lie.

They all filed into the basement, politely smiling at their guards. The Czar came carrying his son Alexi in his arms, as the boy was too sick to walk (he spent most of his short life sick and an invalid).

Some time later Yurovsky read the order for the killing of the Czar. He and 9 to10 other assassins opened fire on the whole group. But the bullets missed most of their marks and after letting the room clear of smoke it was found that most of the victims were still alive, but wounded. And so the butchery began. The still living were violently beaten and stabbed to death in an ordeal that went on, and on and on.

The bodies were stripped and then thrown into an unmarked mass grave.

The four servants, who stayed voluntarily in spite of the Czar and his wife encouraging them to leave when they could, were a doctor, a cook, a maid and a butler.

The Communist Revolutionaries in Moscow had no problem giving the order or owing up to the crime afterwards.

Because for them it was all worth it, in the long run.

So what if Russia fell into chaos and catastrophe? They could then remold it into their own image.

So what if tens of millions suffered and perished horribly? That is the price of progress.

So what if untold numbers of innocent people fell prey to hoards of thugs, rapists and murderers? That is the necessary cost for the grand vision of social engineering on a large scale.

And it was all done in the name of Freedom and Equality.

And if you accept Equality on moral principle, you will accept it on moral mandate as well.

If there is to be equality, there can be no Czars and there can be no Middle-Class. There can be no royal families or families of any kind, and there can be no borders or nations.

This is all pertinent today as it is now July 1918 for Whites in America.

If you are White then you are already in the “house of special purpose” and you’re most likely still passing the time planting vegetable gardens and chopping wood. Your leaders are kindly re-assuring you that all is well and there is no need to be alarmed.

Though increasingly stressed and unnerved, you still hold out hope that this will all resolve itself in time to come and everything will be fine.

You’re still polite and passive and if you do protest anything, it is orderly and legal and you clean up after yourself.

But soon, very soon, you are going to be awoken in the middle of the night and told that you need to urgently move to the basement…for your own safety.

“How dim is the light in so many that they champion the cause of their own and their children’s demise?
That they walk like sheep to the slaughter.”

Friday, July 8, 2016

Re Up (The Dark Ages Are Coming To A Close…)

Perspective affects everything, doesn’t it.

It’s often been repeated here that historical eras or epochs are generally defined AFTER the fact. For instance, those living in the aftermath of the fall of the Roman Empire might very well have reacted incredulously at the suggestion that the empire had fallen.
Case in point, it is historians who have given the title of Byzantine Empire to the eastern half of the Roman Empire. The Byzantines themselves would not have called themselves Byzantines as they considered their empire simply to be the still functioning, eastern half, of the Roman Empire.

So it is with that in mind that we look back to the more recent past and examine the curve and flow, or lack thereof. And in doing that we can’t help but notice the dark giant shadow that has seemingly swallowed the world whole over the past few centuries.

History, as in the normative day-to-day course of human lives/events as ordained by nature, went completely off the rails in the 18thcentury. Yes, it had been trying to jump the tracks since the 16thcentury, but by the late 1790’s it had leapt completely off the rails and landed in a swamp (where its wheels continued to spin for some time).

You see, when Nietzsche wrote, “God is dead” he wasn’t trying to troll Christendom. He was lamenting that Western Man had become smug and arrogant in his ignorant belief that he had, at last, the world by the tail and could re-forge the elements to fit his whims and fancies (which is to say, his notion of “progress”). This “new man” was obtusely celebrating his discovery of fire, oblivious to the forest burning down around him.

So yes, what is being said here is that the Dark Ages actually began about the time when many modernists have suggested that they ended.

If that runs counter to everything you’ve been told to think, consider the conundrum that both medieval tales and “post-apocalyptic” stories hold a certain appeal to people because they present a world more relatable and natural than the present system.

Civilization has indeed been lost.

Yes, science and technology have advanced, in some ways, but technological advancements have never been the measuring rod with which to adduce civilization’s standing pillars. (Right now, somewhere in the world, along a muddy road littered with garbage and sewage, stands a cobbled together shack with no running water; within which sits a semi-literate man in raggedy clothes checking his facebook updates.)

We have interesting gadgets all right. And we desperately need them to distract us from the horror and chaos enveloping us at every corner.

Technology has advanced to the point that we can get paramedics in automobiles promptly out to the scene of accidents, caused by automobiles.

Thus one of Civilizations central pillars, the concept of Cause and Effect, has long since crumbled, technology not withstanding.

And the cornerstone of civilization, Truth, has been thrown down in favor of populist slogans such as “Freedom and Equality” which, un-ironically, was essentially Satan’s rallying cry in the Garden of Eden.

In Dark Ages “new truths” are revered and enshrined, even as they posit a reality that inverts and perverts the very notion of truth.

As such, in our day,

We have access to better “healthcare”, and, subsequently, fewer hospitals.

We have “democracy” and, subsequently, our government is populist, morally ambiguous and self-serving.

We have “buying power” and, subsequently, our lives are full of cheap plastic junk.

We are “empowered”, and, subsequently, feel isolated and atomized.

We are “independent” and, subsequently, have the mammoth nanny welfare state that autocratically meets our every want from womb to tomb.

We have “freedom” and, subsequently, broken homes and more prisons.

We have “diversity” and, subsequently, the para-militaristic police forces that accompany it.

We are “more tolerant and less judgmental” and, subsequently, have the medications, antidepressants and ever-burgeoning number of mental health specialists to keep us from jumping off of bridges.

We “liberate” other peoples and, subsequently, have terrorist attacks in our own lands.

We are “better informed than people in the past” and, subsequently, score lower on tests in math, science, history, civics, biology, and geography, et al.

The list goes ever on.

No sane man or woman, of any era, could look upon the streets of the present age and not shudder at the sight. And it wouldn’t be the dazzling lights, towering buildings or dizzying technology that would catch their attention. No, it would be the slug-like denizens wandering the streets, nearly all of them drugged, obese, opaque and oblivious.

In other words, you could take a man from the 12th century and drop him into the 21th century and it would take him all of about two weeks to adapt to (and be comfortable with) recent technology, from cars to cell phones.

However he would most likely be unable to embrace 21st century Western Civilization’s sense of being. He would pity us as ignorant, dumb, vulgar and backwards. Which is to say, he would view us as uncivilized.

A great many people are deeply distraught and stressed out over what they see happening around them. Yes, it’s obvious the Age is coming to an end. But it’s the Dark Age that is coming to a close, and that is reason enough to have hope.

Our “way of life” is only falling apart if you think of it as “our way of life”. It’s a system that is dying, not the world; an unnatural system that has shrouded civilization in darkness for centuries. Its collapse was inevitable.

That system may have, for a moment, seemed like a mighty sorcerer bringing all under his spell, but increasingly it is revealed to be yet another phantom in the night, brushed away by the coming of dawn.

As the coming days and years unfold and the collapse of this Dark Age System rapidly increases, the spell will be broken and the system will be done in, not by armed conflict, but through ignoring it and letting it wither away.

In the meantime, you don’t conquer a wasteland by sword and fire, but by planting trees and gardens.

Turn away from the shadow and begin to rebuild and restore in the light.