Sunday, July 17, 2016

Magic Dirt & The “Need” to Bear Arms...

The Magic Dirt theory says that by simply moving to a Western (i.e, White)  nation, other races and ethnicities will be magically transformed into White-ish types of constructive, compatible, citizens.

It’s not genetics, you see, it’s the dirt. The zip code literally transforms DNA, some how, magically.

Of course there are mountains of historical, biological, scientific and anecdotal evidence that testifies to the contrary, but when your entire paradigm revolves around economics, there are no races, ethnicities, cultures, genders, families, nations or borders. There are only customers and voters.

This is particularly striking though when one considers that Africans have been living in proximity to Europeans in North America for nearly 400 years, and yet there has been no hint of that 10 - 13% being enculturated into, what has historically been, a White, European, society.

Marxists (and since the 1960‘s, Christians) insist that race and ethnicity (and now gender) are of no relevant importance to the form and function of society. The atomized, isolated individual is the be all and end all of existence. The individual finds purpose and form only through the state/God.

This is “The Narrative”.

This is how the leftist work. This is how they dominate the discourse; via non-Leftists adhering to the Left’s control of “the narrative”.

Case in point: Gun Control.

How many times have you heard, “nobody needs that sort of weapon”?

This is the Left creating a “narrative” to accommodate their ideological paradigm.

But do you see the asinine shift in point?


What does “need” have to do with anything?

You either have the right to bear arms or you don’t. “Need” doesn’t have a frickin thing to do with it.

And with immigrants: America is a historical society with a historical people (who, mostly, came from around the North Sea -especially Britain). If simply moving into a certain legally recognized section of North America magically transforms you into an American (who are an historical people), then why stop there? Why could you not be transformed into, say, a Comanche Indian?
Same piece of dirt!

No, DNA is the be all and end all. That blood that flows in your veins is an inheritance. In it, are all of your traits: intellect, temperament, personality, talents, preferences, predilections, etc.

The blood is the life.

When blood flows out of the body, the body dies.

So when people say “blood is irrelevant” they are asserting something that is so fundamentally untrue that it represents the ultimate perversity -the denial of life itself, and the exaltation of death.

Thus, “anti-racism” is a literal death cult.

Remember, the Left are not ideological do-gooders. Their hearts are NOT in the right place. They are NOT misguided, foolish or naive.

They know exactly what they are doing, and they have absolutely no moral qualms about the death and destruction they leave in their wake.

And yet, they are not Goliath. They are, in fact, miserable little creatures who, when exposed, scurry back into the dark pits from which they have crawled out.

No, they are not Goliath, they are more like Wormtongue from ‘Lord of The Rings’. They lurk around places of power and council surrender and oblivion. They preach perversion and nihilism. They mock beauty and exalt the ugly.

Their power is their linguistic craft; their ability to switch words and concepts around, like “need” instead of “right”.

They use it almost like a magic spell.

 But call them on their bulls@*t, break their spell, and watch them recoil like a vampire shown the cross.

Reject the left’s paradigm, and their power structure crumbles. The way to defeat them is to ignore them and their council.

And just a quick note. By leftists, I am not talking about liberals alone. I am talking about social activist Imperialists who are hell bent on conquering the world and enforcing their ideology everywhere, on all peoples. The vast majority of Christians and casual conservatives are also in this group.