Sunday, July 24, 2016

Who Are The Alternative Right?...

They are,


National-Patriots (usually American)
Anti-Patriots (who use the derisive term “patriotard”)

Christians (mainly traditional Catholics & Orthodox)

HBD (Human Bio Diversity)
White Nationalists
Neutral on Nationalism & Race

Keynesian- School proponents
Austrian-School proponents

Neutral on Gay issue
Neutral on Abortion

Manosphere (usually protestant)
Neutral on Feminism

Anti-Jew (view Jews as inherently antagonistic)
Pro-Jew (American- Renaissance & V-Dare feature Jewish writers and Speakers. Neo-Reactionaries consider Jew Mencius Moldbug as one of their founders. Others quote the late Lawrence Auster and others as authoritative on Alt-Right issues)
Neutral or undecided on Jewish Issue

This is not exhaustive. And there is much overlap and contention among those listed above.
And as there is a constant and growing influx of new people into the movement every day, the list will expand and become even more complex.

The movement is implicitly, if not explicitly European and European-American. But it is not wholly exclusive, as there are non-White thinkers within it, (mostly Jews but other non-Whites as well) whose views overlap with various branches of the Alt-Right.

Basically, the Alt-Right are dissenters (or heretics) from what has been termed The Cathedral. The Cathedral being the self-organized system dominating The West today. It is made up of an elite of the the Media, Academia, Politics (left and right), Religious Institutions (conservative and liberal), Entertainment Industry, Unions, NGO’s, Special Interest Groups, etc.

As was said above, the Cathedral is a self-organizing system of like-minded factions who have generated a social/political/religious hybrid ideology that operates on the presumption that it is “the end of history” -the inevitable system of systems to which all people, everywhere, will submit.

They view their world system as utopia, and so anyone who disagrees and points out that it is, in fact, an empire of chaos and destruction, must be evil or insane.

If you are thinking of venturing into the world of the Alt-Right, there is really only one category of identification you should keep in mind: The Delicate Snowflake.

If you are easily offended by “controversial comments” or by being personally attacked or having your ideas and ideology attacked and derided, then, by all means, head back to the Cathedral where your bowl of milk and Meow-mix awaits -you are thoroughly domesticated; declawed, defanged and neutered.

In the ever growing world of the Alt-Right issues that address political, racial, religious, gender and cultural realities are dealt with in depth and thoughtfully, but also, quite often, in direct and often blunt ways. More than that, they are often dealt with in intentionally derisive ways by some people.

It’s the Wild West. It’s Tombstone in July. Not exactly accommodating to delicate snowflakes.

And perhaps that is the common thread among the various groups within the Alt-Right: a lack of fear.

The Cathedral is an empire of fear, anxiety and paranoia. Its gatekeepers utilize name-calling and peer pressure (virtue signaling) to keep its adherents in line.

Within the Alt-Right everyone is offensive and no one is offended.