Wednesday, July 27, 2016

You Are Free. We Are Not...

An explanation of the world, as it is currently dominated by the empire ruled from Washington/New York.

It’s pretty basic: Individuals are free. Groups are not.

An individual is free to express his identity as a homosexual. But a business or town is not free to express its identity as heterosexual.

Individuals are free to identify with a specific religion. Communities, towns and states are not.

An individual is free to cross the border and declare a town “his”. But a town is not free to declare who, and what, it is.

So in other words, no one is actually free.

I alway point this sort of thing out when I hear people talk about “our freedoms”. I ask them if they acknowledges gay marriage, and when they say no I ask them why the people in their town don’t outlaw it again and their answer is always, “we’re not allowed.”

Funny, ain’t it.

It’s no longer “Us vs. Them”, but “I vs. Us”.

The isolated, atomized individual is granted infinite freedom by the empire, but if two or more individuals should get together and call themselves, “us”, then the empire declares them an enemy.

Think this might explain why the empire wages war on marriage, the family, borders and nationalism?

Of course! Because those fundamental things are, by nature, discriminatory and exclusive.

United we stand, divided we fall, indeed. Especially when we are not free to define who and what 'we' are.