Thursday, August 18, 2016

Better Than God!...

If you use reality and objective, material (observable) truth as a baseline, all manner of modern day mysteries can be solved without appeals to the almighty.

Why is there no racial equality? Because the races aren’t equal. There. That was easy enough!

Why is there no gender equality? Because the genders are different and aren’t equal. Problem solved!

Why is there no height equality? Because some people are taller than others. Knowledge is power!

Why is there multi-generational poverty among some groups? Because some people are genetically predisposed to being dumb and incapable of solving their problems. Now you know!

Why does it always rain on you? Because you live in Seattle.

Why do you not float off into space as you walk to your car? Because of gravity!

I could go on. It’s amazing, and fun, what riddles you can answer outside of the goofy, esoteric horseshit of cultural Marxism.

Equality and Progress are completely unsubstantiated presuppositions of contemporary (faddish) ideologues. It’s only when you assume them at the outset that you are all vexed and perturbed at their stubborn refusal to materialize. You create unjustifiable problematic questions where there are already answers.

Let me restate this: the belief in human progress & human equality is completely unjustifiable; lacking even the thinnest of circumstantial evidence to support it.

They simply don’t exist. Never have. Never will.

Thus asking why races aren’t equal is akin to asking why pine trees can’t fly.

The answer to 99.9% of all the questions you will ask throughout your life is simple: Genetics.