Friday, August 26, 2016

No Inquisition Is Still An Inquisition...

Or ‘Why You and Everything You Love Is Under Constant Assault’

Nature is not passive
Individuals, Groups, Tribes & Nations are not passive

The Inquisition was not force used against something passive. It was force used against force.

The Jewish-Arab-North African alliance attacked Europe. Europe fought back and eventually won. It was a war and one side won and one side lost. Simple as that.

This is history. This is life.

Be it Rome vs. Germania, France vs. England, WW I, WW II, etc, there are no passive peoples. There are only opposing forces.

Liberals grasp this in a way conservatives do not.

This is why conservatives can never grasp liberal’s hatred for something like the artwork of Norman Rockwell. Liberals see his paintings as propagating for one group (Whites) and their traditional way of life. Which it is. It is a use of force to affirm and celebrate a specific people and their culture in opposition to other peoples and their cultures.

Thus Norman Rockwell’s paintings are indeed a form of Inquisition.

To exist and to be is to exert force against others and the world about you.

If you live what you believe to be a good and decent life, respectful of others, you are, in fact, attacking other peoples and their values. And if you are in close proximity to them, naturally they are going to fight back.

Those who espouse passivity (tolerance) are indeed exerting force upon others. In fact those who espouse passivity (tolerance) have wrecked more havoc upon the earth than natural disasters have.

Tolerance requires a police-state and the use of force to enforce it: Schools forced to integrate at gunpoint. Bakers forced to make gay wedding cakes or be imprisoned. Countries bombed into oblivion to liberate (democratize) peoples -which means forcing consumerism, abortion and gay marriage upon them, etc.

To simply live out your life in a quiet country cottage is an inquisition against many who see such an existence as an affront to their sensibilities as cosmopolitans.

Conservatives and christians who bemoan “liberal oppression” and attacks upon their values don’t truly seem to grasp that their own values are oppressive and destructive to other people and their values.

This is the reality "cuckservatives" and "churchianity" desperately want to avoid. They want to deny that their own values and ethics are in conflict with other peoples and their values and ethics.

And naturally the left love that. Any resistance to leftist totalitarianism is decried as an Inquisition, or racist or anti-semetic, prejudice, intolerant, reactionary, etc.

Sorry conservatives, aka, White people, but to simply live and breathe is to inflict an Inquisition on the left.

They are never going to "live and let live".

So you and your families can either march off to the gulags and certain death, or you can organize culturally, politically and economically to fight back.

Presidential elections are a circus for oligarchs. But town, county and state elections are still potentially solid starting points.

It won't be easy. It will take decades, if not centuries. But as the left has already made clear its intention to make war on you no matter what, you might as well get together, organize, and start trying to take back territory, one election, one town, one county at a time.

I should add that it is not merely about politics (which most people loathe) but more so about celebrating life: your culture, your people’s holidays and customs, etc, are all part of the battle.

The days of being sheepish about your White identity and culture are gone. So celebrate them. Revel in them.

Study and explore your people’s history. You’ll find that many of the traditions, aesthetics, etc that you enjoy have always been a part of your people’s history.

The entirety of European history is your personal treasure of identity, culture and heritage. Know it, live it and pass it on to the next generation.