Monday, August 1, 2016

The Alt-Right vs Bartertown...

The Alt-Right has some fundamental problems. It’s big tent approach is more of a National Inquirer technique of using controversial subjects (abortion, gay marriage, Jewish ”thinkers”) as a means to open the door as wide as possible.
The idea, I suppose, is that once in, nature will take its course and a self-selection process will weed out the tares.

The other problem is age. These are mostly twenty-somethings, and when you are 25 years old a decade seems like a long time. It ain’t!

And yet, the Alt-Right has a tremendous strength. A strength that neither liberals nor conservatives can  recognize, comprehend or contend with. And that is, the willingness to see that Western Civilization has collapsed. It’s gone. As of now there is nothing to replace it. All that is left is a few middle-aged vagabonds who gather together in a cobbled up dystopian Las Vegas in an attempt to re-create and re-live the decadent final years of the old world.

The Alt-Right are like those kids in ‘Beyond Thunderdome’. They were abandoned by their parents, (who, though surviving the apocalypse, could never let go of the material existence they had known and were, apparently, seduced into Bartertown) and so must attempt to piece together society on their own.

These canyon-dwelling kids have recreated a sort of primordial society, pre-decadence. While the adults (who remember the old world) have recreated the final moments of a society based solely on material want and gain: Bartertown, which is ruled, appropriately enough, by a black woman.

There comes a moment when a group of the kids decide to set out to find the civilization of their ancestors -their rightful inheritance.

They abduct the “little man” who represents knowledge and was used in Bartertown to produce methane to keep the retro-disco/Walmart going 24/7.

A climactic chase ensues.

At one point the black female leader of Bartertown struggles directly with the young White female leader of the kids for the little man (knowledge). Quite symbolic. Bartertown wants him to sustain their slum-of-the-present, while the kids want him to help build something better, to reclaim their inheritance to build upon for the future. The young White female wins the struggle.

The ending of ‘Beyond Thunderdome’ could have been written by the Alt-Right. The children have found the remains of the old cities. The final scene of them shows the female leader holding a child in her lap and telling the young ones gathered about her the tale, “so that we remember who we was, and where we came from.”

They light candles in the windows of the hollowed out and crumbling skyscrapers, so that the others will see the light and find their way home.

As you might guess I re-watched the film recently. I was surprised at how good it was, actually. Maybe its because I’m older and action films for the sake of action bore me.

The film was profound in its use of symbolism. What in other movies were used as run-of-the-mill dystopian cliches, were, in ‘Beyond Thunderdome’, used to critique the circumstances that led to the dystopia. The middle-aged adults could move neither forward nor backward in history. They were stuck in the “present of their dreams”. They could not use the ruins about them to build upon, but only to try to re-create an imitation of their moment of self-indulgence and self-gratification -the decadence that was.

The decadence that led to the apocalypse was, for them, the zenith of human accomplishment. They were not only selfish, but completely disconnected from the past of their ancestors (the pre-decadent era) and so gave no thoughts to their future (hence abandoning their children). In fact the people of Bartertown were seemingly childless.

In that, the denizens of Bartertown were representative of both liberals and conservatives. They cannot cope with the reality that we are now living in a dystopian nightmare. They cobble together their pig-shit fueled ghetto-circus and tell themselves that life has never been better.

Meanwhile the young, the final generation of the fallen West, are abandoned and without an inheritance. They are what is now known as the Alt-Right (that title will most likely alter in the years ahead -but the movement will be the same).

They may struggle against Bartertown but they’re not going to fight over Bartertown. F#@k Bartertown!

No, they’ve set out to find their rightful inheritance -to find their home for their people.