Thursday, August 11, 2016

You Don't Believe Because...

“Blood will tell”

Ever heard that expression?

It’s absolutely true. Genetics determines everything.

Ideology, education, belief, faith, experience, etc, none of it fundamentally creates or affects a man.

You believe what you believe because of the blood that flows in your veins. You lead, are led or are mislead because of the blood that flows in your veins.

Your potential (for good and bad -smarts or stupidity) are based on the lineage of your forefathers.

Yes, you may make choices, but the how and why of the choices you will make are predicated on your DNA.

This was once common sense.

But with the advent of platitude-based politics (democracy) and mass media, the appeal to the ego and emotions of the masses has encouraged too many men to not trust their own lying eyes and their own gut instinct.

Race matters. Ethnicity matters. Who your Father and grandfather and great-grandfather were, matters. And I don’t mean generally, I mean who they were specifically (their temperament, personality, proclivities, etc) determines your own qualities, or lack there of.

You ARE NOT a “soul in a body”. You are a flesh and blood man. And even if there is such a thing as a soul or spirit, it would be more coherently, structurally, accurate to say that you have a soul, rather than that you are one.

The caveat on the soul is an acknowledgement that the definition for many is non-specific, non-theological and non-supernatural.