Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How Conservatives Think...

I tend to stay away from "mainstream" anything, left or right, as they are usually just oligarch funded propaganda, but I came across this nugget and had to point it out. It's representative of the divide between the way Conservatives see the world compared to the Alt-Right. I'm not going to link to it because I don't want to help their traffic-count. The article is called 'Mainstream Conservatives and The Alt-Right'.

(((Ben Cohen))) of AmericanThinker writes,

Meanwhile, West Virginia which is almost exclusively white has the second lowest median house hold income in the United States. If you believe the key to keeping America great is keeping America white, it's hard to explain why Hawaii is thriving and West Virginia is not.

You know Ben, you might just be perpetuating jewish stereotypes by linking gold to paradise.

Actually you’ve just single-handedly justified the genocide of native Americans, who, as we all know, had a significantly lower median household income level compared to European settlers.

What about handicapped people, Ben? What about mentally challenged people, Mr. (((Cohen)))? How do they fare on your pyramid of human value-as measured by ability to generate wealth?

What about the elderly, many of whom live on fixed incomes which = low median household income?

Jesus H. Christ!  Is this conservative thinking?


As to Keeping America great, well, great is subjective. What is great for some is not for others. America is neither really good or really bad. It’s average. It’s just another country. That’s all it’s ever been, that’s all it can ever be.

Human beings form societies. They diverge and form distinct and unique communities/nations/tribes/etc. that reflect their inherent qualities and values. Those societies might be rich or poor, but their value as living organisms is not deduced with a pie chart from the chamber of commerce.

If a tribe of people in the Amazon live in grass huts and eat weeds for dinner, who the f*@k are you to decide that that is not "great" and that therefore you can burn down the rain forest? Oh, I forgot, CEO's have higher median household incomes.

Maybe this is why mainline conservatives seem to cheer on mass slaughter in the middle-east? I mean the median household income there is pretty low compared to Long Island.

Conservatives? Hello? Is this you? Is this how you think?

I'm afraid of the answer.