Thursday, September 1, 2016

Race & The Alt-Right...

Perspective: Whites are just 8% of the population of the world.


There is no such thing as racism. Simple as that. The definition of what racism is is completely subjective. There is literally no definitive definition of racism. And thats a problem as the definition of definition is definitive.

If someone wants to believe in racism as an aspect of their own private belief system, so be it. But thats all it will ever be, a quasi-religious belief, not an objective reality. So the answer to the charge of racism, is “there is no such thing as racism”. Which should come as a welcome relief to all those vexed about it! And the same applies to homophobia, misogyny, etc. They don’t exist. The assertion that they do is just a modern manifestation of good old Puritanism style witch hunts without “muh Jesus” driving it.


Nation means ethnic group. A nation is not a place, its a particular people. A tribe, a clan, a family.  Thus nation of emigrants is an oxymoron.

The who-was-here-first argument doesn’t work then. “Here” is not always the same place. The United States was a political construct that didn’t exist until the 1780‘s. None of my ancestors immigrated to the United States as there was no United States when they moved to this part of the British Empire in the late 1600‘s to early 1700‘s.

If current legal definitions are the sole metric and can be projected retroactively, then Geronimo should be listed on the historic roster of the Arizona Cardinals since he once roamed the land where the football team now resides.

And in following that line of thought, why does immigrating to the United States make you an American? Why wouldn’t it make you, say, a Cherokee indian instead? Same piece of dirt.

Neo-Nazi’s, White Supremacy, etc.

1st: We don’t want to be supreme over other races. We want to be separated from them. The entire underpinning of the “white supremacist” label is the notion that we want to share a space with other races and then dominate that space. Sorry, non-Whites, but we have no intention of vying for dominance of the same space. We want to live apart from you in our very own space and society. Our way of life: of law & order, of morality, of ethics, etc, is different from the other races who each have their own ways of such things. Each is good for each race, but certainly different and fundamentally incompatible.

2nd: Those labels imply a world in which ideological constructs are the base of identity. The Alt-Right, however, is not really an ideological movement. It’s simply people who observe material, physical reality and acknowledge it. Human beings are not White or Male or Female or members of a nation by choice, but by physical, biological reality. If there is to be an official tenets of Alt-Right it could start with, ‘We acknowledge and accept the law of Gravity. We affirm that the earth moves around the sun,’ etc.

3rd: By all appearances some of the other races are beginning to form their own versions of Alt-Right. Those of you who use the term “white supremacist” are attempting to imply a world that doesn’t exist and a constituency that you ain’t got! YOU are the problem. It is you and your evil fucking totalitarian “one world order” that peoples from all races are rejecting and going their own ways to escape from. You are on the wrong side of history.

“And how would you make that happen?”  This question underlies the difference between those who view life as solely ideological choice and those who see it as primarily physical reality. We aren’t social engineers. We don’t have to “make” this happen. If you remove the threat of physical force and political coercion the races will self-segregate, as that is the gravity of human nature.

Progress & Equality.

Neither equality nor human progress exist. (and I’m not talking about technology here)

The races aren’t equal. The genders aren’t equal. White men aren’t equal. Equality does not exist under any pretext or context; not legally, not physically, not intellectually or otherwise. It never has and never will, because it can’t. For the same reason there can’t be a square circle.

The same is true of human progress. We are no different today in terms of basic intellect, reasoning, morality, ethics, general cognitive abilities, etc, than man was 1,000 or 10,000 years ago.

The pretext of equality and progress exist solely for the purpose of justifying a Bolshevik style totalitarian state. This isn’t news. It has in fact happened before. In the 20th century over 100 million people were murdered in the name of equality and under the banner of progress, all carried out by small groups of insane ideological fanatics and on behalf of a few megalomaniacal oligarchs.