Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Alt-Right Is The Fellowship Of The Ring...

I’ve touched on this before, but it really does get to the heart of the matter.

The term/label “white supremacist” comes from (((Leftists))). And it reveals their mind set.

The left are globalists who can envision no future that is not comprised of a monolithic global government, culture and identity. And naturally they believe that everyone else wants the same and will compete to rule over this “end of history” system.

That there are people (including White people) who not only do not want to rule over such a system but who don't even want to be a part of it, is unfathomable to the left.

The Left are like the Dark Lord of Mordor. It is beyond their capacity to comprehend that anyone having found the one ring would seek to destroy it rather than to wield it.

So the left can only conclude that Whites must want what they want, which is supremacy over all of Middle Earth.

And thus they don’t perceive that the Alt-Right intends to toss the one ring into Mount Doom, so that they can live their own way, in their own lands, keeping The Shire, The Shire!

How your adversaries define you reveals more about them that it does about you.

Today's advocates for a diversity, multiculturalism and a world without borders are the descendants of yesterdays builders of colonial empires. And yes, Social Justice Warriors are indeed the posterity of self-righteous Puritan witch-burners. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if that weren’t literally true. It would be interesting to have them take some DNA tests and match it with the remains of....oh, never mind.