Friday, October 28, 2016

What Sins Have Cowards?..

Ever notice how cowards dismiss courage as being ‘stupid’ or ‘foolish’ or ‘reckless’ or ‘disrespectful’or ‘unsavory’ or ‘scandalous’etc?

These are words-as-walls.

And behind them huddles the cowardly.

Leftist extremists call for “safe spaces” while cowardly cuckservatives demur engagement via the excuse, “gentlemanly behavior”.

They are the same mindset.

And yes, both types are equally despicable.

Their common value system inverts courage, steadfastness, integrity, honesty, etc into sins to be derided publicly and avoided at all costs.

In fact it seems rather apparent that what really makes someone promote notions such as “social justice”, “equality” and the like, is cowardice.

Libtards, cuckservatives, etc, are really not deserving of a said titles, nor do they deserve the categorizations between left and right. They are simply run-of-the-mill cowards.

Every generation has them.

Let’s just call them what they are.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Two-Edged Swords...

Take the printing press for example. It not only allowed for the dissemination of ideas and information but simultaneously (and naturally) engendered a greater drive for general literacy.

And yet,

It also allowed for the spreading of subversive ideas and information which lit a fire to entire nations, leading to endless wars and endless  cultural revolutions. It was a fire that is not only still burning, but is about to engulf what’s left of European peoples and our kind of civilizations.

Then there is democracy.

Your vote “may count” but so does the vote of that other fellow who holds a worldview in opposition to your own.

What then?

What of the fact that the other man’s vote means tyranny and oppression for you and your people?

Democracy insists a gentlemanly surrender and submission of the opposing side.

Is it then not true that democracy is passive consent to tyranny, bondage and destruction?

If a nation is a biological-family writ large, and democracies good, should families then be democracies instead of monarchies, which they've always been by nature's decree?

No sane person would say, yes.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

“Religions Are Just Man Made”, shouted the fool to the Particle Accelerator...

I give religion a hard time, not because of the general supernatural claims but for the socio-political inferences which they imply/impose. Obviously, there is no god or heaven and, no, you don’t have a soul. Sorry, but it’s self-evident. And I think that truth makes this life all the more special, whereas a ‘life beyond this life’ cheapens the whole thing.

However, when making these points I sometimes get “help” from a neo-atheist of the Dawkins/Harris persuasion: which means, dipshits who haven't learned to reason on their own so they just spit out flat, non-sequenced, memes. They are the equivalent of those irritating weirdos who show up to every public gathering (including religious ones) holding a John 3:16 sign.

A prime example of this kind of dipshitery is the ill-thought-out zinger, “all religions are man made.”

What, the f**k, is that even supposed to mean?

“All religions are man made”. As opposed to, say, complex life-saving medical procedures, which are created by elves?

Really, come on. Of course all religions are man made. So are clothes, light bulbs, engineering, airplanes, electrical grids, rockets and earth-orbiting satellites.

Legal systems, cities, languages and the toothbrush are also man made.

Religions are not only man made, but they are made by the best -highest educated- men in societies.

Do you new-atheists even understand that the pejorative, “pagan”, was applied, by the educated, to the uneducated redneck rubes that resided outside of the great cities within the Roman Empire because they refused to become Christians?

Do you understand that Christianity was the social system embraced by the urbane, highly educated, well traveled cosmopolitan, circa Late Antiquity?

Religions don’t simply try to makes sense of the world. They are an attempt to make *applicable* sense of the world. Because societies are highly complex, infinitely fragile, ever moving, organic systems. They can swing from paradise to hell with the slightest shift in the wind. And they can collapse with a lightning speed that leaves the most astute and perceptive seer frozen like a deer in the headlights of a rapidly approaching semi tractor trailer.

“Because God”, is an attempt to defer chaos and collapse. Just stop and consider:  a major social issue divides a society. Each side rages. One side or the other rejects the authority of the local courts, then the congress, then the president (or king), then the supreme court.
The theologian’s pontifications are rejected. The philosophers fail to persuade all. Ditto scientists, professors, politicians and street sages.

There is no arbiter. No final authority with the universally recognized authenticity to say yea or nay.

So the society collapses into anarchy and chaos. Rivers of blood and mountains of fire follow.

The only preventative solution is a tyrant.

And the necessarily perfunctory choice then is, a human tyrant or a divine one.

Most go with the human tyrant in the short term, then choose the divine one after decades of exhaustive war and bondage.

And the historical record tends towards the conclusion that the human tyrant draws more blood and extracts more tears than the divine one. Or, at the least, the divine tyrant tends to hold sway during more harmonious and productive phases of civilization, while the human tyrant tends to rule during times of chaos and greater misery

Fundamental societal crises are ALWAYS driven by raw emotions, not calm, reflective, reasoning. Add to it the fuel of hunger, cold, resentment and basic necessity and see how far snarky commentary or “expert consensus” gets you.

Human societies are like an ocean. Civilizations are ships. Religions argue to the crew that there is a harbor, somewhere, to encourage sobriety among the crew, alertness to the danger of pirates and a sense of duty among the officers to prevent the ship from drifting into reefs.

You can argue the details (doctrines), but to dismiss the fundamental structure in its purpose is base ignorance. It's there, and always will be.

Today, "social justice", "equality" and "democracy" are preached with fundamentalist zeal by radical ideologues who fan out across the globe like self-righteous crusaders and witch-burners of old. The road to paradise is called "progress", "sin" is racism or discrimination, heaven is tomorrow and hell is the past.

I suspect that what makes new-atheists, new atheists, is a lack of classical education or even a basic reflective impulse. They take the comfort and safety of the civilization they’ve known for granted. They never consider how and why this society works and when it will collapse and what will be the trigger. Actually, a lot of modern christians suffer the same deficiency.

So yes, religions are man made. They represent one of the greatest achievements of man, alongside the splitting of the atom.

And yes, that final comparison carries with it appropriate implications. But that’s a topic for another day.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

North Korea Is The Free Country...

Fact: The office of President of the United States has infinitely more power than all of the kings and queens of antiquity combined. “The President", 1789 - ,is an unparalleled beast of a tyrant. Elections = you get to vote on what the tyrant will be called for the next four years. The Tyrant remains the same.

Fact: The colonists had LESS freedom after the Revolution than before. (they also paid higher taxes after ”independence”)

The U.S. Constitution functions towards one end -consolidation (assimilation). It brings every family, neighborhood, town, county and state under one moral, legal, political, ethical, linguistic, religious and economic jurisdiction.

In the colonies, prior to 1776, each village and colony had its own general, but particular, way of life: ethnicity, culture, religion, laws, customs, etc. Villages and colonies defined who and what they were.

After the revolution these peoples no longer had such basic (intrinsic and historical) rights. The vast project of bringing every village and county under one monolithic federal umbrella began.

The exaltation of the “individual’s rights” over the colony’s (or village’s) rights commenced.

The end result of the constitution is seen today, wherein one person is “free”, but two or more are not.

One man can call himself Baptist, but a 1,000 men ( a town) cannot call themselves Methodist -because "freedom of religion"..

An individual is free to declare himself a homosexual, but a city or county or state is not free to declare themselves heterosexual -because "individual liberty".

No, under the all seeing eye of Uncle Sam there can be no peoples, only individuals. There can be no distinct and particular ethnicities, races, families, tribes, colonies, etc, each with their own customs, laws, traditions and identities.

Such is denounced as racist or discriminatory.

The civil rights act effectively outlawed freedom of association, aka discrimination, which is the cornerstone, not only of freedom, but of nations, cultures and the family itself. (read that again)

The United States is thus ever hungry -ever growing and expanding, insisting that all distinctions be erased. All borders, all religions, all customs and all peoples MUST be consolidated and assimilated into one monolithic social, political and economic state of the individual consumer.

There can be no white nations (or any ethnic nations) or heterosexual families, or Mothers & Fathers, etc.

Is it any wonder then that a country like North Korea, which still has a semblance of independence from the global state and an identity of its own choosing, is seen as such a threat to the powers that be?

How terribly ironic to realize that America is Mordor and North Korea, Iran, Assad’s Syria, Putin’s Russia, etc are the lands of elves and hobbits, holding out against the ever encroaching forces of darkness.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sola Scriptura & Sola Constitutio...

“What does the bible clearly teach?”

“What does the Constitution clearly say?”

I have a copy of the Constitution and I have several bibles: there is my old King James bible I got when I was a kid, a “new age” NIV, a “sword bible” -which not only has the words of Jesus in red but also God’s words in red in the Old Testament. I even have a Jimmy Swaggart commentary bible which has Jimmy’s words in red, instead of Jesus or God! Now that’s Alpha!

Problem is, none of them speak. I’ve spent countless hours staring at them and listening, waiting for them to say something, and it never happens.

I always end up having to read them. Which means it’s my own voice speaking and my own genetic, cultural, regional, educational and fundamental Western, Aristotelian worldview presuppositions that bias how I read it.


Now some Christians acknowledge this little monkey-wrench via the asymmetrical tactic of studying “ancient hebrew culture” to get a more authentic “voice” from the text. Of course these are the people who can’t comprehend how their Hoosier grandparents could biblically justify opposition to mixed race marriages, but they're pretty confident in their ability to transform themselves into avatars of primitive, bronze & iron age, semites living in the deserts of west-Asia thousands of years ago.

You’ll no doubt be shocked to learn that even among these prestigious avatars there are different schools of thought.

Coincidentally, these same people also are a bit perplexed at how “some folk” can’t read the plain writing of ye olde Constitution.

I mean, how in the world could somebody see things differently than how I see them!? It’s impossible!

These stressed out people will, on the one hand, denounce globalism and one world government, then on the other hand embrace the underlying philosophy of one worldism, which is that all people are basically the same; everybody wants democracy, capitalism, freedom and nascar.

That there are billions of people out there who are fundamentally hardwired, by nature, to oppose democracy and “individual liberty” is unfathomable to them. Nevermind that “personal freedom” is an oxymoron since human beings are, by nature, necessarily interdependent on, at a minimum, their immediate social circle (aka, family), which brings with it innumerable burdensome duties and obligations which intrinsically squash “personal freedom”.

I mean, for Odin’s sake, you are born with a body which requires constant food, water, rest, clothing and shelter just to keep functioning. The hurdles you must leap and the hoops you must jump through each-and-every-day, interacting with the other bipeds, just to keep your body up and running doesn’t buttress this asinine notion of “individual liberty”. Laws and social and cultural norms also tend to be a rather blunt reality-check to go-it-aloners. Try going all Mad Max and be a hunter-gatherer. First time you fall and snap your ankle you'll get eaten by wolves.

Or just wait for old age or a serious illness to see how much you want to "go it alone".

No man is an island. Take away the water and the island isn’t even an island anymore -it’s just a hill.

Written texts are the products of specific people, in specific times and places. They are written under the burden of incalculable genetic, cultural, environmental and political forces.

So those who wish to think that the bible or the constitution “speak” with a universal voice to a universal audience are always going to be left flabbergasted at those unreasonable troublemakers who refuse to see “what is plainly written”.

The constitution was written by 18th century Anglo-Saxons.

21st century hispanics, jews, arabs, africans, indians, chinese, etc, are going to read it through their own genetic/cultural prism.

The expectation that everybody can and should see the same thing is the desire to rebuild the Tower of Babel.

Ironically, that’s not ironic. Christianity creates and crowns its anti-Christ. But that’s another subject.

Nations are ethnic groups, not places or forms of government. The conflict over how to read written texts is representative of genetic differences: tribes, clans, races, etc.

Understandings and perceptions of the world and society must (by nature's order) always be local and particular, not universal. This is how worldviews are perpetuated from one generation to the next and it is how stable and harmonious societies work. Diversity = conflict and chaos.

A nation is never comprised of immigrants and it is not defined by legal jurisdiction (that would be an empire). A nation is an ethnic group; a biological unit -a literal, genetically related family writ large.

If a written document is foundational for social order and definition, then something is fundamentally wrong.

Or, how many families have written texts to define themselves as a family or about the legal and sub-cultural obligations of chores and curfews, holidays and spring cleanings, gender identities and status rights around the house?


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mordor Pocket Translator...

Today's word-concept is, Relevancy.

When Mordor speaks of an idea, notion, person, place or thing being ‘Relevant’ (as in “relevant to today”), it is speaking of that which is in conformity to its evil f**king, scorched-earth, revolution, which is unending and self-consuming.

Just FYI.


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Yes And No...

Absolutism is can be another kind of virtue signaling.

People who answer only yes and no to questions of understanding or beliefs tend to be Puritan caricature wannabes. They seem to be operating under the notion that a ‘hostile witness’ approach to ethics represents some sort of glorified purity from the ghetto of the gray abstraction of day to day life .

Let's be honest, most of us are moody when it comes to principles.

Them: “Do you support democracy?”

Me: “Sometimes.”

Beware those who don’t use qualifiers! 


Saturday, October 1, 2016

On The Other Hand...

Is the Alt-Right the hair metal of White Nationalism?

I’ve listed here before the Alt-Right’s inherent strengths and also it’s rather big fat Achilles’ heel -it’s ‘cast a big net and see what we catch’ approach. This is similar to Jesus using the analogy of making the fisherman Peter a “fisher of men” in the service of Christendom. A revealing analogy of christianity, as fishermen used nets to ensnare unsuspecting fish for the purposes of killing and eating them. Yeah.

But it’s also similar to hair metal, which was a mass-marketing concoction that appropriated New Wave Heavy Metal (which produced few top 40 hits or multi-platinum records) and created a juggernaut of multi-platinum pop-with-power-chords. A generic imitation of the authentic thing, in other words. Tragically, the authentic thing was sometimes seduced into imitating the imitation.

The popularization of the Alt-Right over the past year has tended to produce some big-hair moments. Milo, Trump, Molyneaux and even Alex Jones have all appeared in ideological spandex, rhetorically rocking out with synthesizers and keyboards, while authentic WN’s are standing around asking, ‘what is this shit?’

The lure of marketing success can cause even the most integrity-filled man to dress up like an ass-clown in the hopes of mass-appeal.

Right now that is what is happening to White Nationalism under the banner of “Alt-Right”. Already we are seeing branch-genres such as “alt-west” and other such ridiculous mullets that are ever more generic and insincere. This alt-west thing is probably the most subversive appropriation of the Alt-Right to come about. We are are NOT trying to save a civilization, which is nothing more than a cultural phase/fad. We are trying to save a particular race of people. 

The talk about being “red pilled” and the need for transitional gate keepers to usher in the Air Supply fans so as not to overwhelm them all at once with Powerslave, is misguided.

Whites are just 8% of the world’s population. We are a small minority that is surrounded by peoples who have made it clear their intention is to utterly destroy us. We have no institutions, nations, cities or infrastructure  of any kind at this point. It’s all overrun.

Having no military, financial resources, political power or strongholds of any kind of our own, do you know what is next for us Whites? It ain’t pretty.

“Normies” will flock to White Nationalism because it’s either that or the mass grave. It may be the mass grave for us anyway but when that moment comes most will attempt to band together and fight to the end regardless.

It’s fine and prudent to take whatever political steps you can to survive. Vote, if you like, but keep in mind that the orcs have completely encircled us and are sharpening their blades and licking their lips.

If that's not a "red pill" I don't know what the hell is!