Saturday, October 1, 2016

On The Other Hand...

Is the Alt-Right the hair metal of White Nationalism?

I’ve listed here before the Alt-Right’s inherent strengths and also it’s rather big fat Achilles’ heel -it’s ‘cast a big net and see what we catch’ approach. This is similar to Jesus using the analogy of making the fisherman Peter a “fisher of men” in the service of Christendom. A revealing analogy of christianity, as fishermen used nets to ensnare unsuspecting fish for the purposes of killing and eating them. Yeah.

But it’s also similar to hair metal, which was a mass-marketing concoction that appropriated New Wave Heavy Metal (which produced few top 40 hits or multi-platinum records) and created a juggernaut of multi-platinum pop-with-power-chords. A generic imitation of the authentic thing, in other words. Tragically, the authentic thing was sometimes seduced into imitating the imitation.

The popularization of the Alt-Right over the past year has tended to produce some big-hair moments. Milo, Trump, Molyneaux and even Alex Jones have all appeared in ideological spandex, rhetorically rocking out with synthesizers and keyboards, while authentic WN’s are standing around asking, ‘what is this shit?’

The lure of marketing success can cause even the most integrity-filled man to dress up like an ass-clown in the hopes of mass-appeal.

Right now that is what is happening to White Nationalism under the banner of “Alt-Right”. Already we are seeing branch-genres such as “alt-west” and other such ridiculous mullets that are ever more generic and insincere. This alt-west thing is probably the most subversive appropriation of the Alt-Right to come about. We are are NOT trying to save a civilization, which is nothing more than a cultural phase/fad. We are trying to save a particular race of people. 

The talk about being “red pilled” and the need for transitional gate keepers to usher in the Air Supply fans so as not to overwhelm them all at once with Powerslave, is misguided.

Whites are just 8% of the world’s population. We are a small minority that is surrounded by peoples who have made it clear their intention is to utterly destroy us. We have no institutions, nations, cities or infrastructure  of any kind at this point. It’s all overrun.

Having no military, financial resources, political power or strongholds of any kind of our own, do you know what is next for us Whites? It ain’t pretty.

“Normies” will flock to White Nationalism because it’s either that or the mass grave. It may be the mass grave for us anyway but when that moment comes most will attempt to band together and fight to the end regardless.

It’s fine and prudent to take whatever political steps you can to survive. Vote, if you like, but keep in mind that the orcs have completely encircled us and are sharpening their blades and licking their lips.

If that's not a "red pill" I don't know what the hell is!