Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Two-Edged Swords...

Take the printing press for example. It not only allowed for the dissemination of ideas and information but simultaneously (and naturally) engendered a greater drive for general literacy.

And yet,

It also allowed for the spreading of subversive ideas and information which lit a fire to entire nations, leading to endless wars and endless  cultural revolutions. It was a fire that is not only still burning, but is about to engulf what’s left of European peoples and our kind of civilizations.

Then there is democracy.

Your vote “may count” but so does the vote of that other fellow who holds a worldview in opposition to your own.

What then?

What of the fact that the other man’s vote means tyranny and oppression for you and your people?

Democracy insists a gentlemanly surrender and submission of the opposing side.

Is it then not true that democracy is passive consent to tyranny, bondage and destruction?

If a nation is a biological-family writ large, and democracies good, should families then be democracies instead of monarchies, which they've always been by nature's decree?

No sane person would say, yes.