Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Liberal-Progressive Manifesto...

'We believe colonialism and imperialism are bad. And we will not rest until every nation on earth agrees with us.

We reject all notions of categorical superiority, such as class, race or gender. And people who believe otherwise are dumb, ignorant and uneducated!

We object to religious indoctrination because it takes up time that should be used for state mandated  LGBTQ  lessons.

We believe all people are equal and so we work tirelessly, day and night, -decade after decade -trying to get them to understand this. 

We believe in gender equality and so we will not stop until government  regulated state-agencies enact policies and protocols that will make all women feel safe, secure and equal to the status of men in a socially and culturally oppressive patriarchal system. 

We must boycott businesses and business owners that do not support gay marriage, because singling out people or institutions is discrimination. 

We object to Nationalism because it has often been used to attack nations!

We believe that race should never be a consideration in employment or housing so we must legislatively enforce race quotas.

We believe that belief systems are a stumbling block towards progress. 

We denounce and reject gentrification and segregation, because all humans are legal and should be allowed to move and live where and how they choose. 

We believe in marriage equality, so we fight to empower the government to the status of autonomous ultimate moral arbiter of the totality of all life!

We must reject constructs such as 'Us vs. Them', lest the rubes drag us down to their level.

If there is one thing we hate, it’s hate.

If there is one thing we must not tolerate, it’s intolerance.

We propose a new humanitarian award to be given to those individuals who’ve worked hardest to end all distinctions.

In conclusion, we believe that progress, by definition, should never end'.

Thank you, and good night.
Future Universal Betterment And Reeducation Society


Friday, November 25, 2016

Paradox of Democratic Government...

Where do democratic governments come from?

 I mean, what people ever voted to create one? The act of voting is democratic, so to even vote is to already act as a democracy.

And you can’t vote to leave a democracy as that is still democratic!

Can a person or group just ignore a democratic government or declare autonomy? Some try and they either end up in prison or surrounded by federal agents in a "compound".

So, again, what is the genesis of democratic governments? Not the political system or ideology, but the actual, legal, State system?

Once more, "the people" can't vote to create a democracy as to vote on it is to already be a democracy.

There is a rather large, unspoken and unacknowledged, presuppositional elephant in the room here.

You can't vote to choose to start to vote. That's chicken and the egg level paradox.

Somebody, somewhere, has to say, 'this is now a democracy'.

This would mean that every democracy must then be born, and sustained ,via an act of despotism.

Irony, or the revelation of a big old, merchant-class perpetuated, con?


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Spencergate II: Hair of the Media...

Two lessons here.

Lesson I

Spencergate I, for those who don’t know, is when Richard Spencer unceremoniously shut down the original Alternative Right website and then re-launched as Radix. This came as a shock not only to that site’s readers but also to its co-founders, editors and contributors. Confusion and anger followed. 

As I've pointed out here numerous time over the past 6 or 7 years, Spencer was throwing everything against the wall at the original Alt-Right blog to see what would stick. That site featured contributions from jewish professors, “native-american scholars”, jewish “transhumanist” goofballs, a gay “men’s movement” author, christian apologists and even a neo-pagan in a wizard's robe.

The great irony of Spencergate II is that Spencer, and his ilk (and many of his fans), have spent years mocking and denigrating White Nationalists. They mock, and use as satire, the 14 words, Stormfront, VNN and the entire, ORGANIC, infrastructure of the pro-White movement as it evolved over the past 50 years.

Spencer’s conference featured, prominently, non-Whites as speakers and special guests. You see, the Spencerites are not at all like those stupid “race war now” idiot WN’s.

So Spencer, whoring it up for the corporate media he insists on wooing, and surrounded by jews and an asian porn star, attempted to use his conference as satire to mock those dumb old White Nationalists.

And BAM, he ended up getting tarred and feathered with his own hippster irony shtick.

Lesson: The current system is explicitly anti-White. In fact, the destruction of the White race is the sole purpose of the current prevailing system.

Pandering to it, or attempting to ingratiate yourself into it is more than a tad bit irrational. Go that route and you will get what you deserve.

Lesson II

Notice all of the old lady shrieking from the “other” Alt-Right.

All those who felt the need to come out and distance themselves from “the incident” (and this includes Trump) just healed the fatal wound the corporate media had inflicted upon itself during the election cycle.

The corporate media had lost all credibility, but now the “other alt-right” are doing everything in their power to re-strengthen it.

You see, there was no controversy. Nothing shocking or offensive happened. The corporate media claimed it was a controversy. But it wasn’t. No one else cares. Most people are too worried about BLM mobs burning down cities, cops being assassinated in broad daylight, muslim terrorists being imported into their towns or 50 mexican gangbangers moving into the house next door.

But out came the shameless self-promoters to agree to the corporate media’s narrative and “distance themselves” from the corporate media’s proclaimed controversy.

These people love they system. They desperately want to be a part of it. So they will not only stab others in the back to get a seat at the table, they will trample their own wives, mothers and kids underfoot to save their own ass -or to just get a pat on the head by CNN.

Lesson: The corporate media draws its power from people agreeing to it’s self-proclaimed authority to declare and define good & bad.

By reacting to the corporate media’s cues you grant it the status of Godhood.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Why The Left Can’t Win...

You want to choose the President via a popular vote?

Okay. So be it. Let’s open that Pandora’s box.

But we will also put other things to the popular vote.

We will put abortion to the popular vote.

We will put gay marriage to the popular vote.

We will put affirmative action to the popular vote.

We will put “hate-crimes” legislation to the popular vote.

We will put anti-discrimination laws to the popular vote.

We will put sanctuary cities to the popular vote.

We will put welfare to the popular vote.

And they will all be overturned and/or outlawed. 

See how that works?

Are you even capable of seeing what a tangled web you’ve weaved?

So go ahead, dear progressives. Make your move. Just know that you are fighting against nature and history and thus every move and counter-move you make simply hastens the demise of your own project.

The winds have shifted.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

“Fake News” Is The New Protestant Reformation...

What we’re seeing play out with the rise of Alternative Media is very much akin to the Protestant Reformation. Relevant, as 2017 will be the 500 year anniversary of that movement.

During the Dark Ages the Roman Catholic church had claimed for itself the role of sole interpreter and ambassador of divine revelation, aka “TRUTH” or “The Narrative”.

But technology (divinely?) intervened!

That darn printing press came along and the rise of literacy gave the rubes direct access to the bible and theological texts, presentations and arguments.


Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to a church door, and the rest is history.

Today we see the Corporate Media (CNN, FOX, New York Times, Etc,) has anointed itself to the exact same role the Catholic Church gave itself in the Middle-Ages.

But that darn Internet came along and gave the rubes direct access to information from around the world.


So, much like their predecessor, the Roman Catholic Church, the Corporate Media is attempting to excommunicate those darn heretics who acquire information on their own.

“Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation.”

“Outside of Corporate Media there is no truth.”

Same shit, different century.

But just as the first Reformation was unstoppable, so too is the current one.


You Don't Have To Like God, Just Honor Him...

This is, sort of, an opposing view for this blog’s usual atheistic outlook.

This alternate take on religion was taken from an exchange I had with a friend about God and religion. The context is too elaborate to get into here, but it had to do with the social and psychological aspects of faith and religion.
Their bottom line was, essentially, don’t over intellectualize religious faith, as it is ultimately a natural and organic reflex on the part of human experience. Take the time pay the almighty his due respects, even if you don’t like it, and then get on with your week.

EDIT: I didn't do a great job of presenting their case below. Maybe it's just my personal bias in regards to the "supernatural". I went back and underlined the key aspect of their argument below. It was more involved than that (again, I thumb-nailed it) but you get the point. 

God Is Like Grandpa & Grandma...

Ideally, you talk to them a few times a week on the phone. 

Ideally, you visit them at least once a week.

When the SHTF you immediately turn to them for help and a shoulder to cry on.

No matter how ancient they seem, you’re occasionally surprised at how tough, agile and competent they are when it’s most needed.

You recall their wisdom throughout your life....even though you thought you had ignored them at the time.

You condescend to their knowledge when things are great, but cry out for their council when ill winds blow.

As a child, you looked upon them like a mighty king and queen, before whom even dad and mom seemed to bow in reverence and awe. That impression returns tenfold the older you get and the more life throws at you. 


You can extract further from there. And there are obvious implications about cultural preservation, traditions and societal harmony. That was also a natural part of our discussion.

It’s interesting just as a reminder to pay your dues to the elderly as you will, if you are lucky enough, be one of them, sooner than you would like to imagine.

And there is, I’ll admit, a certain logic in the “going through the motions” approach to religion or, more specifically, “God”. After all, this is how you achieve a healthy personal lifestyle (diet, exercise, hygiene, work ethic, being dependable to friends and family, etc). There are numerous temporal and material rewards in life by, daily, “going through the motions”.

In that context, freethinkers and trend-buckers tend to end up homeless, in prison or facing serious illness without medical insurance or a family infrastructure for support.

This is the opposite of the whole “personal Jesus” idea, in which you have a “personal relationship” with God and spend countless hours in exploratory prayer and going through the bible like a lawyer over a contract.

Instead, give the King his due honor and rights in the recognition that you are one of numerous peasants in the kingdom and he is the King.

In taking a knee to God regularly you are more quickly going to come to understand that you aren't God. Humility and the true understanding of just how fragile and temporary you are, go a long way in having a more peaceful and harmonious life,both for yourself and those around you.

You can grumble about him or resent his rule, but once a week, take a knee, pledge your loyalty and declare, “long live the king”. Then get on with your day-to-day activities. Simple as that. You may bite your tongue while you’re doing it, but the act itself is more manifesting of the true spirit and purpose of faith in God than 10,000 bible studies.

Actions speak louder than words.

Love your family. Pay your taxes. Honor the King. Call Grandma. Brush your teeth. Just simple, basic, functioning. The rewards are strictly material, physically and psychologically, in the it's better to give than to get approach to interaction with the world. That there might be an added post-life reward would be akin to an unexpected Christmas bonus.

I’m not saying I buy it, but it is, to me, a far better presentation of the functional idea and purpose  of faith in a god than most apologists give. And that includes Lewis and Chesterton.


Friday, November 18, 2016

The Left Comes Out Of That Other Closet....

The delusional, sick, evil, bat-shit crazy closet. AKA, Marxism (progressivism, liberalism, etc).

A friend recently described them as looking and acting demonic. An apt descriptor. I call them orcs.

Remember all of the behavior that caused people to turn on these vile globalists during the past year? Well, they’ve made the expected choice to crank it up to eleven, ensuring that the whole world will reject them and their ideology for a thousand centuries to come.

They’ve gone into the “if we can’t rule the world, we’ll destroy it” phase of insanity.

Have you noticed how homosexuality, transgenderism, mixed race marriages and general sexual anarchy are explicitly interwoven with issues of open borders, immigrants and refugees?

You might want to take the time to finally ask why that is. These issues are connected.

Take note also, all you moderate “race isn’t important to me” conservatives, that the left are now currently doing what they accuse you, White people, of plotting to do. They talk openly about the need for a Marxist dictator, censorship and, naturally, White genocide. They now openly foam and salivate at the mouth at the idea of the end of you, your family, your people and your culture.

There is an old axiom that relates that thieves are always fearful of being stolen from.

Keep that in mind when you hear what is coming out of the mouths of these communists in the streets, in Hollywood, in business, in News Media, etc.


Monday, November 14, 2016

Memo To Trump Team...

A policy suggestion(s).

Grant every citizen over the age of 25 press accreditation for the White House, the State Department, the Pentagon, etc. In other words, bypass (and thus destroy) the old media, by going directly to the people, online.

Require paid journalists to state who their benefactors are before asking questions. Example, “My name is Megyn Kelley and my benefactor is Rupert Murdoch,....”.

Release official statements online, directly to the American People, from the oval office.

Release all statements or “leaks” online.

Show policy discussions live online. 2 to 4 hour sessions during prime time (prevent the insertion of MSM “commentary”) of real, fluid and organic discussions that would include email questions or suggestions from people watching and participating.

Ditto with world leaders.

Example. The President and President Putin sitting at a table (no fake sets) for two or three hours discussing basic and elemental world-views, wants and concerns.

Let it be warts and all.

This would help to break the spell of the illusion of the "professional suit".

Take every opportunity to mock, denigrate and delegitimize corporate media, such as CNN, FOX News, The New York Times, etc. Make it clear that they are paid performers. Speak of the old networks and papers as dark elements from our past.

It's the current year, and now that we have the internet, network television is ready to be tucked away into a museum.

Break the media conglomerates into about 100,000 pieces.

Do this, and you will take a major step in scurrying and incapacitating the deep state, making them much more malleable.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

The American ‘Berlin Wall’ Falls In November 2016...

 "This ninth of November is a historic day."
-Hanns Friedrichs, 1989

The slow-witted (though nicely paid) foot soldiers of central bankers are wailing in a few dilapidated streets, getting coverage by the confused old corporate media, which has now been thoroughly discredited and is in its final hours. But they are not there bewailing the outcome of the election. In truth, once you factor in the Democratic party’s massive vote fraud, Trump got around 58% of the popular vote verses Hillary’s 38%. No doubt she got 100% of the deceased vote!

No, what is really going on is that the old liberal internationalist system, which has been ascendant without restraint since WWI (though it began with the French Revolution), is in its death throes.

It’s not simply the end of multiculturalism, open borders, gay marriage, etc, but the collapse of the infrastructure which enabled and enforced such a twisted and totalitarian system.

Much of it was the mystique of presupposition. That is, the ubiquitous insinuation and overt assertion that there was only one inevitable course of history, and that that course led to the global village of utopian marxism.

The left (the globalists) being evil, and therefore really weak and stupid, decided that the election of Hillary Clinton would be the coronation moment for their ideological/political system. And so they took off their masks and put all of their power and influence and ambition upon her election.

Their golden calf turned out to be their own effigy. God has a sense of humor!

The establishment is still pretending to be in control, but they’re not. The talking heads on the news are still pretending to be “in the know” but they’re in the dark and cut off from the new era.

If you remember, the Soviet Union limped along for another 24 months, but the writing was on the fallen wall.

There were protests and rallies and even a coup against Gorbachev by hard-line communist generals in the military.

But it all came to naught. The winds had already shifted.

The end of the old regime came on November 9th 1989, but the former power elite were so blinded by a belief in the “inevitability of world socialism” that they couldn’t see that they were no more than the still squirming body of a decapitated snake.

So it is for the globalist elite today. Much like the Soviet Politburo throughout 1990 and 1991, they’ll continue to make announcements and pronounce edicts for several more months, even as the republics elect their own leaders and declare independence and repudiate the policies and ideology of the old order.

The European Union is already collapsing and it’s official demise will be announced soon. Nato will follow. Arrests and tribunals are likely in the future for many of Western Europe’s current government and media elite.  The UN will be no more and eventually the United Nations building will be turned into an America First Center.

There will indeed be tough times ahead.

The economic infrastructure of the United States is almost completely gone. As that day of reckoning comes it will mean not only lean times here but also for western Europe, which has built its nanny/police/welfare state via us tax dollars and military spending.The U.S will soon begin to deatch itself from Europe and much of the rest of the world. Bases will be closed and troops will be called home. Western Europe will soon be turning to eastern Europe for loans and military alliances.

The physical infrastructure of the US is also in shambles and you will soon see the number of usable roads and highways decrease even as rolling regional brown outs and black outs become a part of everyday life.

911, hospitals and schools are luxuries that your neck of the woods may or may not have.

But remember that much of all this was built in excess and decadence.

You will endure, adapt, survive and then thrive.

This isn’t the end. It’s a return to balance.


Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Death Of The Roughed Individual...

Along with the eulogy for the “strong independent woman” we can also bid farewell to the “roughed individual” or “go-it-aloner”.

On November 8, 2016, millions of red-blooded individualists, born and bred on post- WWII John Wayne-type platitudes and propaganda were sweating blood as the election unfolded. And when it was over they were weeping tears of joy and thanking God for Trump.

That’s right! All of the “God bless Murica” types have been reduced to emotional (if not physical) prostration before a single, powerful, ruler.

Despite all of the claims about the constitution and the 2nd amendment, it is, in fact, all balanced on the scales of whimsy and to the whims of single individual, as both sides placed all of their hopes on one or the other representative hero.

I wonder if any of this will be considered by the average man.

It is not merely racial division or political division or generational divergence here, though it is that as the election was Whites vs. non-Whites.

It is more the revelation that Murica was built upon ideological sand and held together with fleeting financial mortar.

Nations are ethnic groups, not places or forms of government. A political or ideological creed is not the foundation of a civilization or state and cannot hold one together.

Come what may, we have witnessed the end of republican democracy.

Dissolution, partition and the return of kings come next.

Because in the end, nature prevails.


Friday, November 11, 2016

So Much For The Myth Of The Strong Independent Woman...

With Hillary sobbing uncontrollably after her loss and her brain-dead, immoral(1) female supporters weeping and shrieking incoherently on TV and youtube and Megyn Kelly declaring that millions of women would be terrified the day after the election one can only can conclude that the oft proclaimed “strong independent woman” is a total phantom in the imaginations of a generation of spoiled and pampered gals.

Where are the shouts of Grrrrl power?
Where are the silly cheers of “you go girl”.

Sorry ladies, but you have, by your own actions, self-testified to the whole world that you are, in fact,  the weaker sex and that you do indeed need a man to take care of you.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.(2)

And I would add that the giant welfare nanny state was already rapidly collapsing before the election. The entire Western world is, literally, bankrupt.

You will, very soon, be living in a world of no welfare or foodstamps. No 911 or emergency rooms. No taxpayer subsidized healthcare and only the most minimal of government social services -mainly for the very sick and frail elderly.

note 1: if you support murdering babies in the womb then you are a moral monster and have forfeited the right to hold or pass judgment on anyone for anything.

note 2: there are a great many women who are indeed Ladies and who bring glory and praise to their sex by their dutiful fulfillment of their roles as wives, daughters, sisters and mothers, which nature has ordained.


Should Journalists Be Required To Identify Their Benefactors?...

At press conferences or in editorials, for example, should journalists be required to first identify the corporation and specific CEO(s)/Oligarch in whose service they are, before asking their questions?

It would certainly help add context to their questions if we knew their agenda and bias.

Journalists are, after all, essentially ambassadors for oligarchs and special interest groups.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Progressive Ideology is Evil & Quite Ugly...

It really is.

The very notion is antithetical to reason and truth. There is no material or physical equality or progress. It IS a fact. Progressives wish to stop the sun from rising because it is unjust to the night and believe that if they wish it so, it will be so. Which is insanity.

They believe that political power will magically gift them the ability to alter reality.

So yes, they are tragically delusional -perverting and twisting their hearts and minds and getting lost into a warped and evil fantasy.

And they are easy prey to exploitation and enslavement by oligarchs and merchants who speak of such things as “women’s rights”, which only means no family, no home, no children, but a life of solitude and servitude to the whims and will of corporations.

Asking if you really need a home, a spouse and children to be happy is like asking if you really need teeth to enjoy eating.

There is a natural order to the world and to mankind. Rage against it if you like, but know that you are only attacking yourself. Which is madness.

This so-called progressive ideology degrades and dehumanizes individuals to such an extent that they become physically repulsive.

They are either obese and blubbery or thin, pale and sickly looking. And yet they are obsessed with further marring their own appearance: women trying to look like men, men trying to look like women, numerous tattoos, bizarre piercings, dying their hair unnatural colors, slobbish or degrading dress, etc.

It also diminishes their mental faculties as they can only express themselves as angry mobs, shouting gross insults or endlessly repeating simple, non-sensical, slogans.

They have, in the end, become orcs.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mordor Quakes...

Dear Globalists,

Fuck You.

Yours truly,
the little people.

What Trump does or does not do is irrelevant. He is a message from the so-called rubes. People are pissed and fed up! The line has been drawn.

Today, November 9, 2016, people are smiling and celebrating like it’s Christmas. They feel liberated. And a people who’ve once tasted freedom are not so easily bullied or bluffed back into silence, submission and bondage.

So the former usurper elite would do well to accept their defeat and recede back into the shadows from which they slithered.

And their lackeys, spineless cuckservatives and pseudo-Christian wormtongues, who’ve counseled surrender and submission for decades, should take this opportunity to reform themselves. Otherwise they’ll end up groveling like a mangy dog at the feet of their deposed masters as they wander the wastelands in search of a little pipeweed and a rock to sleep under.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

You Ask, Because Exposition...

How much of your Internet activity is related to commercially sponsored news media/information?

Or, put another way, how often do you go online in search of, ‘what is happening in/with (fill in the blank)?




Stop and think about it. How much of your online activity reduces you to that character in a movie who is there only to ask questions as a means to prompt the narrative’s exposition?