Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Liberal-Progressive Manifesto...

'We believe colonialism and imperialism are bad. And we will not rest until every nation on earth agrees with us.

We reject all notions of categorical superiority, such as class, race or gender. And people who believe otherwise are dumb, ignorant and uneducated!

We object to religious indoctrination because it takes up time that should be used for state mandated  LGBTQ  lessons.

We believe all people are equal and so we work tirelessly, day and night, -decade after decade -trying to get them to understand this. 

We believe in gender equality and so we will not stop until government  regulated state-agencies enact policies and protocols that will make all women feel safe, secure and equal to the status of men in a socially and culturally oppressive patriarchal system. 

We must boycott businesses and business owners that do not support gay marriage, because singling out people or institutions is discrimination. 

We object to Nationalism because it has often been used to attack nations!

We believe that race should never be a consideration in employment or housing so we must legislatively enforce race quotas.

We believe that belief systems are a stumbling block towards progress. 

We denounce and reject gentrification and segregation, because all humans are legal and should be allowed to move and live where and how they choose. 

We believe in marriage equality, so we fight to empower the government to the status of autonomous ultimate moral arbiter of the totality of all life!

We must reject constructs such as 'Us vs. Them', lest the rubes drag us down to their level.

If there is one thing we hate, it’s hate.

If there is one thing we must not tolerate, it’s intolerance.

We propose a new humanitarian award to be given to those individuals who’ve worked hardest to end all distinctions.

In conclusion, we believe that progress, by definition, should never end'.

Thank you, and good night.
Future Universal Betterment And Reeducation Society