Monday, November 14, 2016

Memo To Trump Team...

A policy suggestion(s).

Grant every citizen over the age of 25 press accreditation for the White House, the State Department, the Pentagon, etc. In other words, bypass (and thus destroy) the old media, by going directly to the people, online.

Require paid journalists to state who their benefactors are before asking questions. Example, “My name is Megyn Kelley and my benefactor is Rupert Murdoch,....”.

Release official statements online, directly to the American People, from the oval office.

Release all statements or “leaks” online.

Show policy discussions live online. 2 to 4 hour sessions during prime time (prevent the insertion of MSM “commentary”) of real, fluid and organic discussions that would include email questions or suggestions from people watching and participating.

Ditto with world leaders.

Example. The President and President Putin sitting at a table (no fake sets) for two or three hours discussing basic and elemental world-views, wants and concerns.

Let it be warts and all.

This would help to break the spell of the illusion of the "professional suit".

Take every opportunity to mock, denigrate and delegitimize corporate media, such as CNN, FOX News, The New York Times, etc. Make it clear that they are paid performers. Speak of the old networks and papers as dark elements from our past.

It's the current year, and now that we have the internet, network television is ready to be tucked away into a museum.

Break the media conglomerates into about 100,000 pieces.

Do this, and you will take a major step in scurrying and incapacitating the deep state, making them much more malleable.