Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mordor Quakes...

Dear Globalists,

Fuck You.

Yours truly,
the little people.

What Trump does or does not do is irrelevant. He is a message from the so-called rubes. People are pissed and fed up! The line has been drawn.

Today, November 9, 2016, people are smiling and celebrating like it’s Christmas. They feel liberated. And a people who’ve once tasted freedom are not so easily bullied or bluffed back into silence, submission and bondage.

So the former usurper elite would do well to accept their defeat and recede back into the shadows from which they slithered.

And their lackeys, spineless cuckservatives and pseudo-Christian wormtongues, who’ve counseled surrender and submission for decades, should take this opportunity to reform themselves. Otherwise they’ll end up groveling like a mangy dog at the feet of their deposed masters as they wander the wastelands in search of a little pipeweed and a rock to sleep under.