Friday, November 25, 2016

Paradox of Democratic Government...

Where do democratic governments come from?

 I mean, what people ever voted to create one? The act of voting is democratic, so to even vote is to already act as a democracy.

And you can’t vote to leave a democracy as that is still democratic!

Can a person or group just ignore a democratic government or declare autonomy? Some try and they either end up in prison or surrounded by federal agents in a "compound".

So, again, what is the genesis of democratic governments? Not the political system or ideology, but the actual, legal, State system?

Once more, "the people" can't vote to create a democracy as to vote on it is to already be a democracy.

There is a rather large, unspoken and unacknowledged, presuppositional elephant in the room here.

You can't vote to choose to start to vote. That's chicken and the egg level paradox.

Somebody, somewhere, has to say, 'this is now a democracy'.

This would mean that every democracy must then be born, and sustained ,via an act of despotism.

Irony, or the revelation of a big old, merchant-class perpetuated, con?