Thursday, November 10, 2016

Progressive Ideology is Evil & Quite Ugly...

It really is.

The very notion is antithetical to reason and truth. There is no material or physical equality or progress. It IS a fact. Progressives wish to stop the sun from rising because it is unjust to the night and believe that if they wish it so, it will be so. Which is insanity.

They believe that political power will magically gift them the ability to alter reality.

So yes, they are tragically delusional -perverting and twisting their hearts and minds and getting lost into a warped and evil fantasy.

And they are easy prey to exploitation and enslavement by oligarchs and merchants who speak of such things as “women’s rights”, which only means no family, no home, no children, but a life of solitude and servitude to the whims and will of corporations.

Asking if you really need a home, a spouse and children to be happy is like asking if you really need teeth to enjoy eating.

There is a natural order to the world and to mankind. Rage against it if you like, but know that you are only attacking yourself. Which is madness.

This so-called progressive ideology degrades and dehumanizes individuals to such an extent that they become physically repulsive.

They are either obese and blubbery or thin, pale and sickly looking. And yet they are obsessed with further marring their own appearance: women trying to look like men, men trying to look like women, numerous tattoos, bizarre piercings, dying their hair unnatural colors, slobbish or degrading dress, etc.

It also diminishes their mental faculties as they can only express themselves as angry mobs, shouting gross insults or endlessly repeating simple, non-sensical, slogans.

They have, in the end, become orcs.